The Shores of Tripoli

Kidnapping, Hostage Taking for Ransom is Traditional Muhammedan Business: Islamists could kidnap Europeans in Africa – report

“The report said that an Islamist cell, the name of which was not given, could be planning to abduct Europeans in an attempt to extort ransom money for terrorist attacks.”— from this news article

Madrid – Spain’s secret service CNI has warned Spanish embassies in North Africa that Islamists could be planning to kidnap European citizens in the region, the daily El Mundo reported Thursday. The CNI has sent warnings to embassies in Algeria, Mauritania, Morocco and to representations in several other African countries, according to the daily, which quoted sources close to the intelligence service.
The report said that an Islamist cell, the name of which was not given, could be planning to abduct Europeans in an attempt to extort ransom money for terrorist attacks.
Radical Islamists could also be planning to hijack airplanes, according to the report.
The sources did not say whether the extremists would target tourists or Europeans residing in the region.


It’s been happening for years, not only in North Africa but in the Middle East, and not only with “Europeans” but with all kinds of Infidels. Money is only one kind of payoff. Diplomatic appeasement, arms transfers unblocked, and so on, are others.

What happened the other day in Afghanistan with those Korean missionaries, their male leaders already killed, in order to free them? $2.65 million, was it, to the Taliban?

Update: According to Al Jizzeera, 20 million were paid…

What happened a few weeks ago, when Libya finally freed those Bulgarian nurses (and one lone, quite resentful-against-Arabs, Arab doctor), after having held them, tortured them, constantly threatened them with death, for eight years? What did the Western powers do except bribe Libya with money, with promises about investment, and of course completed — c’etait le comble — of Cecilia Sarkozy and then Nicolas Sarkozy himself, travelling to Libya which will now be allowed to buy all kinds of French military equipment that had heretofore been blocked.




Bulgarian Nurses: Tortured & Raped

There is nothing new here. The “ransom” has been paid again and again: military supplies, diplomatic abandonment, by steady degrees, of Israel and the indifference to its legal and historic claims; abandonment or refusal to stand up for the Christians or other non-Muslims (the total abandonment of the Biafrans, the seemingly total indifference of even the American government to the fate of the the Christians in Lebanon, during the Civil War in Lebanon and now, and to the mistreatment of the Copts in Egypt, and now to the special worries of the only group in Iraq that deserves Western protection, the Chaldo-Assyrians (as two different kinds of Christians are sometimes called).

Pirates, ransom.

And then there the refusal of one young Republic that, after a bit, decided it had taken the measure of the Muslim Barbary Pirates and would not play the game, and pay the ransom, that older and more cynical European powers had sometimes been doing. There was Jefferson. There was the buildup of the American navy as a direct response to the Muslim corsairs (who often registered their intended targets among the Christian shipping, in this systematic preying on the Infidel ships, cargoes, and seamen then enslaved). There was William Eaton, travelling overland with his band from Cairo, across the Western Desert, to free the Americans held by an incidental and malevolent Dey. There were the Shores of Tripoli.