Australia: Muslims in charge of Immigration


Would you buy a used camel car from this man?

From the excellent Militant Islam Monitor

Tucked away on page 13 of today’s Herald Sun, more disturbing evidence of major problems inside our immigration portal, the Department of Immigration and Citizenship.Visa bribe charge:

Melbourne official with the Department of Immigration and Citizenship has been charged with receiving a bribe.
Ijaz Ahmad Aziz, 44, of Clayton, was arrested yesterday and appeared before the Melbourne Magistrates Court.
He is accused of accepting $8,000 to help a person obtain a visa in May. (sic)
Commonwealth Prosecutor Krista Breckweg told the court bail was not opposed, providing Mr. Aziz meets certain bail conditions, including that he report to police and not leave Victoria.
Magistrate Peter Reardon ordered Mr. Aziz to return to court in November for a committal mention hearing.

This Department has become a serious liability in our war against terror. A culture that was identified in a Government Report as toxic continues to thwart sane policing of our borders and migration intake. Deck chairs were shuffled after the Palmer Report, but the “culture” remains entrenched. A culture of obdurate and deliberate thwarting of Government policy at every turn.
How could it be any otherwise, when its ranks are being filled by Muslims?
Recall that it is because of the collective insanity and barbarity of Muslims that the entire world now lives on heightened security levels, and the folly of positioning Muslims inside one of our principal bulwarks against infiltration and subversion screams out for attention. I believe it’s known as putting a fox in charge of a chicken run!

This website has been pursuing another Department of Immigration and Citizenship officer, a Mr. Abul Rizvi, for more than 8 months but the “toxic culture” has closed ranks around him. Rizvi was the officer in charge of a visa application by one Zulfikar Sharif. Sharif was a Singaporean national who engaged in Islamist activities including running a website that the Singapore Government declared a terrorist fund raising portal. Sharif was on the run from Singapore authorities and applied for a protection visa under one of the insane categories we afford terrorists, mass murderers and crimes against humanity offenders (see Link 4).
Questions regarding Rizvi’s use of discretionary powers and his interventions on behalf of Sharif have gone unanswered for months.


Abul Rizvi and Zulfikar Sharif

Rizvi was “transferred” internally, at first, when scrutiny fell on his role, and he has since left the Department of Immigration and Citizenship for another role in Public Service.

Given the Islam-inspired state of terrorism-inspired security procedures we now endure, the very least the Australian people should expect is that Muslims not be in positions where Australian sovereignty can be breached with the stroke of a pen.

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4 thoughts on “Australia: Muslims in charge of Immigration”

  1. Every time this happens, I hear the words of John Howard – “We will decide who comes to this country …” It is about time he took responsibility for his “decision people”, & stopped allowing them to undermine our nation from within. Since “9/11”, Australia has become increasingly populated by people bent on turning our cities into replicas of Kabul and Baghdad. Who needs JI when you’ve got “conservatives” doing the subversion for them? Not that I expect Labor to do any better; they’ll be signing them up for branch stacking.

  2. TO: Mullah Lodabullah
    If you think John Howard is doing a bad job just wait till Labor gets in. You’ll be wishing for the good old days! The left will fall over itself to appease Muslims to the cost of your culture and heritage.

  3. Yes, heaven help Australia if Labor wins the election.

    The sight of the pictured mohammedans makes one wonder why only female mohammedans are forced to wear burqas.

    Apologies! Not ‘forced’ to wear, but ‘choose.’

    Our politicians lack of intelligence, lack of commonsense, lack of foresight, the utter blindness to the Islamic takeover of European countries, is frightening. Are they so dim-witted that they think the same won’t happen here? It is very frustrating to realize that they exist in their own little fairylands. That we cannot break through the barriers, smash their rosy-coloured spectacles, knock some sense into their thick heads, make them see reality. What does it take to awake them to the danger that Islam poses to our way of life?

  4. similar to the case in Virginia USA where a proponent of jihad was going to be put on a panel (and named by no less than the governor of VA!) investigating “immigration issues” in the Old Dominion

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