Why should anyone be “commended” for their religion?


Cox and Forkum, you will be missed (cartoon via Gates of Vienna)

Hugh Fitzgerald:

Why should anyone be “commended” for their religion? Is believing in this or that religion some special exploit, some feat of derring-do, that needs to be commended?

There are those who deserve commendation for ceasing to believe in Islam and bravely writing about it. In a better world, those whose duty it is to protect us, and instruct us, and therefore have a duty — a duty they must cease to ignore –to learn about Islam, and not from the army of hirelings of Muslim states, and apologists for Islam, who are running around all the capitals of the Western world. In a rightly-ordered world, the brave dissenters, those who in the case of Islam are the equivalent of Andrey Sakharov and Alexander Solzhenitsyn and Yuri Galanskov and Valery Chalidze and Anatoliy Yakobson and all the others, the best people in the Soviet Union, who helped bring that system down by irrefutably showing what was wrong, morally and in other ways, with the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, and helped to unnerve and demoralize, starting with the educated children of the Nomenklatura, the Party’s rulers, who could not gainsay their arguments.

No, don’t expect any resolutions “commending” those who signed that St. Petersburg (Florida) Declaraton, including Ibn Warraq and Wafa Sultan and Mithal al-Alusi, and many others.

But why was this resolution, seemingly innocuous, but in fact sinister in its goal — to implicate Congressmen in ways they do not yet realize, implicate them psychologically in the defense of Islam — ever brought to a vote?

One is beginning to feel about Congressmen the way Mark Twain felt about them, and Will Rogers. The contempt, if expressed as they did it, amuses, but it doesn’t make for a healthy polity, one able to defend itself against the greatest internal menace, one that is unprecedented in its means and its resources, that this country, and that the entire West along with it, has ever faced.
We all know what this resolution is all about, and what the Ramadan iftar dinners at the Pentagon and the White House are all about. All are designed to reassure Muslims that we know that Islam is a religion of peace, and that Islam has nothing to do with jihadist terrorism. In fact, this resolution, and those iftars, are caused by jihad terrorism; if Islamic terrorism weren’t an international phenomenon, and if the United States weren’t engaged in efforts, however ill-conceived and wrongheaded, to defend ourselves against that terrorism, there would be no need for such initiatives at all. The need for them arises out of a sense of guilt, tinged with fear: yes, we’ve got our troops in two Muslim countries, but we know you chaps aren’t all bad, eh wot, and you’ve got a grand religion there, and…please don’t hate us.

Instead of passing resolutions congratulations Muslims for Ramadan, and instead of holding iftar dinners in the Pentagon and the White House — or at very least in addition to doing so — the U.S. ought to be placing responsibility where it actually lies. Where are the Congressional resolutions calling upon Muslim groups in America to renounce Sharia and political Islam, and to institute comprehensive, transparent programs teaching against Islamic supremacism in U.S. mosques and Muslim schools? Where are the Congressional resolutions calling upon Muslims in the U.S. to condemn not just “terrorism,” but Al-Qaeda, Hamas, Hizballah, and other jihad terror groups, and to back up their condemnations with active cooperation with anti-terror efforts?

The Republicans who voted “present” on the Ramadan resolution don’t say any of this.


New Zealand: Muslim festival the only truly religious festival celebrated by the State


NZ’s population is about 4.1 million. About 36ooo adhere to the Muhammedan faith

Source: JW Deutschland/ Wiki

AUCKLAND: October 4, 2007. (ANS) The New Zealand Government is preparing to celebrate, as a State occasion next month, an important Muslim festival, for the third year in a row.

While there is no State celebration of any Christian festival, such as Easter or Christmas, the Ministry of Ethnic Affairs is hosting the festival Eid’ul Fitr, a celebration of the end of the month of Ramadan, the holiest month in the Islamic calendar.

Parliament also celebrates the Hindu Diwali and the Chinese New Year festivals.

Over 50 per cent of the population of New Zealand claimed some affiliation to Christianity in the most recent census, while other religious groups make up only…??

Independent MP Gordon Copeland said the Muslim festival was the only truly religious festival celebrated by the State.

“You can’t separate politicians from politics,” he said. “It is about gathering votes. But the State, which is secular, should not be paying for this religious festival in Parliament. It breaches the separation of Church and State principle.”

National MP Judith Collins said the Government was displaying a double standard.

“The Government promotes itself as secular when it wants to and has cut out grace at state dinners. That applied even when the Queen, who is head of the Anglican Church, was here.

* NZ exports a lot of sheep to the ME



Meanwhile, in San Francisco they are ‘celebrating diversity’ Perversity

Be warned: Graphic content!


The religion of butt plugs, masturbation, fellatio and herpes simplex


The Baby Jesus Butt Plug, at a mere $30, is their least expensive Christian anal sex toy. Notice how Divine Interventions purposely makes blasphemous dildos mocking all major religions except Islam. It’s easy to taunt people that you don’t actually fear. I’ll start to respect them on the day they make a Mohammed the Penetrator dildo or Anal Probe Allah.


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  1. * Cox and Forkum, you will be missed

    Indeed, and that cartoon sums up the political response to Islam. Be alert but not alarmed, nothing to see here.

  2. “THE” modern day Sodom and Gomorrah. Although I do not profess to any religion, I wouldn’t be the least bit concerned or surprised, if SF/Berkley suffers the same fate of the biblical cities they so closely resemble, openly aspire to be. Nor is the rest of Californica any less disgusting/repulsive.

  3. “Baby Jesus butt plug?” * Sigh…….* Just when you think you’ve seen it all!

    What do you think will happen to these people when the Mussulmen take over, hmm?

  4. Remember that during his recent visit to Columbia University, the ultra-violent Iranian
    kook thug “president” said that they did not have homosexuals in Iran. And how do you think
    the Iranians created their homosexual-free-zone??

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