ROP goes apes#*t in Calcutta

Because Taslima Nasreen was allowed to speak.


* Which ‘hurt the feelings’ of the RoP-ers who promptly started to run amok….

Representatives of the Religion of Peaceâ„¢ are rioting and burning cars in Calcutta, demanding the death of female writer Taslima Nasreen for suggesting that women might need more rights: Army deployed after Calcutta riot.


Hundreds of soldiers are trying to keep peace in Calcutta

Notice that the BBC says the crowds are calling for Nasreen to “leave the country,” even though there was a very specific death fatwa issued for her.

Nasreen is in self-imposed exile from Bangladesh, where fundamentalist Islamic groups have issued a fatwa against her for alleged blasphemous writings, some of which are critical of Islam.

* Like others before her who have spoken out against Islam, Nasreens life is in danger because the RoP put a fatwa out to have her killed.


Update: Muslim mobs hunt for anti-Islam author 

HEAVILY armed Indian troops patrolled the streets of Kolkata last night after a day of violence in which rampaging Muslim mobs demanded the expulsion from the city of the controversial Bangladeshi author Taslima Nasreen. 

As a dusk-to-dawn curfew was imposed, neighbours said they believed Nasreen had been forced to flee for her life as the mobs took to nearby streets, burning cars and attacking shopfronts with stones. 

* Its a religion of peace, don’t you know? 

Nasreen has been the target of repeated fatwas from Muslim extremists in Bangladesh and elsewhere for her views on women and Islam.

In a recent interview with The Australian, she said she felt secure in the city because locals provided her with protection against the extremists.

She is in India on a temporary residence permit that is normally renewed every six months. But last night New Delhi appeared to be under mounting pressure to remove her from the country.


Sounds familiar? Where we gonna run to when the shit hits the fan? 


Indonesia: Graft thwarts effort to win over jihadists

* If you think it is a bad idea to try to win over jihadi’s by bribing them in order to win ‘hearts and minds’ you’re probably right, but ‘moderate’ Indonesia is trying to do just that with some of the hardcore terrorists incarcerated in their prisons. There is only one thing that could possibly be stronger than Islam in Indonesia though, and that is graft and corruption. But if you think that corruption is so bad that the money doesn’t go the jihadist’s you’re wrong again, because the inmates are using it already to convert other inmates to their cause. The money we’re talking about comes of course from some obscure ‘International Agency” like “The International Crisis Group” and their “senior adviser in Indonesia, Sidney Jones”- in other words: our taxpayers money is being used for some dubious, idiotic programs to re-socialize jihadists who actually use it to further the cause of jihad in prison. Clever, isn’t it?

* Not to worry, for now Sydney Jones has a cushy government job and wants the program to continue:

Of the 170 Islamic terrorists in Indonesian jails, 22 were taking part in the deradicalisation program, Ms Jones said.

“Five were pretty serious terrorists, and it’s better having five out of the network than in. I think police are on to something looking at economic aid as the first step in changing attitudes, but they need to work out new strategies on how to get to those who aren’t participating, because the real hardliners are not.”

There was a danger that the program’s gains could be offset by radicals recruiting other prisoners, Ms Jones said.

* Indeed. More than likely. Not obvious enough? Perhaps our government should pull the plug on misguided adventures like this. Ms Jones might be better off joining the warmonistas and ride into the sunset along with her organization.



RoP kills another 4 in “restive” Thailand

* ‘Rebels & insurgents’ -alert: another bullshit report from AP where they just can’t be seen connecting the dots:

BANGKOK, Thailand – Unidentified gunmen in insurgency-wracked southern Thailand killed four local government employees Wednesday in the same district where a prominent political party leader was campaigning, police said.

After the shooting, however, a bomb in the car exploded as police and reporters arrived, wounding two policemen. It is a common tactic of the insurgents to leave a bomb at the scene of an attack to target security forces as they arrive to investigate.

Despite government efforts to suppress the rebels, they continue to carry out drive-by killings and small-scale bombings almost daily, apparently in an effort to terrorize Buddhist residents into leaving the area.



