Abuse, Sodomy and Murder in the Madrassah

* Muhammedans are always quick condemning Christian clergy for child abuse, but shamelessly and deliberately shroud everything behind multiple veils of secrecy when it comes to child abuse in their own mosques and madrassah’s. But it is no secret that child abuse is far worse in the Muhammedan indoctrination centers:


Dharmesh Thakkar

The Darul Uloom Islamia is one of Mumbai’s many madrasas- an islamic seminary and a cradle of learning. But it now faces allegations of abuse, sodomy and even murder.

Sixteen-year-old Mohammad Shaikh was found dead in the madrasa premises on October 3, 2006. One year on, no answers are forthcoming in the case.

”Someone murdered him. There is also a case of rape. Someone was strangled inside the mosque. Whether he is the Imam’s son or someone else, they should know, the people who live there. But no one comes out with any answer,” said Jamiruddin Shaikh, Mohammad Shaikh’s father.

The boy’s grief-stricken parents are demanding answers but the Noor-e-Mohammadi Muslim Jamat, which runs the Madrassa, is on the defensive.

‘If anything happens inside or outside the madrasa, the responsibility is not of the madrasa. If your son comes here and does some mischief, it’s not our fault. When the boy died, the madrasa was closed. The boy had even given us a letter, saying he needed to go home and he never returned,” said Aziz Chunawala, Vice President, Noor-e-Mohammadi Muslim Jamat.

Distraught parents have repeatedly approached the local police but the case is going nowhere. Their only hope now lies in the police commissioner with whom the complaints are pending.

* Lie and deny. Accuse the victim. Never accept responsibility. Sounds familiar..?


Egypt: The Sixth Coptic- Christian Girl Abducted In One Month


* totally ignored in the West is the plight of the Coptic Christians in Egypt, who often have their daughters abducted and forcibly married off into a Muhammedan household, never to be seen again. But the Christian Copts have no rights in the courts, since they are dhimmi’s:

The Holy Virgin’s church at the mid-Delta town of Mehalla was the scene of Coptic demonstrations this week in the aftermath of the disappearance of 18-year-old Amal Zaki Nessim. Amal went to work as usual last Sunday but never came back. Her colleagues at the Mehalla Spinning and Weaving Company said she left work early that day with a friend who is a fully-veiled Muslim woman named Samah. Amal’s family reported her missing and Samah was questioned by the police but claimed she knew nothing about Amal’s disappearance. The Copts demonstrated in wrath, demanding that the police find Amal and bring her home since she is underage. Anba Bishoi, Bishop of Dumyat contacted the security authorities who promised to produce Amal on the following day, but did not keep good on their word. Until Watani went to press Amal was still missing with no clue as to where she could be.

Her father was hospitalised with cardiac seizure. Worth noting is that Amal was engaged to get married next week and is reported to have been making the last arrangements for her wedding, reserving an appointment with the hairdresser and the DJ for her wedding music. Amal is the sixth underage Coptic girl to disappear during this month alone, and is the fifth girl to disappear from Mehalla since last October, only two of whom were returned to their families.



Role-change and the whip: The girl is Europe, who pleads for some kind of multicultural agreement with the Muhammedan invader. Her hair stands for citizens rights and freedom of speech.


Brussels: Male Gynaecologists Resist Muhammedan Demands

* A case for the Mufti of Brussels, Freddy Thielemans. These misguided doctors must be afflicted with severe Islamopohobia, serious intolerance towards the tolerant ones. Will fat Freddy send his stormtroopers out to round them up and haul them off to some kind of re-education camp in order to cure their recalcitrance with the proper multiculti-diversity soup?


No, you cannot see my vagina…

BRUSSELS – More and more Muslims are refusing to allow a male gynaecologist to attend at their wives’ deliveries, says the head of gynaecology at the Brussels University Hospital VUB and the Ghent University Hospital. Various newspapers have reported on the problem.

The Flemish Association of Gynaecologists are urging for a strict, uniform policy in all hospitals. The phenomenon is common particularly in cities with a large immigrant population.

The Flemish Association for Obstetrics and Gynaecology (VVOG) acknowledges the problem and urges a strict attitude. “In my own hospital every patient that absolutely insists on a woman doctor is discharged from the hospital immediately,” explains Johan Van Wiemeersch at the Sint-Augustinus in Wilrijk. “As an association of gynaecologists we are urging that these same strict regulations be in place in all maternity wards.”

[Expatica News 2007]

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  1. Re the madrassahs:
    I had a feeling this was all bull***. Hypocrisy on almost every level, yet the west is accused of decadence and evil.

    What is happening to the Copts is awful. I don’t know why the MSM never cover these kinds of stories. Are there any churches who are helping?

  2. ”Someone murdered him. There is also a case of rape. Someone was strangled inside the mosque. Whether he is the Imam’s son or someone else, they should know, the people who live there. But no one comes out with any answer,” said Jamiruddin Shaikh, Mohammad Shaikh’s father.

    The FBI, the German security agencies, Scotland Yard, MI5 etc are finding out – Muslims are not helping them against terrorism. Its the same phenomenon – Muslims will not help anyone against fellow Muslims.

    As for throwing people out of hospital if they ask for special treatment because of their religion – well I would rather they be thrown out of the country and back to dar ul Islam.

  3. I posted this on Dhimmiwatch too but I want to make sure that you all take note of this Ray of Light coming out of Poland:

    First the GOOD NEWS:


    Poland is producing a Film about the Defense of Vienna. They have raised US $30 m and are looking for more.. anyone with money care to help them out?

    I’ll be first in line to buy a ticket and the DVD..

    Now the ugly: [has nothing to do with the above]


    Yep, a fully covered burka-babe’s driver’s license.. check it out!

  4. Some women don’t wish to see a male gynaecologist for reasons other than religion ! Forcing any man on any woman under any circumstances is wrong. Plenty of traumatised rape victims out there

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