UK: Muslim Lawyers Working Towards Sharia

* Nothing beats the information we kufars can obtain from the Islamic websites. A treasure trove to learn about the true intentions of the ummah, although most of the soldiers of Allah would lie and deny everything about it when confronted with the evidence. That behavior is known as taqiyya, to lie and to deceive the kuffar to further the cause of Islam.

Since its creation the group has campaigned for UK laws to be changed to become compatible with the Sharia – arguing that failure to do so will breach the human rights of Muslims.

In addition, the group’s members have said that they also wish for Sharia to become the dominant law-code in the UK, laying out a rough three-step strategy to impose Islamic law in the UK:

Step 1 – To make UK’s laws compatible with the Sharia (on issues such as polygamy and inheritance laws for instance).

Step 2 – To set up a network of parallel sharia courts (ruling initially on personal and family law for Muslims) whose authority is recognised by the government.

Step 3 – To help sharia courts to gradually supplant existing secular courts as the Muslim population increases to the point that they become a majority.

The group’s plan to gradually Islamicise the UK is approximately consistent with the policies of other groups which its members have associated with. These include the Jamaat-e-Islami, the Islamic Foundation, the Islamic Society of Britain and the Murabitun.

The organisation has also supported the campaign for criticism of Islam to be outlawed as well as campaigning on behalf of Muslims detained for plotting attacks or supporting Muslim militants in Afghanistan or Chechnya.

Ahmad Thomson, the group’s most high-profile member and its deputy-chairman, has said that he believes the world is run by Jews and Freemasons. He has also said that the Iraq war was caused by Jews.

Thomson, a white convert born in Rhodesia, is also a member of al-Murabitun, a small Sufi group that has been accused of having neo-Nazi sympathies.

Thomson has advised the government and ministers on Islamic issues. He also sat on the government taskforce ‘Preventing Extremism Together’ which was set up after the 7 July bombings in 2005.

* Hypocrisy seems to have a different meaning in Islamistan:

– Calls for recognition of polygamy

The Association of Muslim Lawyers has said that the UK should recognise polygamous marriages and that a failure to do so will breach the human rights of Muslims by not allowing them to fully practice their religion.

The group has suggested that the problem can be solved if the government creates a two-tier legal system under which Muslims cannot be charged with polygamy but members of other religions can be.

* Why don’t we start listening to them?

Read it all and bookmark it!

Osama before and after:

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Looks like that Taliban filthbag was right, as was Newsweek, whose jihadi sources told them last month that Osama was alive, kicking, and staying above the fray of the alleged Zawahiri/al-Libi lovers’ quarrel.

Tall and tan and old and old and ugly, the guy from AlQaeda is not going away, and when he does it will have to be in Allah’s way…


OBL before the makeover


The all new terror chief: Is he using shoe polish instead of hennah to dye his beard?


14 thoughts on “UK: Muslim Lawyers Working Towards Sharia”

  1. The peaceful ones are slick indeed. First they introduce sharia lite to get eveyone accustomed to the ways of peace. Then they will lower the boom (literally for those who won’t bow down to them) and bingo! A new member of cesspoolia is born.

    It is laughable that anyone would think polygamy is a human right. Maybe it was in caveman days but not recently. The farther along the world travels the farther back the cult of death wants to drag it. No doubt they will want to take their multiple brides in the old tried and true method of clubbing them over the head and dragging them along by the hair-before covering that hair of course.

  2. The boldness of it fascinates me. They have it all worked out.

    One ray of hope:

    They think global economies will continue to work for dar-al-haarb.

    Guess what? It won’t work for them if we are not generating our incomes, and by all their ideas we can’t do that. Just think of the entertainment industry to name one.Cosmetics? Perhaps.

    They won’t have it.

    Mass unemployment. Economics works against islam. Yep,,the love of the almightly dollar might save us yet.

    It’s all in the the hip pocket.
    If we fail, the saudis fail.Have they thought of that? NO!

