KRudd Dives Straight Into Climate Change,- Nothing Else Matters!

Mista Warmonista:

Australia’s prime minister-elect gets straight to work on global warming

* That’s right folks: lets join the warmonista’s! Its never too late to transfer our wealth the jiziyah to Islamistan!


* Watch the guy behind the speaker: just an empty suit or a dangerous warmonista?


SYDNEY, Australia – Australia’s Prime Minister-elect Kevin Rudd took advice Sunday on how to ratify the Kyoto Protocol on cutting greenhouse gas emissions and fielded phone calls from world leaders – starting in on work the day after a sweeping election victory.

The emphatic victory for Rudd’s Labour party swings Australia toward the political left after almost 12 years of conservative rule and puts it at odds with key ally Washington on two crucial policy issues –

Iraq and global warming.

Bah bah, blah blah…

* Back to the Global Jihad:

Taliban burn aid agency food

* Who needs to eat when all you need is Islam? 


The unbelievers are unclean (as per Qur’an 9:28), and have nothing to offer to the pious. “Taliban burn aid agency food: officials,” from AFP (thanks toJW)

WANA: Local Taliban militants seized and burned thousands of kilogrammes of food destined for pregnant women from a hospital in South Waziristan, officials said on Sunday.

The food, mainly lentils and cooking oil, had been supplied by the aid charity Save the Children to feed pregnant women suffering from malnutrition.

A Taliban activist said they were destroyed because “foreign NGOs want to harm our future generations.”…


Bangladesh: We don’t need Cyclone Relief, all we need is Islam!


Islamist groups in Bangladesh, as elsewhere in the Muslim world, have been protesting the US presence in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The protesters Friday carried a banner reading ‘Prevent American ships from entering the Bay of Bengal in the name of distributing relief’ and chanted slogans ‘Go back to America’ and ‘US has no place in Bangladesh’.

* Why don’t they love US? We are sooo good to them…..?????

6 thoughts on “KRudd Dives Straight Into Climate Change,- Nothing Else Matters!”

  1. Wayne Swan is planning to implement carbon trading ( a scam ) into the economy on a scale of the GST. These guys are truly nuts.

  2. * KRudd Dives Straight Into Climate Change,- Nothing Else Matters!

    Don’t be so sure – try a search on – rudd “social inclusion unit” – everywhere else that the West tries to alloy iron with clay in an effort to patch up the results of years of multi-culti madness has been a resounding failure – why should Kevin, Julia & the Fabians do anything but emulate the failure in Britain, France etc.

  3. Let the savages die of their own stupidity. It’s the will of Illah after all.

    Nice to see how politicians try to save us from global warming, only to hand us over to the Islamaniacs-the true destroyers of this planet.

  4. I think there will eventually come a time when countries that supply overseas aid will adopt the ‘why bother’ attitude, and who could blame them?

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