Brigitte Gabriel on Hannity & Colmes

Brigitte Gabriel To Debate Muslim on”O’Reilly Factor” Tonight

* Just noticed that youtube & AOL pulled a lot of her video’s, looks like our Muhammedan friends have been rather active to censor her.

Brigitte Will Also Be On “Fox News and Friends” Saturday Morning and

“Hannity’s America” Sunday Night

Brigitte Gabriel will be on the “O’Reilly Factor” on the Fox News Channel tonight. The subject will be the rise of Islam and specifically the incident in Sudan in which British schoolteacher Gillian Gibbons was sentenced to 15 days in jail for allowing her students to name a teddy bear “Muhammed.”

Brigitte will also be a guest on “Fox News and Friends” around 9:15 Saturday morning and “Hannity’s America” on Fox News Sunday night.

* Watch this one while we wait for the latest:


Alas, here we have it thanks to Pamela from Atlas Shrugs:

The Muhammedan ‘Eric Vickers’ of course deposits a steaming pile of taqiyya in his first sentence:

Note the first Islamic lie — 7 million Muslims in America (more like 2 million).

Again the meme, only a “tiny number of extremists “— hundreds of million is a fraction of 1.3 billion but its a lot of jihad.

Vickers does the broken record routine: “Stereotyping…, blah blah, stereotyping…., we condemn….

Brigitte debated Eric Vickers of the American Muslim Council on Sudan
islamists calling for the death of Gillian Gibbons, the Brit teacher
jailed for allowing her 2nd Grade students to name a teddy bear

During her trial, a weeping Gibbons said she had intended no harm. Her students, overwhelmingly Muslim, chose the name for the bear, and Muhammad is one of the most common names for men in the Arab world. ..

But the case was caught up in the ideology that President Omar al-Bashir’s Islamic regime has long instilled in Sudan, a mix of anti-colonialism, religious fundamentalism and a sense that the West is besieging Islam.


Gallowswine Ejects ‘Zionist’ Journo’s 

Angry MP insists Hamas not terrorist, abruptly ends interview, deploys police 


Commie rat and closet Muslim ‘georgeous George’ proves once again that he’s a Jew-hating creep

Amid a volatile exchange over whether Hamas is a terrorist organization, the leftist British lawmaker George Galloway abruptly booted WND’s Jerusalem bureau chief Aaron Klein and radio talk-host Rusty Humphries from his London office and handed them over to Parliament police, claiming the two were Zionist operatives who had breached security by falsely presenting themselves as reporters.

The entire fiasco, which occurred in June, was recorded on audio tape.

Klein, author of the recently released book “Schmoozing with Terrorists,” said he and Humphries had refrained from releasing the tape until after the publication of “Schmoozing” for fear Klein would lose some Hamas sources. In the book, Klein conducts interviews with the chiefs of most major Palestinian terror organizations, including Hamas.

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