Denmark: Muslim Tortures Woman For “Being Christian”

* There are no words: while the numbers of ‘honor killings’ in Europe are at an all-time high, the adherents of the religion of peace are proving every day how peaceful they really are:


 This is the shed where the woman was held captive and tortured

A 19 year old woman managed Sunday evening to escape from her torturer, a Danish citizen of Lebanese background.

She had been held captive for 9 days in a shed in the Sydhavnen district of Copenhagen where she had been beaten with an electric cable and subjected to other acts of violence by her boyfriend, a 19 year old Danish citizen from Lebanon. Sunday afternoon she managed to break out of her prison, climbed a fence and broke into a store, where she found a telephone and called her family.

The woman is now in hospital with extensive body damages. She had received almost nothing to eat and drink during the nine days. She has bruises from the beating and burns from cigarettes and from molten plastic that has been dripped onto her body. Her front teeth are knocked out, she has bleedings in both eyes, she has stab wounds all over her body and possibly a broken mandible. Part of her hair is burned away and her finger and toe nails are damaged, probably caused by pliers according to the police. A piece of her right thumb is missing.

She has extensive burn lesions on her legs from previous episodes of violence. The burns are caused by boiling water according to her own statement.

The violence has taken place over a period of one year, but has escalated drastically during the last month, according to the girl. The man threatened to kill her family if she reported him. Also, he has forbidden her to speak to her mother, because she is a Christian.

She is now under police protection, from fear that the family of the young man will try to harm her.

The full story (in Danish) comes from Jyllands-Posten

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4 thoughts on “Denmark: Muslim Tortures Woman For “Being Christian””

  1. 3 types of men all infidel women would be wise to avoid:


    All 3 are nothing but trouble.

  2. And our left wing idiots worry about waterboarding – they just proceed with any types of torture they want to – oh, those ‘moderate’ muslims.

  3. My word to nonmuslim women, when dating a muslim man, proceed with caution.

    This is only the beginning of Islamic terrorism and persecution and it will continue to get worse, unless government officials wakeup and decide to do something about.

    As for the woman that was brutalize, may God bless you and watch over you, give you comfert and counsel you and give you solace in your time of trouble.

  4. Sickening. Absolutely depraved. Mohammedans are lower than sub-human. It is unbelievable that someone could inflict such horrific injuries on another person.

    I suppose a leftoid-civil-libertarian lawyer will plead ‘diminished mental capacity’ due to being unemployed, living in squalor and anti-mohammedism. Not his fault, he was driven to it by his circumstances.

    The cult of the Koran is the problem.

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