Mosques shooting up like mushrooms in Yemen

* Not much news coming out of this awful country which is not far from turning into another failed state like Somalia. But as always with Islamic nations, when everything fails, they either blame the infidels, (the Jews of Yemen are all but gone) or they try to cure it with more Islam.

* With ‘allies’ like that, who needs enemies?


Al-Muzaffariyyah, a 13th-century Rasulid mosque, Ta’izz, Yemen.

An interesting report on the blog of Ed Morrissey’s Captain’s Quarters:

One Sanaa columnist reckons 50,000 mosques have risen across the nation, compared with 12,000 new schools. …

To the north lie rich neighbours like Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States, though Yemen remains one of the world’s poorest countries. To the south, just across the Gulf of Aden, lies the failed state of Somalia and troubled Ethiopia.

With corruption allegedly on a huge scale, oil revenue dwindling, water resources drying up, and the population predicted to double, Yemen’s future looks uncertain.


Australia: Howard loses election, country turns to socialism

Ed Morrissey expresses his gratitude for Howard:

Americans owe a large debt of gratitude to John Howard. Faced with the Bali bombings and a short distance between his nation and the radicals in Indonesia, Howard adopted the same forward strategy against radical Islamists as the US. He spoke eloquently and often on the need to face down the terrorists and not to surrender to extortion and threats. Australians manned the barricades along with Americans. Brits, Poles, and troops from a multitude of nations, and remain on the job in Afghanistan.


* Michelle Malkin has more:


John Howard loses in Australia

Pamela Geller from Atlas Shrugs gets all emotional:


Terrible news. Some things I will never understand. Never. This is one of them. Howard is a great man of historic proportion. A real, true ally in the fight for freedom and the West.

Looks like the Aussie’s have handed the jihadis a victory…Howard is out…defeatists in…


Fitzgerald: Howard’s End (Predicted And Explained)

Hugh Fitzgerald provides insight into why Australia took a tilt to the left:

Bush has done such damage to the cause of the Infidels, in his stubbornness and confusion. And he is even causing damage to those who are America’s natural friends abroad, but who, as with the Howard government in Australia, have hitched their wagon to the wrong, most idiotic, star.


UK: Jack Straw calls for 70m Turks to join EU to prove ‘West and Islam can live together’

* Because the ‘alternative would be too horrible to contemplate’-(Straw) But what if the test fails? Would its effects be reversible?

* Wanna bet your future on this cheap fraud in an empty suit?

From the ‘Dangerous Lunatics in Government’ department:

Jack Straw has argued more than 70m Turkish citizens should be allowed to join the EU to prove the West and Islam can live peacefully side-by-side.
During a visit to Turkey, the Justice Secretary gave strong support to the country’s controversial bid for full membership of the European Union.

Other member states, including France, have reservations against the country – whose 71m population is almost exclusively Muslim – being granted membership amid continuing human rights abuses.

But Mr Straw, who also backed Turkey’s case while Foreign Secretary, said he was “frustrated with the difficulties being placed in the way of Turkey’s accession”.

He added: “Statesmen and women across Europe need to take care with Turkey’s future.”

Full membership would allow Turkish citizens full rights to work and live in the UK, where many have strong family ties, without visas.

In a speech at the Bosphorous University in Istanbul, Mr Straw said: “One of the most significant threats faced today by civilised nations comes from the barbarism of international terrorism, from a violent and misguided ideology that seeks to drive a wedge between Western and Islamic cultures, and to resurrect a bloody past long since buried.

* Hmm. What ideology might that be, Jack? Or is it The Ideology That Must Not Be Named?

*Jack Straw is everything that’s wrong with Europe today.

* If Churchill was around today he would personally see to it that Straw is tarred and feathered and hanged for treason.

* There are no words. There is no end to naivity, ignorance and stupidity. Straw has it all and it doesn’t end there…



Fitzgerald: Turkey and the Straw

Turkey is a “secular nation” with a “majority Muslim population”? Turkey is, despite more than 80 years of Kemalism, with its systematic campaign to suppress Islam’s political and social power, not nearly “secular” enough. Islam is back — not that it ever went away — and how. Erbakan, and then Ergodan, and then Abdullah Gul, and all the rest of it. The cunning assault on the legitimacy of the army, the final upholder of Kemalism. The assault from within the universities on secular rectors and professors, and the determination to renew state support for Muslim schools and openness to government hiring of graduates of strictly Muslim schools and colleges. No, Turkey is not what it may once have been — say, in 1940, or even 1950. Islam keeps coming back.

