Sheik Yer’mami is back! Right On Time For 9/11 The Good Sheik Presents Us With 3 Brand New Songs:

At last a sign of life from Sheik Yer’mami:


We just received a package in the mail with 3 brand new songs!

After traveling the silkroad all the way from Asia, the Middle East and the Sahara, somewhere between Mecca and Timbuktu, the good Sheik found himself an oasis away from the global jihad, checked into a recording studio and here it is: right on time for your dining and dancing pleasure:



The first one, lets call it the Kumbaya song, is devoted to all the nutroots and moonbats out there who just won’t get it. Prick up your ears, as Peanut Kadr & Rodney King sing “Why can’t we all just get along…” in unison. We’ll add the words later.



Click below to play:

Why Can’t We All Just Get Along


* Then we have a medley, a musical jihad that takes us from a bombastic opening to the Jooozzz to Koran Armstrong, who needs a hijab for her identity. It takes us to Ahmadinejad of Iran, who wants to buy a nuclear bomb from the good Sheik, and ends with the Mohound dog…

Overture (Muzzie Boogie)



* We all know what Muslim mums and dad’s say when their offspring blow up infidels or fly jets into buildings: “He would never do a thing like that”- but when Islamic terrorists tell us ‘Kuffar we like death and you like Pepsi Cola”- shouldn’t we believe them? Enjoy:

Never Do A Thing Like That



Here’s the song: ‘Never do a thing like that’- download before its gone!



War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things.

The decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks that nothing is worth war is much worse. The person who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing which is more important than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature, and has no chance of being free unless made or kept so by the exertions of better men than himself.

John Stuart Mill

Never Forget, Never Forgive:

32 thoughts on “Sheik Yer’mami is back! Right On Time For 9/11 The Good Sheik Presents Us With 3 Brand New Songs:”

  1. “Never do a thing like that” has the right idea. I listened to the whole album. Worth the cost and then some.

    Suggestion, a complete explanation the lyrics for each and every song will be required for some initiates because references like Taqiyya, Kitman, etc. may not be in their vocabulary.

  2. Hey Sheik,

    I love your tunes.
    Reminds me of the Frank Zappa days of old.
    If Frank were alive today I am positive the guy would be recording a lot of anti-jihadist stuff. He was a musician with “balls”…literally.
    RIP Frank! Sheik Yer Mami is doing his best.

  3. These images disturbingly hark back to the jew-bashing times of the 30s. Quite ironic isn’t it?

  4. Hey guys,
    just wondering why you guys follow this crap… its filled with flaws. Most of you muslims that dont engage in terrorism condemn those muslims who do, but this will probably change when you guys get into power. Surah 9:5 says “Fight and slay the infidels wherever you may find them”. You guys sicken me. Freedom of religion is everything. Tell me when your imaginary friend has another vision.
    ps. bacon is fantastic, and, why dont you think of the 72 virgins feelings for once? they’ve got to spend eternity with you lunatics.

  5. “to the tune of michael jacksons – dont stop till you get enough”

    Keep up – with mustafah, dont stop till you blow it up..Keep up – with mustafah, dont stop till you blow it up..

    raping – – we cant get enough
    pillage – – we will never stop, oooohhh
    itching—and scratching – – oh this ointments cra-ap, ohhh – yeah.

    Keep up – with mustafah, dont stop till you blow it up..Keep up – with mustafah, dont stop till you blow it up..

    you know how it goes.. 😉
    i dont mean to offend but its blatently clear that world peace can only become a reality through the abolition of religion.

  6. These Imams are as stupids like their Mo their prophet. High on opium and looking for cheap sex. Incorrigible liars like their Mo they look forward to blame the Jews for their downfall. If you live in primitive age how can you compete with the rest of the world.

  7. Brilliant – gave me a good laugh. How to download before they are pulled please can anyone help.

  8. Your website looks first part of the beautiful army of Allah, but then it looks you are not complete serious. I am not sure because it is hard to tell between the pure believer and the stupid joke. But if you mock, you will be punish. Allah is all merciful and all knowing. That is why we will beat and kill if you are making laughing. We come here in Australia for a better life, and you will not stop us from better your life to be like the streets of Lebanon, Syria and Pakistan.

  9. allah is Satan’s sockpuppet, and is doomed to the lake of fire, along with its followers, if they do not repent.

    * We come here in Australia for a better life

    Aided and abetted by dhimmi politicians and the diversity industry. When will you start killing them off?

