Clueless and befuddled in Saudi Arabia

Real Bad Craziness in the UAE

Photos of Laura Bush in the UAE.

I believe in women’s rights. In fact, I’m passionate about it, despite the attempts to paint me as a “right wing hater.”


Why doesn’t the Bush administration stand up and say this is not right? Why are we coddling and appeasing and smiling at creatures who do this to their women?


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8 thoughts on “Clueless and befuddled in Saudi Arabia”

  1. not sure about anyone else….but in the bottom picture the one face visible through the sack looks very masculine!
    i have a real problem, and will not communicate or recognise people who want to dress up as bin bags……

  2. What hoot pictures like these are-they can’t seem real. Someone of the 21st century sitting among 7th century ghouls-looks like a faked picture. And yet it’s all true. No wonder peace with the Destroyers is the impossible dream-there’s a 1400 year gap. One might as well try to have Einstein get together with the flu virus to make peace-that gap isn’t much wider.

    And ghoul #2 does look like a guy. He must be the hubby of the other two and looking for number three-spoils of war!

  3. How do we know they all aren’t guys?

    I wonder how Mrs Bush managed to not even wear a head scarf? Ooops, I forgot! The Bushs are friends with Prince Bandar.
    The last time QE2 was in Saudi Arabia she wore pants and a hat at least.
    Hmmm but she is on the fatwah list as being #1 crusader enemy.

  4. Good point, Gramfan. For all we know, these could be four guys finally getting a chance to look at some “meat” up close. I suppose they have to take up whatever opportunity arises in the birthplace of Destroyer madness. If that’s the case then off with their heads for impure thinking!

  5. Hi Sheik—enjoy the website. keep up the good work!!! Is there any way to block Muslim google ads from appearing on this page. I really don’t think ads for Muslim ringtones or Muslim Girl magazine are helping the cause….

  6. And the EXPOSED HANDS!!! There must be millions of muslim males “going mad with lust!” Surely by now, those muslima harlots have been whipped, kicked, hit, spat upon, hung, stoned and their heads cut off?

  7. The second from the left looks just like the Sith Lord, I wonder where he/she/it keeps the light saber…

  8. Bizarre beyond belief.

    I imagine the riots over Laura’s uncovered head, hands and (horrors!) ankles will begin after prayers on Friday.

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