Australia: Islamic Students Spreading Hate

Islamist students ‘spreading hate’

* As if we didn’t know that. But that’s alright because its their ‘religion’- or is it not?

Not that any of our universities would be deterred: On the contrary, they are rolling out the prayer carpets, install prayer-rooms and washrooms. Any curriculum on ME-studies (ie Islam) is utterly distorted or taught by da’awa doctors; any criticism is immediately nipped in the bud with accusations of ‘racism’ or ‘bigotry’- Those recycled petro-dollars, those full-fee paying princelings from the desert kingdom’s shall have their way, even in Australia.

Because All the world belongs to Allah, and Muslims came here long before Muhammad, right..?

Richard Kerbaj | The Australian

RADICAL international university students are posing a greater security threat than hardline sheiks by spreading extremist messages at Australian mosques and prayer halls.

Moderate Muslims warned yesterday that international students should be forced to undergo training about the Australian way of life to counter their radical interpretations of Islam.

The former chairman of John Howard’s Islamic reference board, Ameer Ali, said some international students needed to be stopped from poisoning the minds of local Muslims.

“The danger here is that universities are becoming the hotbeds for fundamentalist views among students,” he told The Australian.

“They (international students) go to the mosque and they mix around with the community and bring those same views into Australia. They have a negative influence on student attitudes towards religion.
“The students who come here, they come with the views (they’ve developed) in their own countries – it can be Shia Islam in Iran or Wahabbi Islam in Saudi Arabia. These are the agents of change we are facing now.”

* Do we have to face it, Ali? You think?

Dr Ali’s comments follow revelations in The Australian that national security networks were monitoring some international students from Iran who were suspected of collecting information on the local Persian community for Tehran. It was revealed that Iranian students were using local mosques to infiltrate Persian groups hostile to President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Dr Ali, a visiting fellow in economics at Murdoch University in Perth, accused overseas students from Saudi Arabia of spreading Wahabbism – a radical interpretation of Islam espoused by Osama bin Laden – at universities.

The number of Saudi students in Australia has risen almost eightfold in the past four years, bringing total enrolments to 2090.

The Australian revealed in March that up to 150 university students from Saudi Arabia, Algeria and Egypt who follow Wahabbism overthrew the leadership at the Newcastle Mosque, 160km north of Sydney. The students were accused by the mosque’s then spiritual leader, Bilal Kanj, of converting local Muslims to Wahabbism.

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Our Friends the Saudis

Would it surprise you to discover that our allies in the religious apartheid kingdom of Saudi Arabia are still playing a double game, smiling in our faces and taking our money, then turning around and giving that money to our enemies to wage jihad?

Saudis Still Filling Al Qaeda’s Coffers. ABC Link


Islamic Algerian to stay in NZ

* While Australia got rid of the Islamic-terrorist-affiliated Dr Haneef (for now) New Zealand welcomes Islamic agit props and ex-terrorists:


* Mr Zaoui: A grinning terrorist is a happy terrorist with a residence permit

Wellington – An Algerian refugee has won a five-year battle to be allowed to stay in New Zealand after the country’s spy agency said Thursday the Islamic scholar was no longer considered a security risk.

* ???? Is he using another Koran now?


Islam marches on Auckland during ‘Koran-Rage’

The New Zealand spy agency, the Security Intelligence Service (SIS), ruled in 2003 that Ahmed Zaoui was a security risk after his arrival in the country late the previous year.

Zaoui was alleged to have links to Islamist terrorists in Algeria and had been convicted in the 1990s for involvement in preparing terrorist acts in Belgium and France.

SIS director Warren Tucker said the agency’s original security assessment had been justified but statements made by Zaoui at a review in the last two months had led to the change of mind.
“I am now satisfied that in 2007 he is no longer considered to be a security risk,” Tucker told a press conference.

The SIS had also recently received classified information about support provided to terrorism in Algeria by people close to Zaoui.