  3. If the whole world goes Islamic then Islam will finally die. Where would the cesspoolians be without Western money, Western technology, Western aid programs? Who always tries to smooth over the headaches in the ummah? Who always keeps propping up the peaceful ones? Who provides a convenient scapegoat for their neverending failures? The ummah produces nothing of lasting value (the oil fields they have were found and developed by the West) because Islam creates a stagnant society with its grim, totalitarian philosophy. No productivity, no joy, nothing. This is why they long for death. The only thing that keeps them going is the idea of world domination-once that happens, Islam will turn upon itself because there is nothing else to conquer and a philosophy that demands constant strife will always need to kill someone.

  4. * Read it all and bookmark it!

    A good find! I’ve read it all & bookmarked it.

    There would be little point in Oz universities teaching Sharia Law & Banking
    if those being taught would not seek to implement the law changes on

    They will not stop with changing laws; they will also seek to change times,
    in accordance with Daniel 7:23-25. In the West, this year is generally accepted as 2007, commemorating the birth of Christ (AD – “Anno
    Domini”), but in Islam it is currently 1428 & in Hebrew 5767.

    Islamsforlosers is right about lowering the boom on those who refuse to bow.

  5. Gramfan said “Economics works against islam. Yep,,the love of the almightly dollar might save us yet.”

    You might be right, but (google news) sharia or islamic banking & see how Western banks & nations are introducing sharia-compliant banking “products”, much as halal certification is supported by Western govts like ours. We are under attack from Islam in every possible way, & like good dhimmis, our governments “embrace” (buzz word) the attackers & the attacks, & stuff around with a “war on terror” while rolling over for the rest
    of the attack, and bring in more & more of the “peaceful ones”.

  6. Mullah
    you are a wealth of info. Let’s hope islamic banking doesn’t catch on.
    Think about it: money is the Key issue. It makes people do strange things.
    Morality and righteousness won’t work here. For once $$$$$$ may really help!

    September 7th, 2007 at 12:49 pm

    If the whole world goes Islamic then Islam will finally die. Where would the cesspoolians be without Western money, Western technology, Western aid programs?

    Couldn’t agree more! great point! I am a little more cheerful:)

    Sooner or later those oil-rich freaks will need help. Good stuff there:)

    No one has as yet accurately predicted the future. No one.

  7. “It won’t work for them if we are not generating our incomes, and by all their ideas we can’t do that. Just think of the entertainment industry to name one.Cosmetics? Perhaps.”

    You are right, all of their pure muslim societies are solely dependent on oil. But, the saudis have a lot of money invested in businesses and it grows daily. It is a phenomenon that is happening which also controls censorship, twisting and downright lying about islam too.

    One thing that they figured out at several times in the past 1400 years is that they need dhimmi to not only do the jobs they don’t want to do, but also to pay the jizya tax. When it comes down to that I wonder how many of us are willing to not only be humiliated, but also be humiliated by a muslim child? That is how it works.

    We are in the beginning phases of a jihad right now, we see that Europe is further along. The raiding muslim hordes have changed their tactics and they now use other tactics of which our politicians, businessmen, military and citizenry do not know about – da’wa, taqiyya/kithman, immigration, etc. We can’t even name our enemy in this war because no one wants to offend the muslims who want to kill us. Personally, I say we should be offending them all the time. We should be confronting all those masses of ‘moderates’ and ask them why they follow a liar, rapist, cheat, kidnapper, enslaver, torturer, and murderer – mohammed?! And all of us should be made aware of taqiyya/kithman, and ALL Of their tactics along with mohammed’s saying ‘war is deception’, or just knowing all of the koran that has abrogated all the peaceful passages.

    I could go on for a long time on this, but I will stop. has archives and also koran blogging that can answer your questions on terms that I use and what the koran says.

    We need to vote in politicians that listen to us when we say ‘READ THE KORAN’ and if you don’t want to buy one – then crack open Thomas Jefferson’s koran, ya knotheads!