And Turkey does not have a “majority Muslim population.” Its population is 99% Muslim. Does Jack Straw recall just how, over the last century, such a feat was accomplished? Does he know that Constantinople in 1914 was 50% non-Muslim, and that Turkey as a whole was about one-quarter non-Muslim? What happened to all those non-Muslims, Armenians, Greeks, Jews, Levantines of every description? Did he forget, or did he never know?

Read it all. You must.


“The chief weapon in the quiver of all Islamist expansionist movements, is the absolute necessity to keep victims largely unaware of the actual theology plotting their demise. To complete this deception, a large body of ‘moderates’ continue to spew such ridiculous claims as “Islam means Peace” thereby keeping non-Muslims from actually reading the Qur’an, the Sira, the Hadith, or actually looking into the past 1400 years of history. Islamists also deny or dismiss the concept of ‘abrogation’, which is the universal intra-Islamic method of replacing slightly more tolerable aspects of the religion in favor of more violent demands for Muslims to slay and subdue infidels”



An Iraqi couple were beheaded in front of their children by their cousins because the man wore Western-style trousers.

Three suspected al Qaeda militants, including two sisters, beheaded their uncle and his wife, forcing the couple’s children to watch, according to Iraqi police.

The killing came because the school guard Youssef al-Hayali was considered an infidel because he did not pray and wore western-style trousers.

Link here

* You better start talking to these good people, Jack Straw! We are sure they share your idea about ‘one world’ and the brotherhood of man and all your lofty ideals….

13 thoughts on “Mosques shooting up like mushrooms in Yemen”

  1. Yemen must be striving to be the most godly of the ummah. It also must be striving to be the least literate. Seems like these two things go hand in hand.

    Yeah, bringing in Turkey to the EU will prove one thing-how quickly Islamania will swallow it whole.

    My condolences to Australia.

  2. * to prove ‘West and Islam can live together’

    As in King Neb’s dream, they vainly seek to alloy iron with clay. It won’t work. [Dan 2:43]

  3. * Looks like the Aussie’s have handed the jihadis a victory…Howard is out…defeatists in…

    Best case scenario: Rudd / Labor and a re-energised Coalition will both take Islam (including Hilali) seriously, and leave the pranks to the Chaser, while ignoring Bob Brown & any remaining Democrats.

    Worst case scenario: Labor and Coalition will emulate “New Labour” and the “Conservatives” in the UK, and continue to facilitate Oz’s destruction from within.

    I’d like to see a few Coalition leaders emerge who can not only “talk the talk” on Sharia (as Costello did, & Howard & Rudd to a lesser extent), but get the opportunity to walk the walk.
    Rudd too, if he can keep the Brown monkey off his back. Howard suggested that we treat Hilali as a joke, when he had an opportunity to take him seriously & deal with him effectively. He blew it. And Kevin 007, if you’re reading, replace Mick Keelty.

  4. Rudd was the only politician who said the press should be able publish the motoons without intimidation. I mean, he seemed to get it. So there may be a glimmer of hope, but as with anything on the freaky left, I doubt it.

  5. Mullah Lodabullah
    Good post. I agree.

    Trouble is I fear more immigrants and more multi-culti.
    I can’t see how Rudd is going to control his party. They will want their pound of flesh.
    What happened in Queensland btw? How disappointing!

    The liberals will take years to rebuild unless they have a well-oiled machine like Labor. I think we are stuck with labor for many years, and the states are going to stay that way also I think.

  6. Savitch, thanks for that bit on Rudd & the motoons – I missed that; and Gramfan, Rudd has talked tough on illegal immigration, but unfortunately legal immigration / refugees has become an industry, with “immigration agents” deciding who comes to this country – vested interests will be hard to curtail – more Haneefs, more Somalis & Sudanese etc etc. Labor in SA has been in long enough for the “it’s time” factor to come in, if the Libs come up with leadership to seriously challenge Rann – unlikely in the short term. There was a fight here on Friday night between 30 members of “ethnic groups” – not much mention, but the stabbing victim appeared to be “of African appearance”, which I suspect will be the lasting and unpleasant legacy of the Howard years. Nip it in the bud, Kevin!

