* Hello children, in today’s indoctrination session we will paint a big pussy on your cheek and by doing that, we might cure you of a recently discovered disease  called ‘Islamophobia’ that doesn’t seem to go away no matter how much lipstick we use.

Please hold still and endure, it won’t hurt a bit!

Or else… !!?



Looking at the causes and ways to tackle them
OIC Journal, Issue 1

If peace, harmony and equality are to prevail we should start by learning to better communicate with each other based on mutual respect, understanding and empathy of each other. Using such terms as “Islamic fascists”, “Muslim terrorists” and “Islamist fundamentalist extremists” do not help in fighting the so called “war on terrorism”.

On the contrary, such offensive, irresponsible and insensitive terms only serve to inflame resentment towards the US and instill a fear of Muslims in westerns’ mind.

Profiling ‘Asian looking’ people at airports and removing individuals with ‘Muslim sounding names’ from airplanes because they make others uncomfortable is a clear indication of a growing biased fear and suspicion of Muslims.

The publication and republication of cartoons in European media caricaturing the Prophet Mohammed in a way perceived by Muslims as deliberately insulting and defamatory but done, according to the publishers, in the name of freedom of the press, exposed a cultural divide that erupted into anger because of stereotyping.

The horrific, criminal and unjustified terrorist acts of 9/11 in New York and 7/7 in London violently expressed the frustration, disappointment and disillusion that are festering deep in the Muslims’ soul towards the aggressions and discriminations committed against them by the West.


* Just read the above again and again. The chutzpah of these people is mind boggling.

* If your BS- detector didn’t explode by now you are beyond hope.

In this case you should perhaps consider joining these people here:


Islamophobia Part 1

UN investigator: “Islamophobia” on the rise, especially in Europe


Islamophobia Part 2

Not so fast, buster. The word “Islamophobia” is not an acceptable term for intelligent apprehensions over Islam.

Converts to Islam misunderstand their new religion, join Islamic jihad activities

* But not to worry: Jihad, as we all know, is nothing but ‘inner struggle’ – and since all misunderstanding comes from lack of education, all you have to do is let us educate you (and your children) so that the religion of Allah may guide you to the right path…

Spencer from JW:

Imagine! They enter Islam with open mind and open heart, and somehow they get the crazy idea that the Qur’an and Muhammad are commanding them to subjugate the infidel, by violence if necessary! What a crazy notion! One would think that Muslim groups in Europe and America would be anxious to head this off, and are instituting comprehensive programs to teach against Islamic supremacism and the jihad ideology in every madrasa and mosque in the West. Aren’t they? Mr. Hooper, care to comment on CAIR’s efforts in this direction?


Fibbi Hooper

“Converts To Islam Move Up In Cells,” by Craig Whitlock for the Washington Post

BERLIN — Religious converts are playing an increasingly influential role in Islamic militant networks, having transformed themselves in recent years from curiosities to key players in terrorist cells in Europe, according to counterterrorism officials and analysts.
The arrests this month of two German converts to Islam — Fritz Gelowicz and Daniel Schneider — on suspicions that they were plotting to bomb American targets are just one example of terrorism cases in Europe in which converts to Islam have figured prominently.

In Copenhagen, a convert is among four defendants who went on trial this month for plotting to blow up political targets. In Sweden, a webmaster who changed his name from Ralf Wadman to Abu Usama el-Swede was arrested last year on suspicion of recruiting fighters on the Internet. In Britain, three converts — including the son of a British politician — are awaiting trial on charges of participating in last year’s transatlantic airline plot.

* Hmm, interesting: How come we haven’t heard anything about this ‘son of a British politician?’ Who is hiding what, exactly? Don’t you think this is a matter of public interest?

“The number of converts, it seems, is definitely on the rise,” said Michael Taarnby, a terrorism researcher at the Danish Institute for International Studies. “We’ve reached a point where I think al-Qaeda and other groups recognize the value of converts, not just from an operational viewpoint but from a cultural one as well.”

Religious converts are sometimes more prone to radicalization because of their zeal to prove their newfound faith, analysts said. They are also less likely to attract police scrutiny in Europe, where investigators often rely on outdated demographic profiles in terrorism cases.

* Yes, zeal is key, but new converts to Christianity, as zealous as they may be, don’t seem to be blowing anything up. Now, why is that?


