Islam Online: Danish Parliament “Not Ready for Hijab”

* One would hope that Denmark will never be ‘ready’ for this misogynist Mummenschantz.

* One hijabbed Islamo-fascist female blames ‘far right extremists, racist Islamophobes’ for preventing her from getting a seat in parliament where she would be shoving the Muhammedan agenda down Danish throats on a daily basis.


Asmaa Abdol Hamid, the young Danish female Muslim politician blamed on Friday, November 16, a growing Islamophobia in the Scandinavian country for her failure to make it to parliament, saying Danish voters would not accept to see the first hijab-clad lawmaker in the Folketing.
“Some people were criticizing and even persecuting me just because being a veiled women but this was because of lack of knowledge about Muslims and all minorities in Danish society and outside world,” Abdol Hamid told in an interview.

“I have tried to show the Danes what is Islam and what is hijab.”

* Yes. If only infidels would understand Islam and hijab everything would be just swell…

* How oppressive! She tried to bring the Muhammedan cult-(ure) into the infidel parliament and those filthy kuffars rejected her: that calls for jihaaaaad…!

The opposition Social Democrats-led coalition won 81 seats in the elections while Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen’s Liberal-Conservative bloc and its far-right ally, the Danish People’s Party (DPP), garnered 90.
She said her hijab was unfairly such a nuisance to Danish politicians and media outlets as it was the first time in Denmark and in European societies to have a hijab-clad woman run for the parliamentary elections.

“However, I have never tried to hide that I’m a practicing Muslim. On the contrary, I have shown my faith and at the same time tried to be active in society,” she said proudly.



* Here is more on this twit from the Guardian: please note the deference of the dhim-wit reporter by addressing this poptart with ‘Mrs’-

Asmaa Abdol-Hamid, a Danish-Muslim politician who could become the first MP to wear the hijab in the Danish parliament if elected in next month’s poll, has hit back with a poster showing a hand-drawn picture of the DPP leader, Pia Kjaersgaard, under the slogan

“Freedom of expression is Danish, stupidity is not”.

“It is ridiculous [of the DPP] to do that kind of thing,” Ms Abdol-Hamid told Guardian Unlimited. “It’s not clever, there is no point to it.”

You have to think before using freedom of expression,” said the town councillor for Odense, and a member of the leftwing Red-Green Alliance.

* Calling for self-censorship offends. It is stupid and wrong. Political correctness is killing us. 



4 others get in, by the grace of their socialist/green enablers:

* Four Muslims Enter Danish parliament

By Mohammad Sabry IOL Staff


Khader’s party, New Alliance, won five seats in the in the closely-fought elections.(Reuters)


COPENHAGEN — Four Danish Muslims of immigrants roots, including two women, won seats in the new Danish parliament, one seat more than what Muslims had in the outgoing legislature.
Naser Khader, the leader of the nascent New Alliance party, kept his seat in the 179-member parliament.

Khader, 44, came to Denmark when he was 11 and enjoys a pop star status and political charisma.

His party won five seats in the in the closely-fought elections organized on Tuesday, November 12.

Kamal Qureshi also kept his seat in the single-chamber parliament for another four-year term.

The Pakistani-born doctor is the health and gender-equality spokesman of the Socialist People’s party.


* Do you believe there should be even one Muslim in Western parliaments when there is no Westerner in any Islamic government anywhere?

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  1. * Kamal Qureshi [Socialist People’s party]

    Also a member of the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly [Unified European Left group]

    * Member: [CoE] Committee on Equal Opportunities for Women and Men

    Fox guarding the chook house?

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