Vlaams Belang, Charles Johnson, and all that

* Robert Spencer deplores the fallout and the hysterical reaction of Charles Johnson and his cyber lizards who continue totally unhinged with their canniballistic attacks against any perceived ‘Nazi’s & white power supremacist racists’ etc.etc. ad nauseum…

Some people may notice that in this thread I have removed some comments relating to Little Green Footballs and the ongoing controversy over the European parties Vlaams Belang and the Sweden Democrats.

These posts involved personal attacks on the illustrious Charles Johnson. Charles has been a friend for years and an immense help to Jihad Watch in innumerable ways. I usually don’t have time to read the comments here, but I will always remove offensive ones when they’re brought to my attention, and these were. So they’re gone.

What we have in this controversy is the spectacle of people I love and have loved for years having a bitter falling out. I have tried to maintain good relationships with everyone involved, as I continue to believe, despite the bitterness of the controversy, that everyone involved has good intentions, good motives, good hearts. All want to resist the jihad, all want to save Europe if it can be saved. All are trying to defend what is good in Western civilization, even as they might conceive of that good in different ways. That’s why I’ve removed the personal attacks on Charles here, and will remove personal attacks on anyone involved in this if they appear here and are brought to my attention.

Now. What about the larger controversy? My position has been clear and consistent from the beginning — in fact, since long before the beginning of the controversy. For years now Hugh Fitzgerald and I have written about the unfortunate fact that the European mainstream parties have completely failed to address the problem of European Islamization — a problem that of course they have, in many cases, abetted. Hugh and I have both in many separate posts lamented that those mainstream parties have thus left the field open to neo-fascist and neo-Nazi parties, like the Holocaust-denying white supremacist BNP and Haider’s party in Austria, and to noxious characters like LePen in France. Those types have in several European countries become the only ones addressing the issue of jihad and Islamic supremacism.

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* Unfortunately the removed posts were really good and made a lot of sense. Winds of Jihad would be happy to put them up here.


Shiva from the Illustrated Pig doesn’t beat around the bush:

The BNP told the Truth:


* Meanwhile, in the real (Muslim) world:



Illegal immigrant Muslim FBI/CIA agent accused of passing info to Hizballah worked in Iraq questioning Al-Qaeda detainees

It just keeps getting worse: the Keystone Kops idiocy of the FBI and CIA in hiring this woman and employing her in sensitive work is a manifestation of both agencies’ abysmal failure to address the ideological dimension of this conflict. They hardly know what a jihad is, much less know how to question a potential employee to determine her allegiance to the jihad and Islamic supremacism.

Nada Prouty Update: “How big a role did disgraced CIA officer have? Prouty was assigned a sensitive post in Baghdad, NBC News has learned,” by Andrea Mitchell and Robert Windrem for NBC News (from JW)
There’s new information about the young Lebanese woman who pleaded guilty Tuesday to charges she lied about her background to get jobs at the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Central Intelligence Agency.



Pali Swine attend Red Cross training – Nov 15 2007 

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  1. LGF got highjacked by the elitists. Its sad that a site that provides such good info suck to this. Before I got banned, I challenged LGF to tell me how they would prevent the Islamicfication of the West. They couldnt do it.

  2. At least Robert doesnt ban anyone that disagrees with him. I always suspected LGF was just a big clique and they proved me right. My banning was a blessing.

  3. Speaking of the LGF clique. Jammiewearingfool banned me for calling him out of LGF hypocrisy. They really arent any better than kozkids, they really arent. He had a thread where he called the jihadists “subhuman”. Well I told him not to say that on LGF because I was attacked for it. He told me not to bring my “resentment” on his blog. I said “well at least you didnt deny the hypocrisy. I am now banned. LOL

  4. What political parties in Europe does LGF approve of that also would not condemn LGF? Most political parties that LGF has not condemned, would prosecute LGF if it was in Europe?

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