Multiculti-Diversity Hits UK With 591000 Migrants In 2006

* At the same time, Britons are fleeing the UK in record numbers.

*The socialist governments of Europe are complicit in replacing the native population with a Muhammedan proletariat:


Full article here from the Daily Mail


* Red Ken Livingstone, a close buddy of the radical terror sheik Yussuf Al Quaradwi, who has openly advocated clit-removal for women among many other Islamic innovations, likes it that way and lies his socks off to promote Muhammedan causes in the UK:


Muslim attitudes – The Real Story

Nearly all Muslim Londoners surveyed – 96 per cent – think that everyone should respect the law in Britain, virtually the same as the number of Londoners as a whole at 97 per cent.

* ‘Respecting the law’ of course means sharia law, what did you think?

The overwhelming majority of Muslims polled, 89 per cent, believe that everyone in Britain should be free to live their lives as they want so long as they do not prevent others from doing the same – again virtually identical to Londoners as a whole, where the figure was 88 per cent.

The overwhelming majority of Muslim respondents – 94 per cent – also believe that everyone in Britain should have equal opportunities, as does 92 per cent of Londoners as a whole.

Almost nine out of ten Londoners and Muslims, 90 per cent and 88 per cent respectively, agree that people should have a voice in politics through democracy, which is being realised as Muslims are having an increased involvement in the political process in London.


How Ken whitewashed the Muslim extremists

Nick Cohen gives Red Ken a rub-down:


Nick Cohen

Watching Ken Livingstone at the mayoral press conference yesterday was like watching an old bare-knuckle fighter. Horrible, but you had to admire his nerve.

He spun away from danger so adroitly you could blink and miss the trickiness of the foot movements. He landed low blows and then turned to the referee as if butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth.

Ostensibly he was releasing a report by “leading academics and experts on Islam” on Islamophobia. He had a poll which showed that Muslim Londoners weren’t very different from other Londoners, which was fair enough, and descriptions of the prejudices Muslim journalists face. These revelations were merely the build-up to the shocking news that “leading academics and experts” had found that 91 per cent of articles on Islam “were negative in their associations”.

Ninety-one per cent! Imagine. I knew there was bigotry, but not the “torrent of Islamophobic demonisation” Livingstone described. Where could we get further particulars?




Allison Pearson is not buying any:

Dr Muhammad Abdul Bari, leader of the Muslim Council of Britain, has the cheek to compare modern Britain to Nazi Germany. ‘Every society has to be really careful so the situation doesn’t lead us to a time when people’s minds can be poisoned as they were in the 1930s. If your community is perceived in a very negative manner, then Muslims begin to feel very vulnerable,’ he says.

Hang on. How vulnerable do the rest of us feel hearing that at least 2,000 of our fellow citizens are involved in terrorist activity?

In Nazi Germany, Dr Bari may recall, it was Jewish children who were rounded up to be killed. Not the Jewish children who were trained to do the killing.

Still, I’m glad to see Dr Bari is worried about minds being poisoned. Maybe he is familiar with the poetry of Samina Malik, a 23-year-old self-styled ‘lyrical terrorist’. Say what you like about Pam Ayres, she never wrote a poem called How To Behead: ‘It’s not as messy or as hard as some may think/It’s all about the flow of the wrist. No doubt that the punk will twitch and scream/But ignore the donkey’s ass/And continue to slice back and forth.’ Miss Malik shared her charming light verse with other like-minded people on the internet, before being arrested and convicted a few days ago under anti-terrorist laws.

The news that Samina Malik held down a job at WHSmith at Heathrow on the air-side, for crying out loud, proves just how insanely tolerant Britain is, despite the intolerable provocation of men like Dr Muhammad Abdul Bari.

