Religion of Piece Strikes Pakistan

At least 20 24 roasted in Pakistan bombings

Paki Jihad, Video Update: 

By Aamir Qureshi in Pakistan/Herald Sun

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POWERFUL bombs ripped through a bus and a market in the Pakistani garrison city of Rawalpindi today, killing at least 20 people including 15 government defence workers.


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The devastating attacks happened minutes apart in sensitive military areas of the city, which is near the capital Islamabad and also the site of key US ally President Pervez Musharraf’s official army residence.


A true clone of the profit Muhammad, uswa hasana, insan al kamil

The first explosion hit a bus carrying defence workers to work in the city’s Qasim bazaar, police officer Mohammad Hamid said.

Fifteen of the employees were killed and about a dozen wounded, interior ministry officials said.

The 40-seater bus was almost destroyed by the blast, which could be heard across the city.

Rescue workers were cutting open the wreckage to pull out injured people and dead bodies.

“There was a huge bang then I saw the bus in a mangled heap. Body parts were scattered across the road and there was blood everywhere,” witness Mohammad Tahir said.


Pakistani security officials examine a damaged bus at the site of bomb blast in Rawalpindi, Pakistan on Tuesday, Sept. 4, 2007. Two bombs ripped through a Pakistani army bus and a commercial district in a city near the capital Tuesday, killing at least 24 people and injuring 66, the army said. (AP Photo/Anjum Naveed)

The second blast happened about 3km away when a suspected motorcycle bomb exploded in the city’s RA bazaar, security officials said.

Five people were killed but it was not known if they were civilians or otherwise, they said.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility for either bombing.

But a series of deadly attacks have rocked Pakistan since the military’s storming of the hardline Red Mosque in Islamabad in July. More than 100 people were killed in the siege and storming of the pro-Taliban mosque.

Military officials say 60 soldiers and 250 militants have been killed in violence in about six weeks.
A suicide bomber rammed his explosives-filled car into a paramilitary vehicle in the Pakistani tribal region of Bajaur on Saturday, killing three soldiers and two civilians, officials said.

The situation is also tense after the breakdown of a controversial peace deal between the government and Islamic pro-Taliban militants in Pakistan’s troubled tribal belt bordering Afghanistan.

The army is still trying to secure the safety of more than 150 soldiers whom militants say they abducted late last week in the tribal area of South Waziristan.

The military insists the troops were “trapped” amid a dispute between the rebels and local tribesmen, but the insurgents say they will not be freed until Pakistan pulls all soldiers from the area.

Pakistan sent troops into the tribal zone to track down al-Qaeda and Taliban rebels who fled the fall of the hardline Taliban regime after the US-led military response to the September 11, 2001 attacks.

General Musharraf, who is also fighting for his political life at home, has come under mounting pressure from Washington to crack down on Islamic extremism in the area.

US officials have said that Osama Bin Laden’s al-Qaeda network has regrouped in Pakistan’s tribal belt to plot attacks on international targets.

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In Other News:

Several arrests in Denmark bomb plot

From correspondents in Copenhagen

DENMARK’S Intelligence Service (PET) said it arrested several people in Copenhagen early today who were suspected of planning a bomb attack

It did not immediately say how many people were held or whether the attack was planned in Denmark or elsewhere.

PET will hold a news conference at midday (8pm AEST) to give more details.

* Hmm. ‘Several people arrested’- sounds like Buddhists, no? Any Amish in Denmark? They are notorious for blowing stuff up, no?


In April, a Moroccan-born Dane was sentenced to three-and-a-half years in prison on charges of inciting Muslims to holy war.

Four Muslim men in Denmark’s third-largest city, Odense, are awaiting trial on charges of plotting a bomb attack in Denmark.

* Damn: No Christians, Jews, Amish or Methodists among arrested terrorists:

Frustrating, isn’t it? Because terrorism is such a global thing, and its all about KKK, abortion clinic bombers and Tim McVeigh, right? Why you’re always trying to tarnish the image of Islam?

Eight arrested in Denmark had links to Al-Qaeda: police

COPENHAGEN (AFP) – Danish police said Tuesday they had prevented a terrorist attack with the arrest overnight of eight men believed to be linked to Al-Qaeda and suspected of possessing bomb materials.

The director general of the Danish intelligence service PET, Jakob Scharf, said the arrests near Copenhagen had “prevented a terrorist attack.”

We would describe the main suspects as militant Islamists with international contacts, including leading members of Al-Qaeda,” Scharf told a press conference.

Scharf would not disclose any information about the possible target of the planned attack, but said there was “no direct link” to Denmark’s military involvement in Iraq or Afghanistan.

Police raided 11 homes in the early hours of Tuesday.

* They shouldn’t call it Islamic terrorism. Don’t they realize how damaging that is to the image of Islam..?


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  1. Seems like unruly behaviour is really catching on in Pakistan, in a BIG way!

    I wonder why? Must be Mushareff, surely.

  2. greykangaroo said – more from the netherlands for interest:

    Thanks, GK. A good report on Hizb & the Caliphate in Denmark.

    * Hmm. ‘Several people arrested’

    Still no confirmation of their Muslimhoo… er victimhood, but they had been under surveillance.

  3. * believed to be linked to Al-Qaeda

    Things changed in the last hour. All we need is CAIR’s Denmark equal to say what nice, naive young men they were, on their way to a birthday party, & how shocked the Muslim community is to hear of the arrests.

  4. * “no direct link” to Denmark’s military involvement in Iraq or Afghanistan.

    That will upset Al-Beeb.

  5. * The eight, aged 19 to 28, were of foreign backgrounds from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia and Turkey

    The Pakistani is a taxi driver, to my surprise. 🙂

    Oh, and hundreds of rock throwing youths rioted in the Noerrebro district of Copenhagen a couple of days ago, & guess who lives in Noerrebro?

  6. From that article..
    ‘The Caliphate can arrive in an hour, two months or two years from now,

    They may be closer to this than we think. I’m just reading Paul Williams “Day of Islam” and it hits home just how vulnerable the US is with hundreds of portable nukes and fissile material unaccounted for (700 Russian suitcase nukes!!) Joseph Biden even asked some scientists to make a nuke with off-the-shelf gear and they produced a working weapon in a few months without much difficulty. Williams reckons even a ‘junk’ nuke going off in New York will eventually kill millions. And then of couse comes the economic meltdown that would follow, and this is the best case scenario.

    This, plus our governements who seem to me to be a bunch of helpless, clueless children, and they won’t tackle islam until it’s too late. It seems silly to even think this, but I’m planning for the worst frankly.

  7. What are they doing in Denmark??
    They state that:-

    “We are working for a Caliphate from Morroco to Indonesia and from Kazakhsstan to Saudi Arabia.”

    Are they lost or something?

  8. I think calipah is lost…so are the people seeking him. In this day of modern science and knowledge it is impossible to think of the medieval times..Please be realistic whether you are seeking in favor or against people..Religions are difficult to be stopped..and with the strength of islam, judaism, christianity all thinking champions of the world..who is to get rid of the others..please learn tolerance and harmony..May God give us wisdom of being friends and good neighbors..

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