Suspend Muslim immigration: Hanson

* Here we go again: not one article in the MSM without the ‘right-wing firebrand’ smears:

SENATE hopeful Pauline Hanson has accused the Federal Government of opening up the immigration floodgates to people “who have no intention of being Australian”.


Ms Hanson, who is running in the federal election under the banner of Pauline’s United Australia Party, was campaigning on similar policies to those that won her international notoriety a decade ago, including calling for a moratorium on Muslim immigration.

Campaigning in NSW, the right-wing firebrand told website she was worried about the loss of Australian values, particularly as a result of Muslim immigration.

“I’ve seen the destruction of our industry, manufacturing, our farmers, everything that is Aussie and to be proud of … that’s been lost,” she said.

“They’ve just opened up the floodgates to allow people here that have no intention of being Australian or being proud Australians.

“I’ve actually now called for a moratorium on Muslim immigration because I believe it’s not for reasons of religious or any other reason.

“But I think it is a cultural difference to us as Australians and we must protect our own culture.”

Ms Hanson, who co-founded the One Nation party, listed “Australian values” as the nation’s culture, way of life and standard of living.

She said if she held the balance of power in the Senate she would be willing to block legislation she did not agree with.

“If it is not in the best interests of our country and the Australian people, yes I would,” she said.

“I wouldn’t do deals and sell myself out or the people out for that.

“I would fight to make the politicians accountable to us and that’s what they haven’t done and that’s why I’m standing again and that’s why people are getting behind me in the support.

“They don’t believe that there is true representation.”

Ms Hanson’s vote will be bolstered by the fact she has registered a party.

When Ms Hanson ran for the Senate in 2004 she appeared under the line as an individual candidate – a position which historically attracts fewer votes.

* Daily Telegraph/with thanks to Savitch


Family First rewarding Hanson: Democrats

* The ‘Australian Democrats’ are without a doubt the most irrelevant bunch of socialist wankers and flakes downunder. All the more telling that they see themselves threatened by Hanson, which they try to portray as a fire-spewing witch:

The Australian Democrats have accused Family First of “rewarding” Pauline Hanson for her “extremist” views by giving her its preferences.

The right-wing firebrand’s chances of being elected to a Queensland senate seat have been boosted by Family First, which has revealed it will give her its preferences after the coalition.

Democrats Senator Andrew Bartlett, who faces a battle to retain his seat, accused Family First of rewarding Ms Hanson for her “extremist and destructive” views.

His comments came after the former One Nation leader on Sunday renewed her calls for a halt to Muslim immigration, saying some migrants had no intention of being Australian.

“The Family First party clearly believes that families don’t come first if they are Muslim, African or Asian families,” Senator Bartlett said in a statement.

“This sort of prejudice and ignorance repeatedly expressed by Pauline Hanson is incredibly damaging to our social fabric, as well as incredibly hurtful to Muslim Australians.

“It should be unequivocally opposed, not rewarded with preferences.”

Senator Bartlett said if there was a large swing away from the coalition, there was a “real chance” that Family First’s senate preferences would flow to Ms Hanson should she outpoll them.

“Combined with favourable preference allocations from a range of smaller groups … there is no doubt Pauline Hanson is now a credible chance if she gains a reasonable primary vote herself,” Senator Bartlett said.

He listed the smaller groups as the Shooters’ Party, two different fishing parties, the non-Custodial Parents’ Party, One Nation, the Liberty and Democracy Party, the Carers’ Party and some independents.

* From SMH thanks to Savitch

11 thoughts on “Suspend Muslim immigration: Hanson”

  1. I hope Hanson wins. Anyone who draws this kind of hatred from the anarchists must be doing something right. Why the hell can’t we have someone like her in the US? Intelligent and great looking. Instead we’re stuck with anarchists like Clinton and Pelosi-whose ugly appearances are exceeded only by the ugliness of their stupid ideas.

  2. if Hanson wins it won’t be just the Muslims who she’ll be making life difficult for. We all know what she thinks of Asians and Africans from last time around.

  3. * Here we go again: not one article in the MSM without the ‘right-wing firebrand’ smears:

    Yes, but no mention of “former fish shop owner”, as in another recent article I read on her.

  4. She has a problem with muslims and Africans with AIDS. I think she is “over” Asians.She must see now that they fit in well,
    No one else need worry.

  5. * “The Family First party clearly believes that families don’t come first if they are Muslim, African or Asian families,” Senator Bartlett said in a statement.

    I just had a quick look at FF’s Asylum Seeker policy, & there is nothing in it that states or implies any such thing; it appears to be even more liberal than what is already happening.
    ( )
    I’m too lazy to be bothered opening any more PDF files on their site. I don’t know where I’ll put FF on my Senate ballot, but the Greens & Democrats will be way down the bottom where they can’t do any damage.

  6. Go Pauline!…I wish I lived in QLD! Have you seen how many muslims have now invaded WA?

    “incredibly hurtful to Muslim Australians”??? well boo nickuf hoo, muslims are muslims are muslims, they’re not British, Australian, American, Dutch, Swiss, Swedish or whatever, they’re just muslims!

  7. * malsikcuf

    The penny dropped 🙂

    One Nation appears to have similar policies to Pauline’s UAP, & has candidates in SA & possibly WA. I’m happy to suspend Muslim immigration (or, better, “Rollback”), but some of her other stuff, like replacing the GST, doesn’t look too attractive to me. UAP / One Nation for the Senate as a balance of power in place of Greens / Democrats, perhaps, but I’m not sure about the Reps. where economic management etc is still important.

  8. The LDP has a real chance of getting a Senator up in NSW due to our preference deals. We’d appreciate if anyone reading this could chip in $10 by signing this pledge:

    Even if you don’t agree with all our policies, a libertarian voice in parliament would provide balance. We support freer immigration.

  9. I’m not agree with Pauline Hanson’s views. Muslims r willing to be an Australian Citizen but with their religious feel. Australia is a multicultural country, and this is in Australian constitution, and we all respect our constitution Most of Muslims in Australia love this and want to be the part of this beautiful and loving country but our few so called politician don’t want it but i ask why? Majority of Muslims all around world and in Australia are very peaceful and good human beings.

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