UK: Trying to put the fire out with gasoline

Britain wants more Muslim spies

* Infiltration is obviously seen as a good thing in dhimmified Britain: another ridiculous attempt to police the ummah…

LONDON: They are not quite the prototype of Ian Fleming’s Martini-drinking, Aston Martin-tooling, macho English playboy secret agent James Bond, but Britain’s desperately-seeking, mainly-white foreign and domestic intelligence services have launched an unusual publicity drive to recruit Muslim and Hindu agents by allowing a few of the existing handful to speak out about their lives.

In a rare bid to open up its work to the world’s curious gaze, MI5 allowed one agent calling herself ‘Jayshree’ and another with the assumed name ‘Shahzad’ to talk about their work.

The recorded interviews, conducted at MI5’s headquarters in the British capital, are the first in the organisation’s nearly-100-year history. In the process, ‘Jayshree’ and ‘Shahzad’ are seen to have become walking “sandwich boards” for the British secret services as they try and interest younger members of the two-million strong Asian community in a life a la 007.

The interviews wax eloquent about second-generation immigrants’ burning desire to give back to the host country by going underground and ferreting out potentially-explosive information on sleeper terrorist cells and other threats.


Today’s Koran lesson:

Islamic Multiculturalism — the Endless Jihad

Allah gradually reduces the land controlled by the unbelievers…21.44

This means the victory of Islam by expropriating and usurping the land of unbelievers. Ibn Kathir, the eminent exegete of the Qur’an simply confirms this. Jalalyn, another formidable Islamic scholar accentuates ibn Kathir by saying that Allah diminishes the land of the unbelievers by granting Muhammad (read Muslims) victory through conquest. One of the earliest Islamic scholars, ibn Abbas (Muhammad’s cousin) also writes that Allah seizes the land of the unbelievers by conquering it for Muhammad.

Allah gradually reduces the land under the control of the unbelievers from its outlying borders…13:41

Ibn Kathir writes that this verse refers to Muslims gaining upper hand over idolaters. If we though that Allah is merciful to the Christians and the Jews, we are wrong. The Qur’an treats the Jews and the Christians as idolaters.

Islamic freedom of expression means the right to call the infidels dogs and beasts

Those who reject faith (non Muslims) are like panting dogs; preaching to them is a waste of time…7:176
Those who reject the Qur’an, wrong themselves; they are evils (their example is that of a dog—ibn Abbas)…7:177
The unbelievers are the worst beasts (or worst animals) in the eyes of Allah…8:55
On the explanation of these verses Ibn Kathir writes that the unbelievers who do not embrace Islam and break treaties are the worst moving creatures on earth; Muslims should punish them harshly and inflict heavy casualties to them.

Muslims are the legitimate owners and rulers of all infidel lands

When the Islamists migrate to an infidel land, they do not enter a foreign land. They are actually occupying a land which Allah has reserved for them. Any Islamist will tell that the entire earth belongs to Allah. Therefore, every Muslim has the inalienable right to move to an infidel land and occupy it for the sake of Allah.

Let us read these few verses from the Qur’an.

Allah grabs the land of the unbelievers…28:58
Allah promises believers His sovereignty on earth. He will establish the authority of His chosen religion (Islam)…24:55
Explained by ibn Kathir, this means Allah has made Muslims the leaders and rulers of mankind through whom He would reform the world and to whom people would submit, so that they would have in exchange a safe security after their fear.

Here is another verse:

Sovereignty belongs to Allah (the basis of an Islamic state). He forgives whom He wills and punishes whom He wills…48:14

Islamic religious freedom means the right to terrorise the Kafirs

Allah has sent terror in the hearts of the unbelievers…59:13
Ibn Kathir writes that Islam is a religion of fear, Muslims are fearsome, and that’s why the believers are stronger. Ibn Kathir even goes to the extent to declare that the unbelievers fear Muslims more than they fear Allah.

Religious right means freedom to force Islam on infidels


Lebanon Crisis Worsens 

BEIRUT: Tanks rolled onto the streets of Beirut yesterday amid fears of unrest as a parliament session to elect a new president by a midnight deadline was postponed for a week, with political rivals deadlocked. 


3 thoughts on “UK: Trying to put the fire out with gasoline”

  1. Unfortunately, our Western societies haven’t figured out from all the other countries who have muslim immigrants and violence that islam is NOT a ‘religion of peace’. We have not learned from 1400 years of a violent history that it is a political movement that uses religion as a front. And sometimes I will add… and god as a weapon.

    And the Europeans along with our citizens are happily and stupidly accepting islam. So many look at those little, ‘virginal’ muslimettes and think – oh no, islam is indeed a ‘religion of peace’. ‘I know soooo many peaceful muslims’. Do they really? Do they go over to their houses and watch the football games, or are they invited to parties, or dances, or do they go bowling with the office bowling team, or go to the movies and eat popcorn and drink soda, or do the men AND the women go to the gym to workout, or how about skiing, or skating, or swimming? Do those oh, so peaceful and nice muslims do any of that with us?!

    And gee, it is the only time so many knotheads actually listen to the President spew the same hogwash. They don’t listen to him any other time, but when he says ‘islam is a religion of peace’ everyone believes him! Go figure.

    How about this one? When a muslims says they are peaceful and they preach the ‘wonders’ of islam – how come we sit dumbfounded and not even wonder why there is so much violence in their countries, or how come they are so backward, or why is it that they are unable to live with Christians, Jews, etc unless they are subservient to islam and live under sharia law in those other countries? Why is it the single minded aim of muslims is to establish sharia law when our laws are so much superior to that? No one asks them that. Nor do they even bring up the fact what kind of a creep mohammed was – how could they follow such a creep?

    I will never understand when others spew the peacefulness of any muslim – even all those godzillions of ‘moderates’ who do absolutely nothing to stop the violence among their own.

  2. Britain obviously learned nothing from the US Muslima Mata Hari story who worked the FBI and CIA.. If they do hire more cultists they need to hire illegal aliens-they work cheaper!

    The Destroyers own all infidel lands? Does that include the pig farms?

  3. Regarding Britain recruiting more Muslim spies:
    “The interviews wax eloquent about second-generation immigrants’ burning desire to give back to the host country by going underground and ferreting out potentially-explosive information on sleeper terrorist cells and other threats.”
    Just ask yourself what that second-generation Muslim with the “burning desire to give back” is going to do when he uncovers the terrorist network in which his third-generation Muslim son is actively promoting the destruction of that selfsame host country… Hmmm?

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