Video: Undercover Mosque Update

British police decided not to pursue charges against any of the Islamic hate preachers exposed by the Channel 4 documentary “Dispatches: Undercover Mosque,” and instead reported Channel 4 to the UK’s media regulatory agency.

Here’s a video update on this saga of appalling dhimmitude.

The incompetence by the police, the appalling cowardice to take the ummah to account for the hate in the mosques, is highly suspect. A police force that not only refuses doing the job of protecting the public from jihad, but sides with the infil-traitors to accuse the accuser, Cannel 4 in this case, is vile and pernicious.


Actually, its worse: Emergency services ‘do anything to avoid putting themselves at risk’

Melanie Philips

Did you happen to assume, by any strange chance, that the purpose of the emergency services was to rescue people in an emergency from the prospect of death or injury?

Indeed. So did we all.

Well, more fool us! It turns out that their purpose is to avoid anything that puts themselves at risk – and they’ve got a health and safety rule book that says so.


Debate: We Should Not Be Reluctant to Assert the Superiority of Western Values

Here you can catch Tariq Ramadan raving away, labeling the discussion “arrogant” and “fascist,” and refusing to condemn stoning of women, even when directly challenged to do so.

* And that terrorist supporting PoS still whines about not being allowed to enter the US

If you missed the live broadcast of the UK debate on the subject, “We should not be reluctant to assert the superiority of Western values,” the Spectator has made a podcast available in MP3 format.


Fitzgerald: First thoughts on the debate:


….Then came the serpent, Tariq Ramadan, who turned out to have lost his head. He delivered a confused mess. He insisted that he was a “European Muslim,” someone who belonged in Europe, confusing his geographical presence (yes, he is living in Europe) with an intellectual or emotional bond that he does not have, and could not have. He may live in Europe, but he is no European, and never will be. He went on and on about how so much of European civilization owed its this and its that to this or that figure whom, in Europe, “we never hear about” and “no one knows about.” It was his fantastical history, where the Renaissance and for all I know the Enlightenment and the French Revolution thrown in for good measure, really owe their existence to those wonderful Muslim thinkers whom we are unaware of, but of whom Tariq Ramadan is very aware. He told us again and again how necessary it was to have a real “dialogue” which dialogue could only take place if the insufferable Westerners would stop saying how “superior” they were — that was not quite the theme of the debate, of course — and no one interrupted to shout “but, but, isn’t Islam based on the idea of the superiority of Islam, and the right and duty of Muslims to work to spread Islam until it dominates everywhere, tearing down every conceivable barrier to its spread, and to its dominance?”



“This is masochism, and it’s being offered to you by a sadist!”

The West has “a tradition of colonial genocide.”

This is a direct look into the self-hating moonbat mind.

“If the Chinese do take over, pray to God they don’t treat us the way we’ve treated them.”


Best quote:
Ibn Warraq –

“I don’t choose to live in a society where we get stoned for adultery; I choose to live in a society where we get stoned, then commit adultery”

Absolutely PRICELESS!

* Today’s quote:

Muslims vote for Leftists who keep the door open for more Muslims to enter and give them access to generous welfare goodies paid by infidel tax payers. Leftists say that this is “good for the economy,” but they never say whose economy….



Tariq Ramadan: Reformist or Islamist Salafist?

Tariq Ramadan is the grandson of the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood movements, the Egyptian Islamist Sheikh Hassan Al-Bana. Tariq Ramadan’s father, Sa’id Ramadan, joined the Muslim Brotherhood in his youth. At age 20, Hassan Al-Bana chose Sa’id to be his personal secretary, and a short time later sent him to Palestine to establish a branch of the movement there. After World War II, when Palestinian Mufti Haj Amin Al-Husseini returned to Palestine, Sa’id Ramadan helped him to form military groups for the struggle against the Jews.





2 thoughts on “Video: Undercover Mosque Update”

  1. “British police decided not to pursue charges against any of the Islamic hate preachers exposed by the Channel 4 documentary “Dispatches: Undercover Mosque,” and instead reported Channel 4 to the UK’s media regulatory agency.”
    — — — — —

    British officials don’t want to offend their Islamic masters by allowing Channel 4 to suggest that the peaceful religion has, well, perhaps just a tiny taint of violence — so to distract everybody’s attention, kill the messenger! or at least, sic the bureaucratic dogs of anti-Western “fairness and diversity” on the brave souls who went undercover to document the outrageous garbage these wild-eyed maggot imams are preaching to their devotees.

    I think Channel 4 deserves a medal. I think whoever “reported Channel 4 to the UK’s media regulatory agency” should be tried for subversion, or aiding and abetting the enemy.

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