Palistanians: “Allah, Kill Americans…”

* Yes, they need a state. And weapons, and billions in aid, and more weapons, and more billions…

The Palestinian Authority (Fatah) daily newspaper’s political cartoon today illustrated a prayer for the killing of Americans. A Muslim is shown kneeling in prayer facing a US B-2 Stealth Bomber. The words of his prayer are encased in missiles aimed at Americans:

“Allah, scatter them!”

“And turn their wives into widows!”

“And turn their children into orphans!”

“And give us victory over them!”

This curse for the death of Americans is a special prayer for Al-Qadr Night (the 27 th day of Ramadan, noted in the corner of the cartoon), when Muslims customarily pray in mosques throughout the night.

This continues the identification by the PA and Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah faction with those who fight and kill Americans. The most recently published 12 th grade PA schoolbooks, for example, call those who fight American soldiers in Iraq “brave resistance.”

* “Zionist gangs stole Palistan..”

* Comment: The only thing ever invented by Islam is alternative reality…


Good News:

Danes offer Sanctuary to Ayaan Ali Hirsi

…and other literary figures persecuted by islamofascist assassins.


Danish cities have volunteered to give sanctuary to persecuted literary figures

Authors, illustrators and journalists on the run from repressive regimes will soon be able to seek refuge in Danish cities.

* Out goes the mullah-scum, let’s welcome the resistance!


The government together with the Danish branch of international literary organisation PEN has decided to join the International Cities of Refuge Network (ICORN) that grants persecuted literary personalities a safe haven and stipends.

ICORN, which was founded by Salman Rushdie after he was made the target of an Islamic fatwa in 1989 for his novel ‘Satanic Verses’, is a worldwide network of cities that allow writers to continue their work without fear of reprisal from authoritative regimes.

Brian Mikkelsen, the culture minister, said he considered ICORN as a way for Denmark to demonstrate its support for freedom of expression.

‘It’s important that we support authors and writers who are repressed and harassed when they insist on the right to voice their opinion and criticise political figures,’ said Mikkelsen.

The proposal has received support from a number of parties, including the Social Liberals.

‘The programme is a way to support democracy in the world and at the same time ensure that we secure new inspiration in Danish cultural life,’ said Elsebeth Gerner Nielsen, the Social Liberal cultural spokesperson.

Mille Rode, the head of the Danish division of PEN, also welcomed the decision to join ICORN.

‘We are extremely happy that this is happening,’ said Rode. ‘It’s a very important signal that we will not accept the repression of freedom of expression.’

She envisioned that the literary figures would meet with cultural organisations in their host cities to decide what sort of activities they could participate in while staying in Denmark.

‘In some situations, an author might want to hold a low profile and be out of public view while in others they would want to appear in public,’ she said.

Copenhagen and Ã…rhus as well as the University of Southern Denmark and a folk high school have already expressed an interest as serving as host cities.

4 thoughts on “Palistanians: “Allah, Kill Americans…””

  1. Hooray for ICORN, not the flipflop Danish government who obviously received their fair share of heat for its despicable treatment of Ayaan Hirsi Ali…

  2. Congrats to Denmark. Now maybe they will start tossing out the troublemakers on their ears.

    Nice “prayers” for Ramadamn. The US wastes billions of dollars on the dregs of cesspoolia and alienates its Israeli ally and this is the thanks it gets. Typical Islamaniac gratitude-the response should be a carpet bombing campaign to finally eradicate the troublesome palestinian scum once and for all.

  3. * “Zionist gangs stole Palistan..”

    Who needs Hamas or Fatah when there’s the Orthodox Chief Rabbi of Austria, saying that “the root of the world’s problems is the existence of the Zionist regime.”

    It gets progressively worse, and ends with this: “I think the Islamic Republic is the nation chosen by God for justice and peace.”

    (Moishe Arye Friedman)

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