Iraq: That Sunni/Shiia Divide


By Robert H Reid for AP via The Guardian:

BAGHDAD (AP) – An al-Qaida front group threatened to assassinate Sunni leaders who support American troops in Iraq as a Shiite bloc loyal to radical cleric Muqtada al-Sadr defected Saturday from the Iraqi government’s parliament base.
The two developments cast doubt over prospects for political and military progress in Iraq as the U.S. Senate gears up for a debate next week on Democratic demands for deeper and faster troop cuts than President Bush plans.

The threat against Sunni leaders came from the ‘Islamic State of Iraq‘-, which claimed responsibility for the assassination Thursday of Abdul-Sattar Abu Risha, the mastermind of the Sunni Arab revolt against al-Qaida in Anbar province. Bush met Abu Risha at a U.S. base in Anbar this month and praised his courage.



Spencer’s comment:

Now while al-Qaeda may be the nastiest of the bunch right now, the idea that defeating them will at last liberate that huge reservoir of Islamic goodwill and cooperation currently only latent is, well, fantasy. If it’s not al-Qaeda it will be somebody else — unless they are forcibly repressed.

In an Islamic context, there are exactly two kinds of regimes possible: Islamic tyrannies and non-Islamic tyrannies. Either way, force is what holds the whole thing together. And don’t talk to me about Turkey. Turkey continually oscillates between full-blown Sharia and military dictatorship. Turkey is as secular as it is thanks to Gemal’s outright repression of Islam.

Force is invariably the key: the question is whether it is employed to repress or to abet Sharia, jihad, and general Islamic imperialism. The result the US administration ostensibly desires in Iraq — a competent, popular, Shia republic — might prove the worst of the possible outcomes. It would effectively turn Iraq into another Iran. Though US policy success in Iraq hardly seems likely. Small consolation.


Fitzgerald comments on Turkey/Link

“Turkey continually oscillates between full-blown Sharia and military dictatorship.”
— from the article above

This is not true. The history of modern Turkey does not show it ever to have been forced to endure “full-blown Shari’a.” It would be more accurate to say that Kemal Ataturk was a despot, but an enlightened despot. He systematically constrained Islam. He helped to make possible the development of a secular class, but that same secular class, the class of intended beneficiaries of Ataturk’s measures collectively known as “Kemalism,” were insufficiently wary of Islam, or insufficiently grateful for what Kemalism had done for them, or both, to continue to push for ever more constraints. Nor did they push to expand their numbers as vigorously as they might have. They behaved, in fact, as Turkey’s geopolitical ally the United States behaved during the Cold War, with both the secular Turks and the American government assuming that Kemalism was there to stay, and would continue to inexorably transform Turkey.


What turned out to be permanent, and a permanent threat to Turkey’s dominant secular class who controlled not just the army, but the universities and the judicial system, was not Kemalism, which needed to be constantly protected, but Islam. Islam is the force that keeps coming back, that cannot be kept down, like Rasputin.

And those who fill Western newspapers with contented reports on how the Islam in Turkey is so much better, so much in tune with the modern world (why, just look at those places, say Konya, where Islam and economic activity (it’s always about some bustling textile or candy factory) do not know, cannot know, what Turkish secularists now know.

In the past, it was the army that was seen as the protector of Kemalism, and several times the army seized power, but most temporarily, in order to re-establish a system threatened by Islam. It would be harder now, for Erdogan, following Erbakan, have been whittling away at the pillars of Kemalism — in the war on the Turkish rectors, and even, one suspects, infiltrating their own men, who are well-versed in the need for deception and for patience, into the army, perhaps even into the lower ranks of the officer corps.

Turkey does not “continually oscillate…” It has had, since the early 1920s, a system that has constrained Islam. For nearly half-a-century that system, put in place by a war hero and enlightened despot, continued, though his successors — Inonu, Menderes — added their own twists to, or turns away from Ataturk, who in the meantime, after his death, became the central figure in the cult of “the Turk” which was offered as an alternative to Islam, with Ataturk substitute, as a human form divine, for Muhammad.


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  1. If your BS- detector didn’t explode by now you are beyond hope.

    In this case you should perhaps consider joining these people here:


    The problem is that these wackos VOTE. Obama, Hitlery whatever.. they’d vote Loney-bin Laden before they’d vote Republican I can tell you that!

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