Islamofascists march through centre of London demanding Israel’s destruction

Just in thanks to Edgar from London:



No hate fest is complete without the wankers from Neturai Karta, who march in cahoots with genocidal Muhammedan clerics

Edgar has more here


Not to worry:

The Islamization of (once Great) Britain is well on the way:

In Gordon Brownnose’s UK you can’t call it ‘Islamic terrorism’ anymore because that is not politically correct and might incite the Muslims to engage in…. Islamic terrorism.

Appeasement, feeding the crocodile, extreme cowardice, pandering, self-censorship and outright prostration is the order of the day.

Like here:

Prayer facilities to be set up along highways to help Muslim travellers

Why not turn the gas stations into mosques?

In a UK for first time, Muslim motorists will have a purpose built prayer facility to offer daily prayers, courtesy efforts of a Preston-based charity. It has been granted the necessary licence to accommodate Muslim travellers, who up until now had struggled to follow their faith when on the road. If successful, the charity hopes to acquire other prayer facilities at other busy UK service stations for that moment of solace and reflection before you hit the road again.


Non-Muslim Britons are becoming familiar with the fasting their fellow Muslim work colleagues undertake during the holy month of Ramadan. Many now recognise the words Iftar, Suhoor, and Traweeh.

Now we can find better engagement and dialogue among Britons of all faiths and backgrounds, dispelling the negative Islamic stereotypes portrayed in the British media.

Fasting British Muslims have seen their needs better taken care of than ever before with many big British companies offering prayer facilities, halal catering and giving workers time off for Friday prayers as long as that time is made up later in the day.

* The caliphate is well on the way folks! Get ready and order your burka now while they’re cheap!

5 thoughts on “Islamofascists march through centre of London demanding Israel’s destruction”

  1. * Edgar has more here

    An excellent report, but it would be intolerant and discriminatory against Crescent-Moonbats oops, Muslims, to say or do anything, except to continue with the appeasement, like OSCE,
    (Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe) in its upcoming “event”:

    OSCE Chairmanship Conference on Intolerance and Discrimination against Muslims
    Date: 9 October 2007–10 October 2007 Location: Cordoba, Spain

  2. Someone should have turned the firehoses on this bunch of rabble. Filling them with pig urine would have been a wise idea while they were at it.

  3. Mullah Lodabullah

    Thanks for the link.

    What is the reason that OSCE is hosting this event. I thought their business was security for Europe.

    Maybe they think that the continued Jihad by Muslims in Europe will lead to a civil war. If that is the case, then they are right to hold the confrenece, but the way to prevent a civil war in Europe is to encourage, induce and use other means to get Muslims to go back to Islamic lands. Sadly, given the history of Islamic expansion, that is the most humane way available, or else civil war in Europe is a certainty. God help us all then.

  4. Muslim prayer rooms. At gas stations. Great.
    Now they can pray and, while the spirit of allah is upon them, blow up the gas stations at the same time.

  5. STOP KUFFARPHOBIA Demo in London Friday 10/26!

    I think we all must start calling the hateful Left and Islamofascists ‘racists’. We should scream that they are hateful towards the Christian race, and the Jewish race, and the Hindu race, and the Atheist Race, that they are Christianityphobiasts. They will scream that Christianity is not a race, and we’ll say:

    “See, Islam is NOT a race either.
    And by the way, the Bible doesn’t say to convert, conquer or kill non-Christians; like the Koran says to do to non-Muslims. So there YOU RACIST hater of non-Muslims!”

    Stay safe in London everybody!!

    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe says
    don’t call a spade a spade

    Islamist terrorism
    not related to Islam

    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe wants
    many Taliban planets

    stonings and beheadings
    billions killed daily

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