Brussels 9/11 demo: EUrabia in progress…

Fitzgerald: Islamophobia” at the UN

“When the world is compelled to coin a new term to take account of increasingly widespread bigotry — that is a sad and troubling development,” Annan said. “Such is the case with ‘Islamophobia.’ The word seems to have emerged in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Today, the weight of history and the fallout of recent developments have left many Muslims around the world feeling aggravated and misunderstood, concerned about the erosion of their rights and even fearing for their physical safety.”
— from a news item, quoting then Secretary-General of the U.N. Kofi Annan

The “world” was not “compelled to coin a new term” — it was Muslims who coined the word, and they did so deliberately. For that word so deliberately kept undefined is merely a weapon employed to deflect criticism, to label all those who may offer criticism of Islam and of its adherents, basing their criticism not on some blind prejudice, but on their own observations and study. Indeed, the entire Western world — its political leaders, its media, its university departments of Middle Eastern studies — have all been engaged in a massive effort to deflect criticism or disarm it.

It is despite all that that Infidels everywhere are coming to some conclusions about Islam, and the more they study, and the more they observe, and the more “Interfaith” gatherings and little Muslim Outreach evenings they attend, all of which end up being dismal exercises in Taqiyya and Tu-Quoque argumentation, the more wary, and critical, and indignant, and sometimes more, they become. The game is up.

From a Beslan school full of children to a Bali nightclub full of revellers, from Madrid subways to Moscow theatres, from New York skyscrapers to Najaf mosques (where Sadr’s bezonians tortured, killed, and stacked the bodies of Iraqis who had opposed their reign of terror), from Istanbul to India, the evidence just keeps piling up. And the evidence, too, of what is actually in the Qur’an and hadith and sira — and how many Infidels, a few years ago, even had heard of the “hadith” and the “sira,” or had any idea what was really in the Qur’an, or had ever heard of the Treaty of al-Hudaibiyya — is now online, and it can easily be read. And all the excuses, all the nonsense, can no longer be offered up — for we Infidels, fortunately, have the guidance of defectors from Islam, ex-Muslims such as Ibn Warraq (whose own three-part guide, posted at Jihad Watch, to debating Muslims, and how not to be intimidated or snookered, will for many prove invaluable).

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Switzerland Means Business:

The Swiss conservative party SVP (no doubt vilified and smeared by the progressives as ‘right wing’ ) means business and wants to see foreign criminals removed, deported, kicked out.

In a world where making sense has become increasingly difficult, this seems to be a breath of fresh air.

Here’s the text translated:

In no other country in the world you find as many foreigners as in Switzerland. For the most part, they respect our laws. But too many foreigners abuse our hospitality and engage in serious crime, threaten our property, our wellbeing and our life.

This are the facts:

Here’s the Link

Here’s the Crime stats:


1. Crime in total 55. 8 %

2. Crime causing serious bodily harm/aggravated assault 52.7%

3. Killing with intend / premeditated murder 55.5 %

4. Blackmail intimidation 66.0 %

5. Rape 85.5 %


Rape- 85.5 %. Remember: ‘Infidel women are war-booty’


Resistance and courage in France



Mosques and other symbols of Islamic Imperialism

Andrew Bolt’s half-assed comment on the Italian resistance:


Mosques: Symbols of conquest and domination

Italy, the centre of world Catholicism, is resisting the rise of Islam – and in ways that aren’t always pretty:

Italy’s most senior Roman Catholic bishop has distanced himself from Catholics who oppose building a mosque in the northwestern city of Genoa, ordering them not to pray the rosary during a planned protest…

The demonstration against the mosque has been organised for yesterday night by the local branch of Forza Italia, the conservative party whose national leader is former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi.

The protesters plan to pray the rosary, which consists of the “Our Father”, “Hail Mary” and “Glory Be” prayers, while they march from a city square to the site of the proposed mosque.

The city of St Peter doesn’t want to be the city of Mohammed as well:

Authorities in Rome have blocked work aimed at converting a building next to a Catholic church into a mosque.



* Looks like Bolts courage has dipped a bit recently. Since he is back from his annual leave he desperately avoids the Islam-menace and got himself stuck into warmonistas, stolen generations and John Howard.

Self-censorship, fear of Allah ‘s revenge, or did his employers tell him to cool it?


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  1. * “Islamophobia” at the UN

    The Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) has a permanent Observer Mission at the UN (dunno if other religions have such missions, but Islam is special).

    According to the OIC, the causes of Islamophobia include such horrors as using terms like
    “Islamic fascists”, “Muslim terrorists” and “Islamist fundamentalist extremists” in the “so called “war on terrorism””. “On the contrary, such offensive, irresponsible and insensitive terms only serve to inflame resentment towards the US and instill a fear of Muslims in westerns’ mind.”

    The Bullshit Detector wrapped around the frontstop at this point, but the rest of the OIC
    “solution” to Islamophobia is at

  2. Mr. Bolt has lost my respect and admiration. He appears to be appeasing Mohammedans by not commenting on Islamic horrors. He has also turned on John Howard and is backing KRudd.

    He has lost all credibility.

    One would have expected him to return to Australia with more fire in his belly (pen) after visiting Eurabia and seeing the hordes of Mohammedans. Especially a Dutchman. Is he not disturbed by the takeover, almost complete, of Holland by Islam?

  3. Today, the weight of history and the fallout of recent developments have left many Muslims around the world feeling aggravated and misunderstood, concerned about the erosion of their rights and even fearing for their physical safety.”

    Why should Muslims be fearful for their safety in Muslim countries where most of them reside?

    So it must be the Muslims in dar al harb who are fearful of their safety. But it cant be that, as millions of Muslims want to leave Muslim lands and come to the West. It follows that Muslims are fearful of their safety and erosion of their rights only in Muslim countries. In fact, in Muslim countries no one has any civil rights – so Kofi has it all mixed up. He should be addressing his diatribe to Muslim countries and not the West.

  4. Yeah, he’s definitely a shadow of his former self. As you said, anything regarding islam seems off limits, and when it is tackled he seems to be bending over to see things from their point of view, like in this piece. It’s a real disappointment. I used to enjoy posting and debating on his blog, but there’s little of interest there these days. Blogs like his are desperately needed. Sure I can post on here, but I’ll mostly be preaching to the converted. Blogs like his (used to be) give us a much needed chance to reach people who maybe haven’t heard the message yet, but are capable of listening and considering that they’re not getting the full picture from the MSM.

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