* The Bunglawala Ding Dong has no problem with her ‘poetry’- he whines about the British ‘police-state and the harsh measures’ that this poor thing is facing now…


Should I expect a knock on the door?’ More on the conviction of Samina Malik

Hari Kunzru, another apologist for Islamic terror, practices his craft in the Guardian:

I think I might be in trouble. Now that Samina Malik, the self-styled “lyrical terrorist”, has been convicted for the possession of “records likely to be used for terrorism”, I’m expecting a raid. When the police come to my house, they’ll find a shelf full of books glorifying terrorism. In The Minimanual of the Urban Guerrilla, by Carlos Marighella, they’ll find detailed instructions on waging war against the state. Among the Red Army Faction communiques they’ll find statements like this: “Either a pig or a man, either survival at any price or a fight to the death.” There are books with practical details about bomb-making, hand-to-hand combat, chemical weapons and poisons. When they analyse my hard drive, they’ll realise I’ve looked at all sorts of material, on sites maintained by unsavoury people – jihadists, racists, religious cults.

* Read it if you can be bothered by this apologetic shit


* The Guardian promotes the views of another Islamofascist wanker:


Losing the fight

Anas Altikriti
The ‘war on terror’ has changed our way of life, but has it made us more secure? If not, why not?

The prime minister’s statement on Wednesday that terrorists could strike anywhere, at any time, hardly provides any useful information, let alone induces confidence in the government or security agencies actually knowing what threat they claim to be facing or capable of successfully overcoming.

It was similar to the recent MI5 report which left one wondering what was expected of ordinary citizens if not to go into a state of frenzy, panic, fear and suspicion.

More than six years after the declaration of the revamped and replenished “war on terror”, this leads us to a very important question: has the world become any safer or more secure over those years? And if not, why not?

To put this in basic terms, the balance sheet does not look good. Actually, it looks extremely bad on all fronts. Even “our way of life” which was Tony Blair’s favourite chorus line, seems to have changed for ever.

* The Islamofascists are laughing at us. Lets turn the heat up…


Pat Condell speaks truth to power:


The Bunglawala Ding Dong doesn’t like it…


UK Muslim Council Head Honcho: “Brit’s, Your Self-Defense Offends Us!” 


“Create Unease”? Imagine how we feel

The government’s approach to terrorism is creating an atmosphere of suspicion and unease, the head of the Muslim Council of Britain has said.


Bitchin’  & whining  Muhammad Abdul Bari

Uh, the global jihad creates an “atmosphere of suspicion and unease, dear.

Muhammad Abdul Bari told the Daily Telegraph the amount of debate relating to Muslims was disproportionate.

* Me thinks our response to the jihad and its supporters is not ‘disproportionate’ enough…

He cited Nazi Germany in the 1930s as an example of how people’s minds could be poisoned against a community.

The Home Office said it would not allow terrorists to undermine the UK’s long history of strong community relations

Read it all.

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  1. *The socialist governments of Europe are complicit in replacing the native population with a Muhammedan proletariat:

    Britain has gone so far down the gurgler, with British Foreign Secretary David Miliband
    wanting Europe to be a “model” regional power facing the threats, (largely of its own
    making), including religious extremism & failing states.
    ( )

    Meanwhile George “Respect” Galloway claims that “al-Qudes is a treasure for all humanity
    but it is in hand of usurpers” and “Palestine will not be liberated unless the Palestinians are
    united”. ( )

    Roll on, Ezekiel 38.

  2. ‘At the same time, Britons are fleeing the UK in record numbers.’

    One day there will be no place to flee to. When will people take a stand for their own country(s) and say ‘no more!’ to the muslims?

    With immigration, which includes not only them bringing in more of their ilk along with them, they have uncontrolled birth rates – which they will birth you right out of existence. If you don’t go quietly – they will terrorize you out of existence. They did it to a lot of pagans and also the Zorastrians in the middle east. They are working on the Jews and Christians there now – and the Hindus and Buddhists in other areas. They will be successful if no one stays and then just lets them have what they want. Tell them to go home and stay there – no one wants them. They are nothing but trouble and if they want to live in feces and filth – then they can do so – but stay home and do it.

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