Philipino mino: Appeasement doesn’t work, but we’ll try it anyway…

* It’s not like appeasement has been successful in diffusing conflicts in the past. Heck, all you have to do is look at what’s going on in Pakistan and Thailand to know that appeasement only provides fodder for the Islamists to make additional demands and claims for still more territory. It’s an excuse to take yet more, and to inflict still more carnage

The Philippines government and separatist rebels have struck a deal on creating a Muslim homeland in the country’s south which is expected to lead to a peace accord next year, officials said Thursday.
The agreement on the extent of territory to be handed over had been a major stumbling block in the peace talks that opened when a ceasefire was forged with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) in 2001.

The two sides did not disclose the new borders agreed after two days of talks here, but Malaysian officials said the territory would be greater than the present autonomous region in the troubled island of Mindanao.

“After more than three decades of problems in Mindanao, it is for the government to give concessions. It could not be the other side, so the government has to concede what it think is reasonable,” said Philippines chief negotiator Rodolfo Garcia.

* 3 decades??? The conflict goes back centuries, in the case of the Philippines Muslims have been waging jihad there for at least 500 years…

In an issue known as “ancestral domain,” the land in question consists of untitled communal farms that came under formal state ownership when the Philippines became a Spanish colony in the late 16th century.

From Wikipedia:

The world resurgence of Islam after World War II gave Muslims in the Philippines a stronger sense of unity as a religious community than they had in the past.

Since the early 1970s, the number of Muslim teachers visiting the country and Filipino Muslims traveling abroad — either on the hajj or on scholarships — has increased to unprecedented levels. As a result, Muslims have built many new mosques and religious schools, where students (male and female) learn the basic rituals and principles of Islam and learn to read the Qur’an in Arabic.

* Simple: We pay for the oil and the Arabs use it for the global jihad. Any questions?

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  1. 1)India’s biggest mistake was in not shipping all the Destroyers off to Pakistan in 1947. While the number of Hindus in Pakistan shrinks, the numbers of destroyers in India keeps going up.

    2)The Phillipines giving the Destroyers their own homeland is the dumbest thing I’ve heard yet regarding that bunch. Does Manila really think that will be the end of it? No way-every island in the chain will have to go Islamaniac before that country sees peace. If those people thought the Japanese occupation was brutal they aint seen nothing yet. Soon to rival this bit of blatant stupidity-an independent Kosovo controlled by our favorite cult.

    3)The leftist solution to all problems is to throw more money at them. Despite a proven track record of failures, the lefties continue throwing away money. Now it’s the problem of jihadists. Wonderful-fill a jihadist’s pocket with money. If he saves enough, he can buy the weapon of his dreams to kill his benefactors with.

  2. Fartwa Worthy:

    22 Oct 2011

    Muslim women should have sex with 72 men: Taslima Nasreen

    The controversial Bangladeshi writer, Taslima Nasreen, once again triggered the fresh controversy.

    Taslima’s fresh and wired remark over Muslim women has sparked off controversy and debate as well.

    Through her twitter account, Taslima said that a Muslim Woman should have sex with 72 men. “Muslim women deserve to have sex with 72 virgin men on the earth as they won’t get these things in heaven.”

    She further wrote: “Men start suffering from erectile dysfunction in their 30’s. But their machismo remains alive until their last day.”

    Taslima came on the radars of extrimist in 1990s after the publication of her first book ‘Lajja’, forcing her to live a exile life since than. She took shelters in India and other countries.

    Last year, she shared her half nude pics on social networking website Facebook to support France government’s move to ban veil in the country.

    It is sure that Taslima’s fresh remark will earn huge criticism for her but whether it is right to make such comments?

  3. Fatwa against Taslima Nasreen to leave Islam

    A fartwa means that any Muselmaniac who finds out where she lives can kill her.

    Ludhiana: The ‘shahi’ Imaam of Punjab, Habib-ur-Rehman, announced just after offering Friday prayers that he would issue a ‘fatwa’ against the controversial Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasreen to leave her religion .

    He was speaking at a press conference after offering the Friday prayers at Jama Masjid here. In the fatwa, said Habib, Taslima’s order for ouster of Taslima from Islam religion would be mentioned.

    Taslima is a dark spot on humanity and she shouldnot be considered as an Islamic any more.

    On the occasions of Id-ul-Juha and Haj she made certain objectionable comments on Islam that we find blasphemous.

    Taslima’s brain is not working normally and thus, she is abusing her own religion, said Habib.

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