The Ghosts of Islamistan on the March in New York

Only In America:


* 6 Years after a bunch of fanatical, brainwashed Muhammedan terrorists cut the throats of air hostesses with box-cutters and flew the hijacked planes into the WTC, the soldiers of Allah march in the streets of New York and call for the Caliphate, put up signs like ‘Muslims Against Democracy and Western Values’- threaten bystanders and counter-demonstrators and openly call for jihad, the elimination of infidels and genocide on the Jews.


Muhammedan Exhibitionism:

These people are not praying for the victims of 9/11

American Muslim Day Parade from 41st Street and Madison Ave. to 23rd Street. Women form lines in prayer prior to parade. (Patrick McCarthy, Freelance / September 9, 2007)


Hamas, Hezbollah & the Black Flag of the Caliphate: Who allowed this rabble to migrate to America?


The Black Flag Of Islam



‘Elevated’ Muslimah handing out Islamo-fascist propaganda


Hey boyz, what-cha hiding under the burka?



Pamela from Atlas Shrugs was right there in the front line and has a video

Urban Infidel has some really good pic’s too

What We Really Need:


Parasites of the world unite!


ROD DREHER : What the Muslim Brotherhood means for the U.S.

9 thoughts on “The Ghosts of Islamistan on the March in New York”

  1. I wish I could have been there.

    I have done a bit of web-surfing and came up with these links:

    This one on the 20 point plan to take over the US, and we can see it happening already, not just in the US:

    And this one of the trade Jihad:

    We need to encourage a boycott of islam. I hope readers of this ‘blog help get out the messages from these 2 articles.

  2. Those pictures are worth a million words. It beggars belief that the “leader of the free world” and the rest of the West’s leaders are so blind to what is happening under their noses, or do they get their “advice” from the Cairns Post?

    Someone, apart from Monica, needs to get on the horn to the White House & get George to see what is happening to his nation on his watch. They’ve made it very clear they intend to fly the crescent flag from the dome in Washington.
    Their Mission appears almost Accomplished.

  3. Gramfan, there are a couple of sites encouraging a boycott of Islam, eg

    Also, a search for Oz Halal food outlets is at
    (http www)
    The online listing has apparently been taken down, & is now just a search, conducted on a Vic Gov web site.
    And AFIC at (http www)

  4. What are my rights in Aus, does anyone know?
    It’s my money, I’m the purchaser/consumer, when I buy I choose/select which flavour, brand, colour etc I want, right? So…
    Can I…
    Refuse to use a muslim cab driver from a taxi rank?
    Tell the taxi company when I phone not to send a muslim?
    Refuse to be served (in a store, or whatever/wherever) by a muslim?

  5. People had better get used to these wonderful marches by the peaceful ones-the authorities don’t seem to mind them much at all. In a few years 9/11 will be celebrated happily by this bunch as a wonderful event. Just like Ramadam, only with more riots.

  6. Thanks Mullah.
    I have been to Foehammer’s site a lot. He’s right.
    I will check out the other ones.

    How dumb is the west in aiding and abetting our or destruction? And the jihadi’s are laughing their heads off,no doubt.

  7. bigRJ
    Because they plan to take over the world. That is why they have infiltrated western countries to make them sharia-compliant. That is the only reason they are in our countries.

    They have said this over and over again.

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