KRudd: Mista Warmonista


The greatest scam of all time:

‘Climate Change’ is nothing but the transfer of wealth from developed countries to failed nations under the most corrupt kleptocracy the world has ever known: The UN

UN: Rich owe Poor Countries $86 Billion for Global Warming….

The KRudd government of Australia is dead set in transferring the wealth of the nation to third world crap holes who destroy their environment and hold us to ransom. Who elected these fools?

* Here is a tip how they did it, thanks to Gramfan: the Fingerhut campaign

* How to destroy a perfectly good government with dirty tricks

Link: Indonesia: “Pay the jiziyah or we’ll destroy (our) environment”


‘Global Warming’: the biggest scam of all time?

Canada and other rich countries must immediately start backing their promises to combat climate change with tough action and hard cash, says a new United Nations study.

The 2007 Human Development Report calls on wealthy nations to not only slash their greenhouse gas emissions but also to provide $86 billion by 2015 to help the world’s poor adapt to global warming.

“We have less than a decade to avoid dangerous climate change,” UN official Papa Seck of Senegal told an Ottawa news conference.

“That doesn’t mean safe climate change, there is no such thing. It just means not a catastrophe.”

* We are insane. Totally insane. Read the rest here…


Royal Befuddlement Syndrome: Prince Charles loves whirling dervishes


* Where f*kcwits dare: The East, that is, Islam, or at least Sufi mysticism. Attending a whirling dervish ceremony in Turkey, Charles waxed enthusiastic:

When they had finished the Prince gave a speech on Rumi’s appeal in the 21st century. “Whatever it is, it seems to me that Western life has become deconstructed and partial.” The East, on the other hand, had given us “parables of the soul”.


From “Whirling dervishes’ star turn caps Prince’s homage to Islamic mystic,” by Alan Hamilton in the Times


* Prince Charles is, I regret to say, the best argument for a British Republic.

8 thoughts on “KRudd: Mista Warmonista”

  1. If this Rudd character intends to do the bidding of the UN then Australia is in deep trouble. Bowing to the Islamaniacs can’t be far off. I am not bashing Australia though, because I know that if that Clinton creature becomes president Rudd will look like a Churchill by comparison. It seems like the West’s leaders get worse and worse just when they’re needed the most.

  2. “… it seems to me that Western life has become deconstructed and partial …” but
    “The East, on the other hand, had given us “parables of the soul”.

    Thanks, Charles. Have you noticed which side, East or West, just keeps breeding themselves further into starvation, poverty, and ignorance?

    The West isn’t perfect by any means, but at least we have the freedom to try to better ourselves and our societies. We also have the rational background to see if our efforts are working, and the flexibility to try a new tack if we’re not getting the results we want. The “East” with all its “spiritual purity” has closed the doors to freedom, inquiry, and self-improvement. And joy. (Mustn’t forget “There is no joy in Islam”, per the Grand Awful Khomeini).

    No one really knows what Rudd is going to do as yet. His most important job was to get elected.
    I am not going to be holding my breath.

    CC & GW have been emotionally connected or should I say connected emotionally?

    Years ago we had:
    ecology and preservation of environments/eco-systems
    conservation of wildlife
    water conservation etc etc. Nothing wrong with any of that.

    Now all this has been neatly packaged into an amazing scare campaign that few of us are going to be around to prove/disprove it. Let alone sue people for loss of income.

    I am definitely a skeptic right now. I can see someone is going to make big bucks out of this. Scientists can’t even agree.

    I am also amazed at how it has become such a left/right issue.

    Well, now it all makes sense: we have to pay the jiziyah!

    Check out out the Fingerhut site. He is supporting the Democrats in your country:(

  5. Gramfan-

    You mean Vic Fingerhut? Sounds like some evil genius from what I saw on his site. Scary thing is nobody ever heard of this guy, including me. I wouldn’t mind exiling him on that Islamaniac Island that I always shoot for!

    Keep an eye on him and spread the message. I got that info from someone here who follows and analyzes politics. I had a hunch something was up. This proves it to me.

    The whole campaign here was orchestrated on a whole new level. It only took 1 in 20 voters (out of about 10million) to change their mind and vote for the other party. Bingo – new government! Scare tactics.)

    More stuff on 1389’s ‘blog.

  7. prince charles is a dipshit and the biggest arguement for me to withdraw my support for the crown… something i would never think of while the Queen is on the throne.
    I hope somewhere there’s a clever lawyer who is able to level a charge of treason at him if he decides to become “defender of the faiths”.

  8. Yes, Charles is the best reason for Australia to become a republic!

    I think this is on Rudd’s eventual agenda, and if he uses the same tactics he will achieve it.
    Trouble is he might make himself President Rudd, or worse still, a dictator!

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