  10. Hat’s off to the Sheik!
    I think these tunes could make it to the Grammy nominations. That’s my own Grandmother’s (bless her little pea-pickin’ heart) nominations.

    The Sheik yer’mami is truly a genius in his musical arrangements.
    Do you suppose these hits would sell well in Pakistan or Palestine? How about Egypt? I’m a great promoter.

  11. abdul? you are not going to “beat” and “kill” anybody…you are a coward simply by the nature of your threats…people laugh and joke about “all” religions, including yours ! the western world is so tired of the” submit or die” bullshit…if your going to take over the world, shove sharia law down everybody’s throat, then “DO IT” already…alla akbarbeque and all that to ya fudgepop !!!

  12. oops…abdul…is that death threat serious?.frankly im from the uk,and am becoming used to muslim death threats,they lose something after a while…boring, in fact.fuck off back to whatever shit hole you crawled out of ,you and your shit joke religion are not welcome in the real world,head back to the leaders who fooled you into being a slave to goat bothering retard.if you cant have a reasoned argument without threatening death,then you really dont deserve to live amongst decent people.

  13. yes harry….the old death threat,are you as bored as me???,am a brit,we get this shit on a daily basis…im still alive!!!HELLO MUSLIMS!!!you cant kill me!!you goat bothering retarded fuckpigs…… usual,when you run out of logic(which never takes long)the first thing is the fatwa,for all of us who easily shoot holes in the fuck up of a mess you call religion,death,death and more death,im amazed there are any of you left,go back where you came from and stay there,instead of causing the same problems you claim to be trying to escape,have a good talk to yourself you fucking joker.

  14. I suppose if one were reared in the insanity that is Islam, accepting it would be inevitable. Since no dissent is allowed, and one is not allowed even to question the ‘religion’, there is no provision for using one’s brain.
    Total immersion in a particular belief, even an insane one, can produce a mindset which, to us in the West, seems to defy every principle we have ever been taught.
    Islam is totally antithetical to Christianity or Judaism and totally incompatible. Their book the Qu’ran makes the case against Islam a no-brainer.

  15. Dear Sheikh yer Mami,
    I have an aversion to this website, and disagree with all of its mockery, but like this fount (am I correct in saying that it is Traditional Arabic Typesetting? That was probably on purpose).
    I have no idea who you are, or even what you are…you could be a man or a woman and maybe a child or be both sexes…you could have been a Muslim formerly, and now you could be a Hindu…maybe you’re Lady Gaga, or you could be a dead rabbit-you could be gay or lesbian or straight or none of these, you could be a ghost or a vampire, a malfunctioning computer server-the point is, you could be anything, and so could I.

    Dear Abdul,
    This is a completely blasphemous website, and very nauseating. I am sorry, and if you truly have immigrated to Australia, han I wish you the best of luck, and admire your courage in moving to a foreign country with a very different language.
    A Sympathetic Person

  16. I wonder how the author of this website spends his/her/their time telling lies about islam , all i can say is that we dont not live for ever and one day you are going to die and will regret it.
    are you thinking that when you die you die and thats it ? 🙂
    like jesus god sent mohammed and all are mesengers we respect all of them the same way , if you are christian you will see jesus when you die and will know that he hasnt been killed the way you think.
    stop talking stupid things that will never hurt islam.
    I hate when terrorists call muslims as terrorists, for 1400 years islam didnt kill what USA killed in IRAQ in 2 or 3 years.
    2000000 peoples have been killed for nothing. just in iraq.
    also when islam didnt kill for evil but it killed the one who prevent from spreading religion to people. but when u kill ,you just kill because you hate , you kill, rape , you have no mercy .
    i am sorry to say that but you guys are really stupid , i hope that you wake up one day and fix what your destroying.

  17. Strange that Muslims are not able at accept that Muhamed was a murderer and an evil towrag. We see murders everyday that Muslims commit but the media refuse to publicise the truth 150 Christians were murdered in Nigeria by Muslims. A man in Egypt is arrested because he says he likes Israel, because some Muslims don’t like it, a picture has been removed from the Parliament building in Sweden because some Muslim didn’t like it. More and more we see Muslims taking over sections of our countries, they say that they are peaceful but slowly it’s dawning on people that Muslims are not the peaceful people they want us to believe. The Koran says that kill people, 109 verses that call Muslims to war with nonbelievers for the sake of Islamic rule. Yes they really peaceful, and remember they could move into your area and start forcing you out as they have done in many areas. This is what our governments don’t want you to see, they want you to stay blind to the facts and by various means make out your a racist if you say anything against what is happening.

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