What ‘Race’ Is This?


Miss Slackistan and the Burka Beauties vs. the Racism Police 


It probably seemed like a good idea at the time. Stuck for inspiration about what to wear at their village carnival, one group made a last-minute decision to dress up in mock Muslim burkas.

Calling themselves the “Page Three Beauties from the Ramalama Ding-Dong Times”, the 17 men and women carried placards with made-up names such as “Miss Hairyarmpitsbad”, “Miss Slackistan”, “Miss Notbadinbedabad” and “Miss Reallyamanistan”.

As they walked the one-mile parade route, the group knelt down in mock prayer and used fake compasses to try to find Mecca.

Their routine impressed carnival judges – a mayor, two district councillors and a parish councillor – and they were shortlisted for the “best entry” prize.

But before any awards were handed out, police told the group to leave after complaints about racism.

* Huh…?


Leo McKinstry is trying to make some sense


“Our police are turning into political commissars”

FREEDOM of speech is one of the cornerstones of our democracy.
The open exchange of views and the expression of controversial opinions are bulwarks against tyranny.

Yet the British tradition of liberty is now increasingly under threat because of the state’s cowardly policy of trying to appease radical Islam.

In the name of promoting a spirit of tolerance, our civic institutions have become ruthlessly intolerant of anyone who dares to challenge some of the most repellent features of hardline Islamism, such as misogyny, the contempt for human rights and the resort to violence for political ends. 

Blanket accusations of racism are regularly used to suppress debate about the problems caused by Islam. 

Britain fought the last war against an anti-semitic, book-burning, totalitarian regime. Yet in a bizarre twist, the modern British Government now acts as the guardian of those Muslims who want to see an Islamic version of just such a regime in this country. In a monstrous inversion of our values, those seeking to uphold our freedoms against Muslim fundamentalism are now the target of state repression.

The British bobby, once a symbol of robust common sense, is rapidly being transformed into an agent of the race-fixated thought police.

Perhaps the most worrying recent example of this trend was the outrageous conduct of the West Midlands police over a Channel 4 investigation into extremism within Birmingham’s mosques – Undercover Mosque. Anyone watching the programme would have been appalled at some of the sentiments of the Muslim clerics. 

One preacher, referring to his eagerness to see British soldiers killed in Afghanistan, said that “the hero is the one who separated his head from his shoulders”. Another called for homosexuals to be “thrown off the mountain”, while a third believed that Jews will be killed at the end of time, accompanying his forecast with a snorting noise like that of a pig.  

Who in the f*#k is Anil Patani?

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9 thoughts on “What ‘Race’ Is This?”

  1. I had to admit I liked the ones who put on the burkas and had some fun. But, we must not forget – islam is not about fun, laughing, or anything like that. If they had honored those with an award – there would have been rioting and probably someone would have been murdered – if not in England, at least in some lowbrow middle eastern country.

  2. * “Miss Hairyarmpitsbad”, “Miss Slackistan”, “Miss Notbadinbedabad” and “Miss Reallyamanistan”

    Nothing that would be out of place in the Sydney Mardi Gras, which has been portraying nuns using similar names for about 30 years, but can’t risk upsetting the peaceful ones. Police complain about “racism” over a bit of harmless, perhaps risque sending up, but turn a blind eye to the stuff in
    the C4 report, & investigate C4 instead. Would they ban the late Dave
    Allen now?

    Another good article at “Times Online” re West Midlands Police / C4:
    * The Old Bill should choose its friends carefully
    * What on earth are West Midlands Police up to?

  3. I just had a thought (oh no – those surprise me too)

    When I hear of some of our societies, cities, etc that are told to appease muslims for some thing or other – we should be filing lawsuits. What they are doing is being intolerant of us. They are viewing our ways as less than theirs, they are being racially prejudice because they do not allow us to carry on as usual in our country as we have always done for centuries. They are the ones who are prejudice, racial and intolerant. Why hasn’t anyone thought of that?!

  4. Re BBC altering the “Casualty” story line from muslims to animal right activists is a response to an organised pattern of Muslim email groups, as happened with an episode of “Spooks” that went to air in 2003 with a story on a “radical” Muslim “cleric”, brainwashed youth chanting things we know they’d never say, like … “death to America” and “death to infidels”.

    *The barrage of complaints to the BBC [re Spooks]… was prompted by five emerging Muslim email groups intent on disseminating information among Muslims and holding the media up to scrutiny over its coverage.

  5. R_not, its mind boggling to think our own governments gives them subsidies, our taxes, to study their cult (jizyah in other words). Some kind of class action against the government to stop this crap continuing would be in order.

  6. What race is that? Easy-the master race. That’s why those who refuse to bow down to it are called racists.

  7. re: the bbc and spooks!
    when the main bad guys portrayed on spooks, are the british right wing, the cia and americans and mossad, it doesn’t take a lot to work out where they’re coming from.
    targets they know won’t hit back. truth is a strange thing in the bbc mindset.
    they should be moved lock, stock and barrel to saudi arabia, let the saudi taxpayers pay for them!

  8. “# Savitch Says:
    August 23rd, 2007 at 2:51 pm

    R_not, its mind boggling to think our own governments gives them subsidies, our taxes, to study their cult”

    Are you talking about the nuts who never let us forget about the holocaust? You know the one’s that I’m talking about. Billions of our foreign aid gets handed to them so that they can have the latest weapons, to defend themselves from children armed with stones. They constantly whine about how the persians, babylonians, egyptians, assyrians, hittites, greeks, romans, arabs, turks, germans, russians persecuted them. America is bankrupting itself for this perpetual victim cult.

  9. Hymen, I’m not sure if you are a muslim, a lefty or insane (possibly a combination of all three, the lines are blurred these days) but for someone who accuses others of whining, you could win an olymic medal for that effort. Those evil joooooooz. Boo-frikin-hoo.

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