US Infiltration: Illegal immigrant, Muslim from Lebanon, worked for FBI, CIA, stole info, passed it to Hizballah

This story has everything:

an illegal immigration angle, a Keystone Kops angle, an espionage angle, a moderate-Muslims-condemn-terror-or-do-they angle, and more. It would make a great movie. If this kind of thing doesn’t kill us first.

The illegal immigration angle is of course that illegal immigration is a national security issue, and that illegal immigrants have no business working for the FBI and the CIA. That in turn leads to the Keystone Kops angle: what on earth was the FBI and the CIA thinking, giving this woman key jobs? Of course, no one would dream of asking Nada Nadim Prouty or anyone like her sensitive questions about where they stand on the jihad ideology and Islamic supremacism. Why, you’re automatically a bigot just for thinking that such questions should be asked. But when you don’t ask, of course, and make no effort to investigate in any other way, you don’t get answers.


Nada Nadim Prouty:

Hezbollah’s Illegal Alien FBI/CIA Agent Spy

And get this: The FBI and U.S. Attorney Stephen Murphy (and before him, U.S. Attorneys Craig Morford and Jeffrey Collins) knew Prouty was a spy for Hezbollah back in 2003, but they allowed her to work for the FBI and CIA for over FOUR Years!
They did not remove her from the job until the end of this past September–1.5 years after her brother-in-law was indicted for financing Hezbollah!!

Surprise!–She’s the sister-in-law of Hezbollah’s $20 million dollar financier Talal Khalil Chahine (owner of “La Shish” restaurants which remain open!), whom U.S. Attorney Stephen Murphy allowed to flee the country. Prouty is the SISTER of Chahine’s wife, Elfat El-Aouar. Yup, LUUUV those great FBI and CIA Background Checks of agents.

More from Debbie Schlussel

She used her access as an FBI agent to look up information about herself and her relatives, some of whom may have ties to Hezbollah. She also is accused of improperly taking classified information home with her.

* Once upon a time traitors were shot.

* Michelle Malkin has the story here

*  Update:   ‘Love your enemy’- madness: Busted illegal alien was great spy, say sources
They’d hire her back in a minute. And, they say, she wasn’t a spy for Hizballah. Others, however, differ.

* Update: Illegal alien Hizballah-linked FBI agent worked on major terror cases

Madness — politically correct madness. The FBI showed it wasn’t anti-Arab by hiring Nada Prouty, and she handsomely repaid them for it, too. Nada Nadim Prouty Update: “Fake citizen worked on major terror cases,” by David Ashenfelter for the Detroit Free Press (Via JW):



Australia: No-Goh policy on mosques and Islamic immigration

By Elise Kinsella

A 10-year ban on Islamic immigration to Australia and on the construction of any Islamic schools or mosques is the main election policy for one of Macarthur’s federal election candidates.
Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) candidate Godwin Goh said his party, if elected, would also lobby the NSW Government and Federal Government to change any anti-vilification or anti-discrimination laws that could make such a proposal illegal.

Mr Goh said he wanted: “No Muslim immigration for 10 years, no setting up schools and mosques, too.”

A decade is the time Mr Goh said was needed to review the impact of Muslim migration to Australia.

Critics of the party have called its members bigots but Mr Goh denied the accusation.

“That word means intolerant,” he said.

“We’re not intolerant, we actually love Muslims but we don’t like what they practise and some of their beliefs because they’re not favourable to our society and community harmony.”

The Liberal MP for Macarthur, Pat Farmer, rejected Mr Goh’s proposal. “Immigration requests need to be analysed on a case-by-case basis,” he said. “You can’t throw a blanket over the top of everybody and say they’re all terrorists and all incite violence. That’s wrong and that’s not the Australian way.”

* Right. But the elected government has a duty to protect its citizens from those who adhere to a belief-system that is deeply hostile and advocates a takeover of the state to introduce the sharia, Islamic law. We have a right to keep such people out, don’t we?

Mr Farmer said the Federal Government decided immigration cases on “people’s involvement in the community, what they can add to the country, their ability as far as being able to support themselves and get a job, whether they have family here already or a police record in their home country”.

“Basically we’re looking for people who can be good upstanding citizens.”

When asked to respond to Mr Goh’s proposed 10-year ban on Muslim immigration, schools and mosques, the Labor candidate for Macarthur, Nick Bleasdale, said: “Let me make it clear. I’m totally opposed to the development of the new Islamic school and the community has my full support on the issue. Make no mistake, this issue has nothing to do with race. It’s based on the fact that such a large development will undoubtedly have an impact on our semi-rural way of life, especially without the local infrastructure to support it.”

Mr Goh is opposed to all Islamic schools because, he claims, they teach extreme versions of Islam. He cited as an example an Islamic school in Victoria. “The teacher asked the students who their hero was and they all said Osama binLaden,” he said.

“The teachers are brainwashing. Can’t you see it’s brainwashing? What about Australian heroes? Sport heroes? Such brainwashing, this is when these children have been taught this kind of teaching in their formative years.

“When they grow up they’re going to idolise the greatest of all terrorists and, furthermore, there’s nothing illegal about teaching about the Taliban, Osama binLaden and an extreme interpretation of Islam.”

The Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) has so far promised to send its preferences to the Family First Party and the Liberals.

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  1. I think I will be shopping for a turban soon. Between the blatant stupidity and the cringing dhimmitude of the US government the US as it’s been known will be extinct in less than 50 years.

  2. This doesn’t surprise me. A few years back I read the book, Infiltration. Our ‘intelligence’ agencies, Pentagon, and politicians are running on stupid when dealing with muslims. You would think that the term, ‘know your enemies’, would be the first thing they started looking at – well, think again. I suppose when my father used to tell me, ‘that is what I get for doing my own thinking’, applies here in regards to these organizations. Yes, that is what I get for thinking that they know what they are doing.

  3. In the good old days, there were “Reds under the bed”, and the intelligence agencies went looking for them. Now there are “Ahmeds under the bed”, and the intelligence agencies refuse to look. The Oz Federal election is just days away, and not one Russian submarine has been sighted in the Bight (though Harold Holt has resurfaced, temporarily).

  4. Re “You can’t throw a blanket over the top of everybody and say they’re all terrorists and all incite violence. That’s wrong and that’s not the Australian way.”

    Just as soon as we figure out how to tell which Muslim immigrants will assimilate into our societies and produce children who will be proud to identify themselves as our citizens first (and their religious affiliation further down the list), we can start the immigration thing again. Until then — WE CAN’T TELL who’s going to go jihad on us; and we should NOT be expected to keep inviting potential terrorists into our homelands. Period.

    Government exists to protect its citizens. Government needs to keep “potential terrorists” out. How in the name of sanity can anyone argue with that?

    Why do these Islam-immigration-promoters insist that the so-called “rights” (I beg your pardon??) of these non-citizens trump the rights of real live voting, taxpaying citizens? And why do our government bureaucrats listen to them? Perhaps in the next round of elections we need to emphasize a new slogan: “Listen to your citizens!”

  5. >>>A_Nonny_Mouse Says:Government exists to protect its citizens. Government needs to keep “potential terrorists” out. How in the name of sanity can anyone argue with that?

  6. It seems like a simple concept, the larger your muslim population the higher your risk of terrorism and violence. So, take reasonable steps to protect your society with that in mind.

    Maybe we should replace our politicians with kindergarden kids who find that concept easy to grasp.

  7. Otter,

    Lynne Stewart is still holding speeches around the ‘progressive’ universities. As far as I know she hasn’t been checked into a penitentiary yet.

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