‘‘You can buy goat a lot of places, but I want to kill it myself.”

Self-service goat slaughterhouse gains Muslim customers

‘‘You Buy – You Kill – You Dress – You Take Home,” and business is booming.

* Islam, the killing culture. As long as they kill only goats and sheep its alright, no? Do they practice with box cutters ?


Muslim slaughtering

The Indianapolis Star

HAZELWOOD, Ind. – The sun is just beginning to peek over the horizon, but a crowd has already gathered at Tom Prince’s farm.

It’s an international group; a half-dozen languages echo in Prince’s metal-sided barn as a man kneels over a bleating goat and says a brief Muslim prayer, then cuts the animal’s throat with a swift slash using a long, sharp knife.

It’s hard to imagine a more unlikely scene – in Indiana or just about anywhere else in the U.S. – than the early morning gatherings that take place here.

Since 1999, Prince has operated a self-service slaughterhouse 20 miles west of Indianapolis, specializing in providing goat meat to the area’s growing international community.

His card reads ‘‘You Buy – You Kill – You Dress – You Take Home,” and business is booming.

The 80-year-old Prince holds court inside the spotless facility from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. every Friday and Saturday, selling about 50 goats each weekend. In the weeks before Muslim and other religious holidays, sales often double.

Prince speaks in a slow Southern drawl. It’s decidedly domestic compared to the array of languages spoken by customers who have made their way to central Indiana from Morocco, Yemen, Nigeria, Eritrea, Togo, Kenya, Pakistan, Mexico and other places around the globe where goat is a dietary staple.

‘‘I never thought I’d know so many people from different countries,” said Prince, who developed his taste for goat – often said to taste like a sweet mix of beef and pork – as a child in rural Tennessee during the Depression.

* Its all good because its multiculti:

‘We get a lot of fathers out here teaching their sons things they learned from their fathers and grandfathers,” said Hadley. ‘‘It’s really neat to see all these people keeping their … cultural traditions alive.”


‘Progressive’  Tunisia Returns To Hijabbed Future

Islamo-logic at work: Prohibiting the veil interferes with personal liberties and threatens the freedom of religion”-

* Trouble is that there is no freedom either from religion or under Islam.


ANSAmed) – TUNIS, OCTOBER 12 – The ruling of a Tunisian court on the issue of the “Islamic veil” risks to make one of the most developed Maghreb countries in terms of women’s rights regress by fifty years.

The court annulled a circular from 1986, which prohibited the use of veil, “because,” the ruling read “it interferes with personal liberties and threatens the freedom of religion”,

representatives of a human rights association told press agency Apanews, cited by weekly newspaper Jeune Afrique. Habib Bourguiba, leader of the struggle for independence and the first president of the Tunisian Republic (from 1957 to 1987) was the first to prohibit the veil in the public administration, as well advising Tunisian women not to wear it in public.

According to circular 108, Tunisian women were not allowed to wear veils in schools and work places, as they were considered “sectarian accessories” and a sign of religious and political extremism. In the last 15 years thousands of girls and women were dismissed from work or expelled from school because of the veil. The court which annulled the provision ruled that the “law interferes in the personal liberties and threatens the freedom of religion”. According to Apanews, the sentence was received with joy by conservators, while the left-wing circles immediately expressed their concern. About a year ago representatives of the government also expressed their opinion on the discussed circular, recommending that “it is concretely implemented”. Tunisian President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, in particular, insisted on the slight difference which exists in “the Tunisian traditional wear, like women’s foulard” and the sectarian, intrusive and brought from the outside ones, like the veil and the tunic, which introduce obscurantism and are thus dangerous”. Tunisiàs Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in turn, defined the veil “a political slogan, used by a political faction which hides behind religion to realize political projects”. After yesterday’s ruling, however, no comment came from Tunisiàs Ministry of Foreign Affairs, probably because today national holiday Aid el Fitr is celebrated, which marks the end of the fasting month of Ramadan and which gives the start of three festive days during which offices, stores and schools are closed and the publishing of newspapers is suspended. 


Four Die in Restive Southern Thailand

Because the inner struggle never stops.

Malaysia Sun

Four people have been killed in Thailand as Thai Muslims attended celebrations for the Muslim festival of Eid al-Fitr.

Eid marks the end of the Muslim holy fasting month of Ramadan.

Police say suspected Islamic rebels killed four people and wounded two others as the festival got underway in southern Thailand.

* ‘Islamic rebels?’ Is that politically correct? So they are not rebels without a cause?

Three Muslims were killed late Friday after militants shot at a car in Yala, an extreme rebel province bordering Malaysia.

In nearby Narathiwat province, a 47-year-old Buddhist man was gunned down in a drive-by shooting, while his 50-year-old brother was seriously injured.

More than 2,600 people have been killed since separatist unrest erupted in January 2004 in the mainly Muslim provinces of the south.

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  1. Re: the self service slaughterhouse – it doesn’t look like a “spotless facility” to me. The butcher who does my beef order every year has a spotless facility – this abattoir has blood all over the floor!

    What a great place for budding jihadis to practice throat slitting.

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