“This information has helped me to reach the view that it was Mr Zaoui’s associates who were involved in this activity, not Mr Zaoui himself,” Tucker said.

Zaoui’s case was controversial in New Zealand and a committed band of supporters campaigned for him to be allowed to stay in the country.

* Wanna bet that the red/green movement had nothing to do with that?

In 2004 the Refugee Status Appeals Authority granted him refugee status despite the SIS security warning.

The Algerian has been on bail for the last two years and said he was now hoping to bring his family to New Zealand.

“I am very happy and delighted. It is a big relief for me,” Zaoui told Radio New Zealand.

* Sure brother, now you can bring your whole clan, the whole tribe. And start doing da’awa in earnest…

Zaoui stood successfully as a candidate for the Islamic Salvation Front (FIS) in Algerian elections in 1992.

He fled the following year after the military cancelled the elections when the FIS won the first round, leading to a civil war between the military and Islamist extremists. – Sapa-AFP


Update on the Medicine Man jihadist from Dearborn:


From Atlas:

The real story you won’t get. This AK47 toting jihadi out of Dearbornistan has a website here. I’ve posted a few screenshots in case they take it down to hide the truth from the American people. It’s a jihadis wet dream. This is just a tiny sampling. The site is enormous – all jihad, all Jew hating, all America hating, all Nasrallah loving, all Hezbollah loving …………..a medical student too.


Dearborn, Michigan: Muslim caught in park with AK-47 assault rifle

* He lived in Dearborn. Does that make him a dear hunter…? Just guessing..

*Update on the ‘deer hunting’ medicine man:

Suspected ‘Sudden Jihad Syndrome’ in Dearborn

Here’s a video update on the case of Hussein Zorkot in Dearborn, Michigan, arrested with a loaded AK-47, wearing camouflage paint.

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  1. I fear for AUSTRALIA.. the SOZIalists .. err.. Labour are leading in the polls.. i fear something wicked this way cometh..

    How do you keep the SOZIS out of office?? How dumb are the majority in al the Western countries to EVEN CONSIDER allowing these lumpen jihadists FREE ROOM AND BOARD among us while they plot our annihilation??!!!!


  2. So many “students” from the ummah in the West. The universities there must be pretty empty as a result.

  3. Ameer Ali, a lying muslim liar who spends most of his free time lying. He wanted hezbollah taken off the terrorist list. What a fraud.

  4. Saudi Arabia,
    playing a real “board game” of Monopoly, buying up the whole of the West, infiltrating our institutions, yet rarely give any money to those in the ummah who might need real help,,like the tsunami victims.

    Why should they? They know we will do it for them, leaving them more money for their madrassahs and mosques in the west. Unbelievable!

  5. What a bunch of whiny wishy washy old farts you all are. The Swordies are the ones who are propping up the US economy. If they pulled out their petro dollars, the US economy would collapse, and the US would become a bigger third world shit hole than the middle east. You can drive a hummer because those assholes pump money into your economy, they buy your overinflated real estate and shitty armaments, because lets face it, the US doesn’t produce anything of any real value. You shouldn’t shit in the plate you eat from.

  6. I thought the point was that most western countries are becoming third world shit holes, including yours Johan. Not sure why you have to be such a smug, apathetic a-hole about it. If your not opposing islam, then you’re part of the problem.

  7. If the Saudis pulled out their dollars, the US economy will not collapse. But lets assume that it did, then the Saudis wil be the biggest losers as they will be left holding worthless paper that they accumalated by selling oil to the US. The US meanwhile will be liberated from that debt, while its industrial and agricultural will still be there. The Saudis in the meantime will starve.

    And again, a deliberate attempt to cause the economic collapse of a nation is considered just cause for a nation to declare war. The Saudis will simply be destroyed and their oil wells taken over.

    Collapse of the US economy is too far out. If it did happen, I would worry more about de-industrialised Europe, particularly militarily neutered countries.

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