  8. I noticed on this morning that Britain has hardline muslims controlling the mosques in their country. Along with the rest of the EU cowtowing to muslims – they will have a very, bad time coming up if they don’t take care of their situation and stop apologizing for being Westerners, with a Western culture and a Western mindset – unless they really want to be either dhimmi, dead or muslims.

  9. I simply can’t understand how a fig leaf could go so far in destroying world peace. As with WWII the lies and promises Hitler made served to dupe the majority of Europeans. I wonder how history will record the duping this time. The media, constantly pumping bleeding heart ideology and scoffing at the historical significance of ignoring the obvious buildup of anti western propaganda, hold the power to prevent the third world war. One thing for certain, there will never be a competing ideology allowed to exist when its over.

  10. I can’t remember if this was on WoJ recently, but it has resurfaced, & is relevant to the push to recognise Muslims, sharia etc:
    Islam: a Plan for World Domination?
    [… most dangerous trend …]
    [Tariq] Ramadan says that Muslims in Europe want to become European Muslims but for this to happen European society must recognise Muslims and give them the necessary space to express ourselves.

  11. You’ve hit the nail on the head congratulations – personally the idea of polygamy, a just system of rule, no taxes except to help the poor and the promise of paradise is pretty tempting. Why don’t you guys wake up and look at what your own fascist system has created? Let’s see – out and out child abuse, prisons that are overflowing, serial killers, world poverty, drug abuse, pornography etc etc all worth fighting for?! Take care and see ya soon.

  12. salam for who ever gets this email , i fell as 911 was a set up of islam to hurt the religions from spreading . becauses prophet muhammand and the noah and lut and musa and david did’nt put there business for someone to look and say that this was from god allah ; they never betrayed the maker god which is called many names; they followed the commandments of allah which is god and they all ways was told the truth, because allah says in the quran and sunnah that everyone are going to enter in the relgion islam in beig crowds, some one claming to be messagers from god to destroy mankind and jinn exist here to worrshipped god. but to by more time to say with the devil many hours, many minutes many days many weeks many months, many years to control mankind from going to god which is allah, i have a plain devils says; many people studyed the back ground of statan and want the time good and bad and mixed gods says you have no help against him and what ever you mankind and jinn exist here no help; contracts everything comes from god allah this his land even if you have contracts this is his grounds gods grounds, many people say i don’t want to here or here the gods word and still walking doing the same, or god gives mercy people still want to either study right or trail hits them from god and , they leave, or to be guided right. man can’t keep up with you and make you breathe eat and make you whole body move; man can’t due nothing he gets his knowledge from god, either good deed or bads , so tell them don’t get made at the check cash of god good or back or mixed, he is very justice; man as a beliver in god fine , no partners in god that how phaorh and the rest drowed not by mans hands, but by god hands man can make it rain or dark or light so who is control of this world or man can’t make cold or hot; look and the world and ask god is it late to repent; either you had knowledge, you may get punish by god or you did’nt have knowledge; and when there is a world thing go to god make god the deposers of your affiars and things will turn out right from the book , right know the world is under the parable musa mose and pharoahs, so who is who, how many warning from moses came this point 5 i guess from the book times moses came to pharoah to let his god people go. salam qaf al-lif-lam-mim

  13. salam then another thing masjids built up agianst allah god playing the game churches getting funds and not feed the poor; the same , then get made and have people from that area following to harm you from your income statue ssi numbers id theft, or to make you suffer without a home due to the fact the god says be and is, then man says be and it is on contract or not, so wo is god a man i don;t think like that, stroms coming and going from every state any where man can;t think that fast; he can control his sleep; making it where as through mail email text fax or other technology to inform fear in mankind and jinn exist here to praise the god of the kingdom from them unseen, but you got to be crazy and put some where unfound for a while to you shut up the truth, and some where ,where they kind of ingnorant people are to say fear me or god i can do this and that to man is not equal to god qaf al-lif-lam mim

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