Australia: ‘Youths’ attack police in Flemington

From the Bolt blog: is Melbourne turning into a little Paris?


The problem with African refugees Muhammedan invaders seems worse than police command led me to believe:

AN attempted arrest descended into a mass brawl last night as police came under attack from up to 100 youths in Flemington…

When police stopped to speak to a rock-throwing suspect on Racecourse Rd he became abusive and was arrested.

It was during this arrest that another man – also believed to have been involved in the rock-throwing – attacked police officers.

After he was also arrested, scores of youths and adults – many believed to be of African descent – surrounded police and attempted to free the men.

This is not the first gang attack by African men against police. Or against civilians.

Its all the white man’s fault.

“…local African community leader Dr Ahmed said there were only 15 people involved, and that they were of mixed ethnic origin. ”We need to get the picture right,’’ said Dr Ahmed…”

* Crock & schlock from the ‘moderates…’

“…Dr Ahmed accused police of being “heavy-handed’’ when they arrested four youths. “The way the police responded is not right,’’ he said. “A young boy was subdued on the ground and crying…”

* Does your heart bleed already? Does it remind you of Gitmo & Abu Ghraib and water boarding?

* Is there any truth to the report today that youths of this particular ethnic group are dialling 000 to draw police into areas only to subject them to harassment and attack?

The Muhammadan taqiyya song:

* Funny how when people are succesfull, they are named as Australain regardless of where they came from, but as soon as they stuff up, their efnicity comes into play, like African, arent they Australians Andrew,???.
* Why is it now an African problem, I would of thought it is our problem, as Australians, we can fix this, firstly find the root causes, and why they feel like outsiders, could it be because we call them Africans.


* ‘Hakan’ is a resident Muhammedan poster on the Bolt blog who keeps throwing steaming piles of taqiyya in the ways of the infidels…

* Yeah, The ‘root causes’-

its about time we fix the ‘root causes’. One possible solution is a complete stop to Muhammedan infil-traitors, that would fix the root-causes, totally…


Porco Miseria:


Flashback from Norway:

Norwegian anti-immigration politicians in Bergen have promised to chase off Muslims with pigs feet and squealing noises if Bergen’s central square is used for prayers.

Flashback from the UK:

The taxpaying, hard working and increasing frustrated and beleaguered Britons were never asked by the politicians who were and continue to be paid from the public purse if they wanted their own villages, towns and neighborhoods colonised by Third World immigrants.”


Saudi rape victim attacked by shamed brother

By Catherine Elsworth in Los Angeles

* Now don’t say  ‘I told you so’-  because if this poor female gets out of jail -if she ever does- after being flogged and tortured and raped again and again her family will be waiting for her. To kill her. what did you think?

A Saudi woman sentenced to 200 lashes after she was gang-raped claims her brother tried to kill her when he learned of the attack.

The woman, known only as Qatif Girl after the area where the crime occurred, also described how she tried to commit suicide after the assault. The interview was recorded by Human Rights Watch in December 2006 and released recently.

“Everyone looks at me as if I’m wrong. I couldn’t even continue my studies. I wanted to die. I tried to commit suicide twice,” the woman said of the aftermath of the attack in which she was raped at knifepoint by seven men as a former boyfriend was driving her home.

* She has no chance. One way or another. Read it all… 

3 thoughts on “Australia: ‘Youths’ attack police in Flemington”

  1. Politicians the world over must have a collective dream of suicide because by now it is obvious to anyone with even one functioning brain cell that continuous immigration from the ummah to the West is indeed suicidal. These people do not lift their nations higher-they drag them down to the level of the ummah. These are proven facts from the last several decades.
    No politician can be so stupid as to not see that-they must therefore be knowingly working toward the ruination of their nations with this insane scheme to leave the doors wide open.

    This must all be a reverse of the old “white man’s burden”. The “Muslim man’s burden” is to go West and be a burden on it by bringing his Koranic vision of paradise. So far, so good.

  2. We think it ‘mazing!

    On the one hand, Ahmed Ahmed says “young Africans are being provoked” (ABC), but on the
    other hand, the same Dr Ahmed says (above) “there were only 15 people involved, and that they were of mixed ethnic origin”.

    Which is it, Ahmed?

    Allawah Snackbar!

  3. I found this as a comment on the US ABC story about the teddy-bear teacher & the saudi rape victim, & it would probably work better here than “Social Inclusion Units” (which don’t work):


    ISLAM – a dog turd on the front lawn of life!

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