The Dangerous Denial of Jihad’s Threat

By Jeffrey Imm

Only in America?

* Wilful and deliberate stupidity across the board; obstinate denial and refusal to deal with the real ‘root-causes’ paralyze the efforts of the counter jihad movements:


On October 12, Taliban leader Mullah Omar declared that it had reached a “success point” in its “jehad” (sic) against the Karzai government, and called upon other Jihadist organizations to finish the job in the Taliban’s attacks on US and NATO forces, and to overtake the Afghan government. UK predictably responded today by standing behind Karzai’s efforts to negotiate with the Taliban who seek to overtake the Karzai government, with the belief that it can “split” the Taliban, disregarding the Taliban’s Islamist constitution and shared Islamist beliefs of the Taliban ideology, as the UK/UN/NATO/US State Department goal’s remain focused on “stabilization” of Afghanistan.

In the United States, also on October 12, U.S. presidential candidate Mitt Romney issued an advertisement stating that his concerns regarding “Jihadism – violent, radical Islamic fundamentalism… [and] Their goal is to unite the world under a single Jihadist caliphate. To do that, they must collapse freedom-loving nations like us.”

These comments on Jihad were met with mockery, laughter, and scorn by elements in the mainstream media, blogs, and a spokesman for the Democratic National Committee. Newsweek mocked Romney’s concerns about Jihad, the Atlantic called such concerns “ridiculous”, bloggers issued text and video mocking comments about the concerns, and Democratic National Committee spokesman Damien LaVera stated that Romney’s comments on Jihad showed “no understanding of the threat facing our country”.

On October 13, Steven Emerson appeared on FOX cable news and was roundly condemned by Alan Colmes for his “offensive” use of the terms “Islamic Jihad”, “Islamic militant”, and “Islamic extremist.” Two weeks prior, Alan Colmes similarly mocked the Investigative Project’s (IPT) concerns about ex-Virginia immigration commission member Esam Omeish speeches calling for “the Jihad way” as nothing more than “conservative political correctness”. The Washington Post reported Esam Omeish’s justification for “the Jihad Way” as merely calling for “struggle”, and reported condemnations of the IPT revelations about Omeish as coming from “a small group of right-wing anti-Muslim bigots.”

This continuing dangerous denial of the threats of Jihad, its ideology, and refusal to debate the issues of political Islamism represents yet another fault line in America’s national security. When concerns about Jihad and Islamism are a source for mockery by American media and political organizations, then clearly the Jihadists and the Islamists are winning the War of Ideas.

Jihad is not a joke. Its ideology embracing death and causing violence is demonstrated every day throughout the world. Those mocking discussion of the threat and ideology of Jihad continue to undermine the War of Ideas in the United States, and undermine the efforts of moderate Muslims to fight Islamism and Jihadists. The growing denial is a bi-partisan problem that cuts across socio-economic backgrounds and levels of education.



Holland: The Radicals Are Winning

Public Broadcaster in Hands of Radical Muslims

* ‘Radical Muslims?’ – Are there any other ones?

THE HAGUE, 13/10/07 – Radical Muslims have taken control of the Dutch Muslim Broadcaster (NMO). At least three of the public broadcaster’s eight directors are extremely controversial, according to TV programme Nova.

* Don’t you just love that ‘controversial‘ BS word?


* Scene from ‘Submission’

Until recently, the Netherlands had two Islamic public broadcasters: the moderate NMO and the orthodox Dutch Islamic Broadcasting Organisation (NIO). Media watchdog Commissariaat voor de Media demanded that the two would merge so that the Islamic faith would have a single representative body in the public system. But according to Nova, this resulted in NIO staging a coup of NMO.

NMO has 2.5 transmission hours on TV each week. Following the alleged coup NMO now consists of eight directors, all of them representing orthodox currents. The representatives of the liberal Alevitic and Ahmadiyya currents, who chiefly ran NMO until recently, have been kicked out, as they themselves stated in Nova.

One of the members of the new board of directors is Yahia Bouyafa, who “is believed to have close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood,” as Nova reported. Another is Abdelmajid Kayroun, chairman of the Al Farouq mosque in Utrecht “whose imam was deported from the Netherlands in 2001 for espionage for the Libyan secret service”. Also among the eight directors is Mohammed Nanhekhan, a member of the “radical movement World Islamic Mission”.

The Commissionership for the Media says it has “no indications” that anything is wrong. It will only instigate an inquiry if the Justice Ministry or the secret service AIVD requests it, as a spokesperson stated.

Nova asked MP Jeroen Dijsselbloem (PvdA) for a reaction. He expressed his concern over “the increasing influence of conservative Islam within various Islamic organisations in the Netherlands”.


Right of Free Assembly curtailed

Police in the Netherlands are unable to deal with increasingly large, aggressive gangs of young Moroccans. A new law has been passed that forbids more than 5 people to hang around at any given time.

The police will arrest and punish offenders.

Organized Muslim groups are protesting against ‘discrimination’ and have

threatened to sue.

Dutch Link here

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  1. “On October 13, Steven Emerson appeared on FOX cable news and was roundly condemned by Alan Colmes for his “offensive” use of the terms “Islamic Jihad”, “Islamic militant”, and “Islamic extremist.”

    I saw that piece.

    I am suprised Colmes finds it offensive.
    Scratch that: I am surprised Colmes finds it more offensive than decapitating Pearl and Berg and all the other gruesome things that you, Sheik, and Shiva have shown on your sites.Personally I would rename that show from “Hannity and Colmes” to “Dumb and Dumber”!

    Colmes is an embarrassment, even to any liberals! (yes,,I used to be one).

  2. Colmes is the usual liberal loon. He is very ignorant of islam and will appease them to his dying breath while not even putting one and one together that he is a Jew and the Jews are their #1 target! Colmes should be ashamed of himself, but it is the usual laziness in many reporters (or whatever they call themselves – news commentators?). They just pick up the latest PC way and repeat it ad nauseum. Basically, they pick up what the right says and go opposite of that. Not to say that the right wing news commentators have got islam correct either.

  3. [Dutch Moroccan gangs] * The police will arrest and punish offenders.

    Here’s a chance for the Dutch politie to walk the walk:
    Moroccan-Dutch youth riot in Amsterdam following fatal incident

    Moroccan-Dutch youths rioted in Amsterdam overnight Tuesday.

    A group of dozens of youths in the Slotervaart neighbourhood in western Amsterdam set cars on fire, damaged several other cars and threw stones through the windows of a police station.

    The riots followed the death of 22-year old Dutch-born Bilal Bajaka, of Moroccan descent.

    On Sunday, Bajaka entered the police station of Slotervaart, stabbing two police officers with a knife.

    Although having sustained serious injuries, one of the officers, a policewoman, shot and killed her alleged attacker on the spot. […]

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