The Violent Oppression of Women in Islam

By Robert Spencer and Phyllis Chesler |

The booklet that you are about to read details some of the principal ways in which women suffer in the Islamic world – often with religious and cultural sanction. Many of these crimes against women, such as wife-beating, are ordained by the Qur’an itself; others, such as female genital mutilation and honor killing, are praised by Islamic clerics and hallowed by Islamic culture. That feminists in the West remain silent about this deeply ingrained and institutionalized mistreatment of women, and even ally with groups that have devoted themselves to the spread of Islamic law that justifies this mistreatment, is one of the unconscionable scandals of our time.
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“I Could Scream on the plight of Islamic women”-

from the Gates of Vienna

…Kobrin, and her Israeli co-author, counter-terrorism expert Yoram Schweitzer, describe barbarous family and clan dynamics in which children, both boys and girls, are routinely orally and anally raped by male relatives; infant males are sometimes sadistically over-stimulated by being masturbated; boys between the ages of 7-12 are publicly and traumatically circumcised; many girls are clitoridectomized; and women are seen as the source of all shame and dishonor and treated accordingly: very, very badly.



Today’s Koran Sura:

“It is not fitting for a Muslim man or woman to have any choice in their affairs when a matter has been decided for them by Allah and His Messenger. They have no option.”  Qur’an 33:36 


Saudi’s Abuse Their Maids Slaves

‘Be nice to your maid’ say new Saudi ads

RIYADH (AFP) — An advertising agency in Saudi Arabia plans to air public service commercials to promote kinder treatment of domestic helpers in a country where reports of abuse of foreign workers abound.

“We deal with helpers as if they are not humans and have no feelings,” said the 37-year-old electrical engineer.

Reports of exploitation ranging from the withholding of salaries and passports to physical assault and sexual abuse are increasingly appearing in the local press as it makes use of a measure of freedom allowed by authorities in recent years.

New York-based Human Rights Watch charged in August that the beating to death of two Indonesian female workers by a Saudi family highlighted the “atmosphere of impunity fostered by government inaction” toward abusive employers.

Foreign workers are systematically exploited, many of them living in slave-like conditions.




* Foggeddabboutit: they absconded, nothing will come of it…
(ANSAmed) – BRUSSELS, JULY 29 – An emir’s widow and her four daughters will have to answer to a charge of trafficking because they enslaved some twenty domestics on the fourth floor of luxury hotel Conrad in Brussels where they had been living for a few months. It was decided by the labour court which ruled after the denouncement of two maids who succeeded in escaping and giving alarm. The case is from July 1. The maids arrived with the princesses aboard a private jet and for months had been employed in conditions of super-exploitation. After the intervention of the police eleven workers received recognition of their status of victims of trafficking. The emir’s family, despite saying they want to cooperate with the Belgian justice, after the intervention of the policemen left the hotel and returned in the United Arab Emirates. According to the charges, the princesses, once the judges after having carried out the inquiry send back the dossiers to the court, risk from two to five years of imprisonment.


Michelin families leave Algeria

French tyre company Michelin has said it is evacuating families of French nationals working for the firm in Algeria because of security concerns.

The move comes after nine people, including two French nationals, were injured in an attack on a convoy of foreign workers in September.

Al-Qaeda’s North Africa wing said it had carried out the attack.

Michelin said its Algeria operations would continue and that none of its employees were leaving.

Bus attack

A spokeswoman for the company confirmed that families of staff who had settled in Algeria were being – or had already been – evacuated to France.

The BBC’s David Bamford says some other European companies have adopted the same policy as it becomes clear that the return this year of Islamist-inspired violence in Algeria may not be a short-term phenomenon.

In the mid-1990s, many Westerners were abducted or killed, forcing a mass evacuation, he says.

In a recent video, al-Qaeda’s second-in-command, Ayman al-Zawahri, called on militants in North Africa to “cleanse” their lands of Spanish and French.

In March, a Russian gas pipeline worker was killed in an attack on a bus.


Just another attack by the ‘Religion of Peace’

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