    Time for Labor & the Coalition to put the nation & its citizens first, & the UN and its various hangers-on where they belong – Traitors Gate perhaps. PS I voted “Mister X” number 1 for the Senate – he’s smart, but unknown quantity on Islam / immigration etc. Hope I did the right thing!

    * Trouble is I fear more immigrants and more multi-culti.
    Unfortunately, the West is determined to learn nothing from 9/11, Brixton, Paris, Madrid etc etc.

  7. PS it came as a surprise to hear Costello reject the leadership – he was IMO better placed than most to confront Islam & sharia – but not popular due to Workchoices etc. Malcolm Turnbull has put his hand up for the leadership, & if his comments on The Insiders 2 years ago about moderate Islam being the best or only defence or antidote to Islamist violence still stand, I don’t hold out much hope. ( )

  8. I hope this is not a taste of things to come under wall-to-wall Labor – a “ladies only” swim event with mandatory “Islamic dress” conducted by the Royal Life Saving Association and New South Wales Sport and Recreation. A good start for Kevin 07 for his first 100 days would be to shut down the “Global Islamic Youth Centre”, and move on to the various other centres of Jihad.

    Life savers run swim event for Muslim girls

  9. I’ve written the following on the Liberal Party’s contact page, in support of Peter Costello’s stance against Sharia Law, and suggesting that he reconsider the leadership. It will be a loss if he simply bows out, and I can understand his disappointment, but savvy politicians on both sides are needed (and sadly rare) when it comes to Islam, Sharia etc, & I will support them, regardless of party affiliation. (I signed it with my real name :))

    Peter Costello as Opposition Leader

    I have mixed feelings about the outcome of the 2007 Federal Election, both for and against
    Labor and the Coalition, but I am surprised to hear that Peter Costello is not willing to
    become Opposition Leader. I am concerned at the inroads of Islam into this nation, and with
    it the push to introduce Sharia Law, and Mr Costello has taken a stance against this that I
    support. I would like Mr Costello to reconsider his position, and to continue to be an effective
    voice against encroachment of Islam and Sharia. [signed]

  10. Mullah Lodabullah Says:
    I’ve written the following on the Liberal Party’s contact page, in support of Peter Costello’s stance against Sharia Law, and suggesting that he reconsider the leadership. It will be a loss if he simply bows out, and I can understand his disappointment, but savvy politicians on both sides are needed (and sadly rare) when it comes to Islam, Sharia etc, & I will support them, regardless of party affiliation. (I signed it with my real name :))

    Ain’t you a smart boy. I’m sure your name has been passed onto whatever Australia’s version of the FBI is called, as a potential kook.

    One ZOG replaced by another, Jews win, whites die, Jews are happy. Let’s face it the Heeb is the sub-human equivalent of a cat, he always lands on his feet and he has nine lives.

  11. Poor, poor Hy. Living with perpetual envy at not being born a Jew. A Jew with nine lives and the ability to always land on your feet.

    How you must hate and despise your parents for not being of the Chosen People.

    Tut, tut, Hy. Envy ia a terrible curse. A soul-destroying emotion.

    But, we understand and sympathise when you erupt into an uncontrollable rant and rave.

    Especially if it is your misfortune to be a Muzzie.

  12. Mullah,
    yes, it’s a shame about Costello, but I think he did the right thing. Maybe it was a bit of a dummy-spit also?
    Anyway,,,I think the economy will suffer. Unions are not going to want extra workers from O/S if their members’ jobs are threatened,,well at least I would expect that.
    I also expect quite a few people will be out of work very, very soon. We had a lot of ignorant young voters,,and ignorant old ones also.

  13. Gramfan, I’m sure Costello did a dummy-spit, & it is emerging that Minchin, Downer & co had tried to prevail upon Howard to step down a year or so to avert the 2007 wipeout. I can see Costello’s point – at 50, he can easily move into the private sector & establish himself, instead of being under the pressure of 3 (& perhaps more) years of opposition & party rebuilding.

    I’m not too enthused at what might be on offer – I’m too much like Goldilocks sampling the porridge these days & getting too hard to please. Downer? ho ho ho! Abbot? (maybe, but not someone I warm to) Brendon Nelson ( getting warmer?) Malcolm Turnbull? (another one who believes in the “moderate Islam” snake oil).

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