MI5 says {Muslim} kids groomed for terror attacks

* Its not as if we didn’t know it, but:

* Please note that in Gordon Brownnoses Britain you can’t call it ‘Islamic terrorism’ any longer, because that might just upset innocent Muslims so much that they might become….Islamic terrorists…

By DAVID STRINGER, Associated Press

‘Extremists’ are grooming children and teenagers to plot terrorist attacks against Britain, the director of the domestic spy agency said Monday.

* The ‘extremists’ must be Buddhists or Hindu’s, no doubt…

But Jonathan Evans, making his first public speech since becoming director-general of Britain’s MI5 agency in April, said vital resources needed to tackle terrorism are being diverted to counter the espionage threat from Russia and China.

“Terrorists are methodically and intentionally targeting young people and children in this country,” Evans said, according to a text of his speech in Manchester, England. “They are radicalizing, indoctrinating and grooming young, vulnerable people to carry out acts of terrorism.”

Testimony from a U.S. terrorist-turned-witness in British court cases has revealed how young Britons are trained for attacks at terrorist camps in tribal areas of Pakistan.

Evans said though Pakistan remains a key training ground for Britons, similar centers are emerging elsewhere. Al-Qaida in Iraq is attempting to stage attacks outside Iraq and parts of East Africa, particularly Somalia, have become a key area for training and planning of attacks on Britain, he said.

Evans said thwarting plots alone is not enough to stop the threat of extremist terrorism, and urged the government and society to counter the message of radical preachers.

“If we only react tactically while our enemies plan strategically, we shall be hard put to win this. A key part of our strategy must be perseverance,” Evans said at a newspaper editors’ conference. “It starts with rejection of the violent extremist ideology across society.”

* Hmm. And where does this ‘violent extremist ideology’ come from if not from the mosques, the madrassah’s, the Koran and the sunnah?

He said al-Qaida “has a clear determination to mount terrorist attacks against the United Kingdom.”

* Really?

But Evans warned that efforts to tackle terrorism are being stalled by work to halt foreign intelligence agents from stealing sensitive information on civilian and military technology. He singled out agents from Russia and China.

* Right. Worry about China and Russia stealing military technology, but sell it to Saudis and other despotic Arab regimes. Makes sense. Does it?

“So, despite the Cold War ending nearly two decades ago, my service is still expending resources to defend the U.K. against unreconstructed attempts by Russia, China and others, to spy on us,” he said.

Officials at the Russian Embassy in London were not immediately available for comment.


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* Jonathan Evans took over as director of MI5 in April 

Evans is in trouble for this: “But the Ramadhan Foundation said it was concerned Mr Evans had not stressed the 2,000 people suspected of involvement in extremist activity made up only a small proportion of the 1.6 million Muslim population. Mohammed Shafiq, a spokesman for the Muslim youth organisation, said the language was inflammatory and called for responsible dialogue.”

So pointing out that there are 2,000 jihadists in the UK is “inflammatory” unless one takes pains to point out also that there are 1,598,000 peaceful Muslims in Britain as well? And what assurance do we have that none of those 1,598,000 peaceful Muslims agree with the jihad ideology or Islamic supremacism — particularly when such things can’t even be discussed in the public sphere? And how helpful is it for a Muslim leader to take offense at something as silly as this? Did World War II leaders stop to assure us constantly that the vast majority of Germans weren’t Nazis? Would anyone sane have taken offense if they didn’t do this?

* With thanks to JW

“‘Thousands’ pose UK terror threat,” from the BBC

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  1. Exile the whole lot of them. No other solution is as effective or humane. It also would eliminate the dilemma of what to do with locally grown jihadists since they can’t be deported
    to their country of origin anyway.

  2. Of course, not every muslim is a jihadist. Not every cell in a human body is cancerous, but when cancer is removed, so is an area around it called a ‘margin’. How big is the ‘margin’ around the cancer that is islamic terrorism? How much needs to be removed before society goes into remission from the disease of islamisation?

    If there were no muslims in Britain, there would be no islamic terrorists either….

    Only 0.1% of muslims in Britain are jihadists, but which ones???

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