Frankfurt airport bombing foiled: ISLAMIC TERRORISTS ARRESTED!


GERMAN authorities said Wednesday they had arrested three suspected Islamic terrorists for plotting imminent, “massive” bomb attacks on Frankfurt’s international airport and the Ramstein Air Base.

* Woowww!!!! They actually call them ISLAMIC TERRORISTS !!!!

German federal prosecutor Monika Harms said the trio had trained at camps in Pakistan and procured some 700kg of hydrogen peroxide for making explosives.

“This is a good day for security in Germany,” she said.

Ramstein is a major US air base in Germany.


Police with one of the suspects

“There was an imminent threat,” German Defence Minister Franz-Josef Jung said today.

He declined to elaborate, but the Sudwestrundfunk public broadcaster said two of the suspects had German citizenship while the third was Pakistani.

Sudwestrundfunk said the men were arrested last night and were close to carrying out the attacks.
Another official said members of Germany’s elite GSG-9 anti-terrorist unit arrested two suspects at a holiday home in central Germany yesterday.

The third managed to escape through a bathroom window, but was apprehended about 300 metres away by federal police who had roped off the area.

The three men, two Germans aged 22 and 28, and a Turk aged 29, had no steady work and were drawing unemployment benefits while their main occupation was the plot, officials said.


* Germans? Pick your favorite Germans here…

German and US officials have warned of the possibility of a terrorist attack, and security measures have been increased.

Germany, which did not send troops to Iraq, has largely been spared terrorist attacks like the train and subway bombings in Madrid and London – although its involvement in the attempt to stabilise Afghanistan against Islamic insurgents has led to fears it might be targeted.

In July 2006 two gas bombs were placed on commuter trains but did not explode.

Officials said that attack was motivated by anger over cartoons portraying the Prophet Mohammed in a Danish newspaper. Several suspects are on trial in Lebanon, and a Lebanese man has been charged in Germany.

Frankfurt airport is continental Europe’s busiest, and the air base at Ramstein is a major transport hub for US military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.


Hamas and Fatah accuse each other of defiling Islam

Classic! Who are the true Muslims?

A case for the Sheik Yer’mami classic song:

My Allah is better than yours”


Update: They’re already spinning the story, the Herald Sun calls them ‘Islamic extremists’

Caliphate News Network (CNN) calls them Islamic ‘militants’

Time magazine most skillfully avoids naming them altogether 

 Spiegel: Three Islamist Terror Suspects Arrested in Germany

According to information obtained by SPIEGEL ONLINE, the three men were Daniel S. from the state of Saarland and Fritz G. from Neu-Ulm in Bavaria, both of whom are German converts to Islam, as well as Adem Y., who is believed to be from Turkey. The three, who had apparently founded a terrorist cell, have been under intensive investigation for several months. All three men were considered radical Islamists and had contact with Islamist groups in Germany and Pakistan. 

6 thoughts on “Frankfurt airport bombing foiled: ISLAMIC TERRORISTS ARRESTED!”

  1. It is amazing that the media called those arrested “Islamic terrorists”. Even the local news in the Caliphate of Minnesota used that term. I also like the description of how their “occupation” was the plot. Since they failed, I guess they deserve to be fired, or, better yet, be put in front of a firing squad if found guilty.

  2. The three men, two Germans aged 22 and 28, and a Turk aged 29, had no steady work and were drawing unemployment benefits while their main occupation was the plot, officials said.

    Collecting the jizyah, and plotting to destroy the hand that feeds them. How Islamic!

  3. They got the description/reporting right for once.
    Who else will have the guts to do this?

    re Hamas and Fatah: best quote for that is Charles Johnson of LGF:
    “I’m rooting for both sides”. Or words to that effect.

    Give them a state, give them an army, give them a holy city. They will know what to do with it/sarc off.

  4. I won’t detract from the catch, which is a good one, but I’d guess it is just the tip of the Islamberg. The German dole must be pretty generous if three unemployed muslims can afford 3/4 of a tonne of hydrogen peroxide, even in bulk. Meanwhile, UK Foreign Secretary David Miliband continues to push for Turkey’s accession to the EU, learning nothing.

  5. When they start calling them – muslims – that is when we know they are finally ‘getting it’. By calling them ‘islamist’ anything that is confusing the issue and keeping people in their ‘little behind holes’ longer.

  6. CNN – except for Christian Amanpour who I respect.

    Have you seen the amount of Islamic commercials that we get on CNN International. I literally turn the channel.

    Some of these commercials – are more than borderline religious. Like women dancing happily in Burquas/Hijabs. And the words Habibi – meaning love – and Hullah – which in Turkey meant God.

    But CNN International is so sickenly PC – it borders on bland and outright dull and boring.

    Any show about the Middle East, ‘Inside the Middle East’ and there is a new business show, now, seem to be promoted more than any other show. I don’t know if it is for Arab advertising money, or to ram their PC view point down our throats or both.

    Though if you want to hear some really bizarre views go to Al-Jeeza English. There was one guy on there – who was said to be a propionate of interfaith dialogue, made it clear that he thought that the Taliban were good and the kidnap of foreignness was a means of defending their country.

    Visit Iran
    As far as CNN goes I had long given it the name ANN or Arab News Network. A few years ago, they were telling people that they should go to Iran and Beirut for a vacation, and not long after some holiday makers were arrested in a boat just off the cost of Iran for spying. And not long after that Beirut was bombed, following the Hezbollah attack on Israel. CNN probably neglected to mention the Hezbollah strong hold in the south of that country, which might have meant that Westerners could have been put in danger.

    Double Standards
    The Christmas of the Asian Tsunami, they had a show air which was on attacking or investigating the Christian tradition, and did not air because of the tsunami coverage. The injustice is that every year CNN makes a big show and dance about the Hajj. I am waiting for the show which ‘investigates’ this, perhaps we can talk a little about its pre-Islamic traditions, when many Gods were worshipped around the Kaaba.

    On terrorism even the Russian news is more straight forward.

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