Ayaan Ali Hirsi: ‘We Are Making Fools of Ourselves in the Eyes of the World’

By Leon de Winter/Spiegel Online

Fear of fanatical Islamists prompted Ayaan Hirsi Ali to leave the Netherlands, her adopted home, and now she has been forced to return. Paying for her bodyguards in the United States is too expensive for the Dutch government — what a disgrace.0102071143800.jpg

Ayaab Ali Hirsi

Amsterdam – There are exactly five people that the Dutch government has to protect against death threats from radical Islamists.
This sort of protection is expensive. Society bears the costs because freedom of opinion, a cornerstone of our culture, is on the line. The extremists, for their part, are prepared to risk their own lives to kill those under government protection.

The costs of protection are completely disproportionate to the outcome: the continued existence of our values and norms.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali is the sixth person granted protection by the Dutch government. She began receiving threats when, as a Dutch citizen and member of the parliament, she spoke out critically against political Islam. After the so-called “passport scandal,” when the Dutch minister of immigration and integration threatened to confiscate her passport after Ayaan had been accused of lying about her name and birth date when she first arrived in the Netherlands, she moved to the United States, which precipitated a sharp upswing in her career within only a few months. She wrote a bestseller and landed a job at the American Enterprise Institute. But as a Dutch citizen, Ayaan does not qualify for protection in the United States under US laws and regulations.

Contrary to what many in the Netherlands believe about the success of her autobiography, she is not wealthy. She could not pay for the kind of protection she needs out of her own pocket — no matter how much she would like to do so. Besides, the Dutch government apparently failed to find the right US officials with whom they could have reached an agreement. Under a decision by Justice Minister Ernst Hirsch Balin, the protection paid for by the Dutch government expired on Oct. 1. Ayaan returned to the Netherlands, because without protection she doesn’t have a day left to live.

How much is her life worth, according to Minister Balin’s budget?


* The assassination of Theo Van Gogh by a mad Muhammedan has not been forgotten

When someone in the Justice Ministry leaked classified documents on Ayaan’s protection to the newspaper NRC Handelsblad, it set off a media circus. Neither Ayaan nor anyone directly associated with her was behind all the attention she is currently attracting. She would have preferred to go on living quietly in the Netherlands, and she would have liked to quietly work out a solution with Hirsch Balin.

How much is her life worth, according to Minister Balin’s budget? How does he calculate this? These are politically sensitive questions, questions that former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher never asked when it came to the life of Salman Rushdie, wherever he happened to be.

Dutch society has no choice in this case. Canceling Ayaan’s protection would be the equivalent of a death sentence. She can lead a relatively quiet life in the United States, but not in the Netherlands. And because she is so well known in the Netherlands and practically lives the life of a prisoner, not even able to go out on the street, the most humane solution is to continue to provide her with protection in America.

When commenting about the fact that the Netherlands paid for Ayaan’s protection in the United States, parliamentarian Sybrand van Haersma Buma of the Christian Democrats can’t help but admit that “it was a transitional solution, one that cannot last indefinitely.”

How many days will he give Ayaan? Another week to live? A month? And then it would be time for the butchers of fundamentalist Islam to move in?

Whether we think she is nice, kind or opportunist, we cannot afford anything happening to her. The Dutch government is making a problem out of something that shouldn’t be one, something that only causes chaos and sorrow.

Both Hirsi Ali and Hirsch Balin can only lose. The winners are the extremists who laugh about our inability to offer this courageous woman peace and safety.

You see, it’s too expensive. In fact, though, it makes you want to weep.

Translated from the Dutch by Verena Bardtholdt


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5 thoughts on “Ayaan Ali Hirsi: ‘We Are Making Fools of Ourselves in the Eyes of the World’”

  1. We have also the case of Flemings Rose being threatened, and the police managing to catch the wouldbe Muslim murderers. In this case the police were lucky. In Van Gogh’s case they were not. In all such cases the damage to our society has already been done, as other authors and publishers have already been dhimmified. The West cannot survive as a concept or idea, if writers are terrified to express their views. The West is being slowly silenced and thus strangled.

    The only answer and way to defeat Islam is to stop the Jihad from progressing in the West. And that means to acknowledge that a totalitarian ideology such as Islam and an open society, cannot live in peace at the same time and place. Even an open society no matter how tolerant, has to recognise that there are exceptions to tolerance of all.

    Muslims and Islam have thus to be separated from the West. Or else we are looking at a civil war in Europe that will make WWII or Bosnia look mild by comparison.

    I hate to write this, but that unfortunately is the only humane option left if we wish to retain our open and tolerant society. That is the least we can do for civilisation, as a token of gratitude to our ancestors for their sacrifice in bringing it about, and to our descendents, for which we hold it in trust.

  2. Abolutely, how is it more people aren’t getting this? Red flags went up for me on islam during the Mo riots, I could see the wider significance of a religious group who behaves like this.

    Why the hell do the government openly state they are going to stop African immigrants and still allow mohammedans in. Besides the fact they are bats##t nuts.

  3. Now we have the ALP hitting out at attitudes to Mo’s followers, & stop equating Islam with terrorism. Not quite sure who he means, as very few Oz pollies ever have the smarts to connect particular those dots (Islam and terrorism).

    My current voting thoughts re Islam … easier to let them eliminate themselves than to endorse them, unfortunately: (I’m interested in anyone else’s insights here)

    [?] Coalition
    [X] ALP
    [X] Democrats
    [X] Greens

    * ALP hits out over attitudes to Muslims BZZZZT!!!

  4. Whats that? Lefty socialists completely blind to the dangers of islam??? And this:”He said Australia’s Muslim community was the country’s greatest asset in fighting terrorism”

    Im not religious but GOD HELP US.

  5. Savitch

    Yes Indeed – God help us.

    The demographic threat from within is so great, that I’m now beginning to think that nothing short of a miracle will save us. The trouble is that we have cut off our civilisation from its Christian roots.

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