Investigating the Koran?

No, of course not. They will never do that. They are stuck on stupid like the whole Bush administration. But if you think the Bush crew is bad, the alternative should give you the creeps:


Clitman sez she’d negotiate with Iran

Pelosi sez: ‘No, let me go, I have more experience..’

CANTERBURY, N.H. – Hillary Rodham Clinton called Barack Obama naive when he said he’d meet with the leaders of Iran without precondition. Now she says she’d do the same thing, too.



Military Will Investigate and Punish Koran Abusers


US military to investigate claims Koran burnt in Afghanistan

That sux.

Oh brother. Here comes another round of politically correct BS investigations of US soldiers, in a futile attempt to appease a Dark Ages mentality—because of allegations that a book was mistreated: US military to investigate claims Koran burnt in Afghanistan.

ASADABAD, Afghanistan (AFP) — The US military said it would investigate claims that its soldiers had burnt a copy of the Koran in Afghanistan, as angry locals demanded action and threatened retaliation.

Allegations that troops tore up and burnt the Muslim holy book during a raid in the eastern province of Kunar on Saturday led several hundred villagers to demonstrate the same day, blocking a main road for hours.

Locals repeated the charges at a heated meeting Sunday in the provincial capital Asadabad of representatives of the US military, Afghan officials and more than a dozen men from the area near the raid site in Narang district.

“You have desecrated our religion,” resident Azim Khan told the US delegation.

“If the perpetrators do not apologise to Afghans and to all the Muslims of the world, and if they are not brought to justice and punished for what they have done, we will stand against you, you will see an uprising,” he said.

US Captain Jason Coughenour said the allegations would be treated seriously.

“We respect your religion,” he said. “We will launch an investigation and find out who has burnt the Koran. If it has been done by an American, we will punish him.”

The US-led coalition on Saturday confirmed the raid in which four men were arrested but denied that any religious articles were desecrated.

Afghanistan is a deeply devout country and allegations of abuse of Islam have in the past touched off protests that have turned deadly.

And no one even questions why “deeply devout” people would be so prone to rage, threats, violence, and murder. Instead we bow and scrape, and accept their demands to conduct a witch hunt, among the very troops who are risking their lives trying to save Afghanistan from reverting to a hellhole.

That sux. That really sux…


“The Americans are very ignorant about us Islamists”

Yes, they are, but probably not in the way Sheikh Ali Bapir thinks. The main way they’re ignorant is that here we have an Iraqi warlord explaining how he studied the Qur’an and Islam, and is ready to wage a war of ideas, while American TV talking heads (both the “liberal” and the “conservative” one) go out of their way to make sure that everyone understands that the equation of Islam and violence is offensive, and that in any case guys like this Sheikh are purveying a “twisted version of Islam.” Yet I doubt that Sheikh Ali Bapir, if he were to see this clip, would find it daunting. He knows a lot more about Islam than either Alan Colmes or Sean Hannity, and he is secure in his knowledge that he is following the correct religious path.



“Our scholars have given a religious decree saying that things which are usually abominable in Islam are permitted to wage jihad against the enemies of Islam”

The Taliban uses South Korean hostage cash to buy weapons. What did the South Koreans think they would buy with it? Cotton candy? Should Western states really be handing jihadists “God-sent” opportunities?

“Taliban use hostage cash to fund UK blitz,” by Massoud Ansari in the Telegraph (thanks to JW):

Millions of dollars handed over to secure the release of South Korean hostages in Afghanistan have been used to buy weapons deployed against British and American forces in the country, the Taliban claims….
According to Taliban fighters interviewed by The Sunday Telegraph, the money has also been used to train recruits to carry out terrorist attacks in Britain and America.

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  1. * US military to investigate claims Koran burnt in Afghanistan

    The war on fluffy dice continues. Imagine Churchill or Roosevelt investigating claims that soldiers had burnt or lifted their legs on a copy of “Mein Kampf”?

  2. * US military to investigate claims Koran burnt in Afghanistan

    Prove it Muhammedan.
    All we have is the sour grapes of a man who’s son was arrested for aiding the Taliban.
    And we in the west have innocence until proven guilty.

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