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The new year 5768 begins at sundown. Let me wish each and everyone of you a blessed and sweet new year.


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Egypt: Islamic scholars reaffirm death penalty for apostasy

‘There is no compulsion in religion’- update:

Islamic Tolerance Alert: “Islamic Sharia Scholars Call for Applying Apostasy Punishment and Enacting a Law Criminalizing Inter-Faith Marriages,” by Ahmed al-Beheri for Almasry Alyoum from DW
Some participants in the symposium on ‘Apostasy Punishment: Problems and Answers’, called for the need to enact a law banning and criminalizing inter-faith marriage to overcome the problems that could occur between Muslims and Copts as a result of this marriage.
In his speech at the symposium organized by the cultural committee of the Syndicate of Journalists the day before last, Dr Mohamed Kamal Imam, Professor and Chairman of the Islamic Sharia Department at the Faculty of Law of the University of Alexandria, said why do not we pass a law expressly prohibiting marriage between followers of different faiths, especially in Egypt, so that to eliminate the problems that could occur because of this marriage and set off tension between Muslims and Christians.

He stressed that there is no contradiction between Allah’s words: “Then whosoever will, let him believe, and whosoever will, let him disbelieve” and “There is no compulsion in religion” on the one hand and the punishment of apostasy in Islam, because the first case – according to him – deals with the belief and carrying out punishments.

Kamal pointed out that Islam is a universal religion that realistically recognizes other religions and allows Muslims to marry non-Muslims and that it is the only religion that permits this, but enacting a law preventing matrimony between Muslims and followers of other religions would eliminate many problems.

Dr. Nasr Farid Wasel, former Egypt Mufti, said that all scholars agree that the punishment for rejecting Islam is punishable by death, because Islam did not sanction apostasy, because it did not force or coerce any one into embracing Islam, therefore a renegade must either repent or be condemned to the punishment of apostasy, because it is the right of Allah, the Almighty.

Got it: You are born into it, you are brainwashed into it, you are bashed and beaten and forced into it, but since you ’embraced Islam’ you are not allowed to leave, otherwise you must be killed. And if you’re killed by fellow Muslims its not them who kill you, its the hand of Allah himself!

Unbelievable… ‘There is no compulsion…’

Islamo-logic, circular reasoning, my head is spinning, gotta lie down…


Link on how to refute the taqiyya spin doctors 


The German Front

By Stephen Brown

Americans were the plot’s main targets and not Germans. Besides American military installations and the Frankfurt airport, the terrorists, in their mindless hatred, were considering attacking discotheques, schools (think of Beslan), bars, or anywhere their sick minds considered there would be American citizens.

According to the Spiegel report, the tracking of the terrorists became an important theme in German-American relations over the past months, most likely because of this Islamist targeting of Americans and their desire to “kill as many people as possible” with bombs a hundred times more powerful than the backpack explosives used in the 2005 London transit bombings. Operation Alberich was considered so important that it was one of the topics of conversation between President George Bush and German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the G8 summit in Heiligendamm, Germany, last June. President Bush was also immediately informed of last week’s terrorist arrests.

The only unfortunate part of the whole affair is that only three of the 49 Islamists that German Federal Intelligence Service chief Jorg Ziercke believes are involved in the plot are in custody where they are remaining silent. The German newspaper, Die Welt, reported Ziercke’s statement regarding the plot’s size as well as the fact that the cell consisted of a solid core of ten terrorists, of whom two are still in Germany but cannot yet be arrested due to a lack of evidence.

But perhaps just as alarming as this large number of potential mass murderers still on the loose and dedicated to killing Americans is the fact that seven persons from German Islamist circles have been arrested in Pakistan over the past months and an additional six are known to be currently in that country. And if such is truly the case, then one can probably expect a lot more friendly words to come America’s way from Western Europe yet.

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  1. * Hmmm? read it all
    403 Permission Denied

    I think the URL is mangled. But if the Dutch have their way, the Germans won’t have to go
    to Pak to learn the art of inner struggle; they can send the junior jihadis to Dutch primary schools for the latest in dhimmi “teaching” on Islam, thanks to the Foundation for Teaching Methods (SLO) and the Board of Islamic Schools Organisation (ISBO). The Dutch education heads probably smoked too much weed on the Reeperbahn & dutifully lapped it up.

    Dutch launch curriculum on Islam 11 September 2007

  2. Gramfan said – Can we possibly make it any easier for them?

    Yes, by bringing in “international students” to Oz to spread hate in the name of allah.
    Enough is enough. The problem isn’t with a few “extremists” that can be magically filtered out or blocked at the border as Ameer Ali implies, but with Islam itself, & we don’t need another “Muslim Reference Group” to nut that out, unlike our leaders who continue to pander to Mo.,25197,22404064-5001561,00.html

  3. The thing about Europe, to me, is this – they did a lot of the ‘stirring of the nest of hornets’ by their meddling about a century ago. It was mostly the French and the Brits, but gee now that they and their buddies stirred the nest up – they turn around and are in full surrender mode, or a mode that we continually have to take a fire torch and light it under their butts to do anything. Do the Germans, or Dutch, or any of them think that by letting the muslims in their midsts do such harm and mayhem that anyone will want to go to Europe and be tourists over there?! Where oh where will they get a lot of their money to pay their welfare muslims then?

  4. “Islamo-logic, circular reasoning, my head is spinning, gotta lie down… ”

    It usually gives me a headache. The left wing loon’s logic does that to me too. If you read too much koran – it will be a migraine.

  5. It’s pretty amazing how this cult has no problem gaining followers by force. Why would you want an insincere Muslim other than to pad your numbers? One who’s forced to convert most likely will not be sincere in their faith but Islamania has no problem with that at all. Pathetic.

  6. It’s the Politicians and the Public Servants who are the most duped by Islam’s bullshit.
    And the most scared….

    The ordinary people aren’t so stupid.
    Even those creepy little ‘peace-loving moderate Muslims ‘ give most ordinary people a good set of The Creeps.

    Truth is: no one likes the Bastards and Bitches, really.

    Muslims really don’t understand us.
    We feel quite OK about waging our own wars on our own soil without ‘permission’ from any ‘government’.

    The Mohammadens are in for a very big surprise.
    As Slaves of Allah, they have to wait until they have been given permission by one of their own Bozos: we can start a Civil War anytime we want…..

  7. “The new year 5768 begins at sundown. Let me wish each and everyone of you a blessed and sweet new year.”

    Hey! Monkey Man, the new year starts on January 1 st.2008. What is this 5768 fantasy. 5768 years ago your turkic ancestors were still grazing on the steppes and practicing shamanism, to suggest that your kind have nearly 6000 years of history is delusional.

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