Sarkozy Wants It All

Sarkozy calls for UN-led “new world order”

Megalomania and delusion in the former ‘Grand Nation

New York (dpa) – The United Nations should avail itself as an instrument for a “new world order of the 21st century,” French President Nicolas Sarkozy said Tuesday in his first address to the General Assembly.


Sarko with ‘friend’ Gaddafi

Sarkozy, who won the presidency this year on a strong reform platform to modernize France, urged the world body to embark on programmes ranging from equal wealth distribution to fighting corruption in his speech full of references to France’s past revolutionary ideals.

“In the name of France, I call upon all states to join ranks in order to found the new world order of the 21st century on the notion that the common goods that belong to all of humankind must be the common responsibility for us all,” he told the General Assembly.

The UN should ensure access for all human beings to vital resources, such as water, energy, food, medication and knowledge, he said. He called for “more morality” in “financial capitalism” and a fairer distribution of profits, earnings in commodities, raw materials and new technologies.

“There must be a change of mindset and behaviour,” Sarkozy said in a long list of demands to the international community.

Known for his admiration of the United States and its culture, Sarkozy said France will remain loyal to its friends and the values it shares with them.

But he warned that loyalty should not be equated with submission, a reference to Paris’ disagreement with the US-led war in Iraq.

“What I want to say to the world is that France, faithful to its friends, stands ready to talk to all people, on every continent,” he said.


* Great idea, Sarko! Exactly what the world needs. A world body cadaver where third world dictators and corrupt parasites like Gaddafi, A-mad-in-jihad, Fidel Castro, Louise Arbour, Doudou Dienne and some 50+ Arab/Islam-o-fascist thugs call the shots and 20 civilized nations pay the bills.

Thanks but no thanks…!

* Needless to repeat that the former ‘Grand Nation’ has been bankrupt, financially and morally for a long time now.


The United Useless Nations Circus Continues:


Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe continues on in his quest to completely destroy his own country with his Marxist/racist polices.

Zimbabwe targets foreign business

The Zimbabwean parliament has passed a bill to move majority control of foreign-owned companies operating in the country to black Zimbabweans.

The goal is to ensure at least a 51% shareholding by indigenous black people in the majority of businesses.
First, with a country imploding economically, you want to be attracting as much business and foreign capital investment as possible, not threatening companies based on race.

Second, it is interesting to note the total silence on this from the race hustler community of the MSM, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Go up to the quote and replace the word “black” with “white”, then ask yourself what kind of outcry you would be hearing if that were the case.

So, I hear you wondering, what does the great UN have to say about this travesty?

Mugabe condemns Western ‘attacks’

The president of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, has accused the United States and Britain of a relentless campaign to destabilise and vilify his country.

Speaking at the United Nations General Assembly in New York, Mr Mugabe criticised George Bush’s human rights record and policies on Iraq.”
Yep, the guy who is codifying racism in his country is ripping the west for human right violations, and the UN is giving him a platform to do so.

And so it goes…

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  1. Well, Sarkozy’s idea is a nice one-if the UN returned to a new version of its original idea (defeating the beasts of the 1940’s from Berlin and Tokyo). Kick out the Irans and Cubas and set about defeating the beast of this century (Islamania). Then we’ll be on to something.

  2. It could just be window dressing for tougher action than we’ve seen from the french in quite a while. He has to pretend to play lip service to the UN, to keep his large lefty population at bay. Remember what happened last time Bush senior started “talking new world order”?!

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