Bunglawussie Watch: The Silly Season

Muslims ‘criminalised for silly thoughts’*

* No wonder, it is the silly season!


Young Muslims are being convicted of thought crimes and branded as terrorists for life, the country’s most prominent Islamic leader has told The Times. Muhammad Abdul Bari said police and prosecutors were criminalising youths for harbouring “silly thoughts” and were undermining Gordon Brown’s £400 million drive to win Muslim hearts and minds. Dr Bari, Secretary-General of the Muslim Council of Britain, was commenting ahead of the sentencing today of Samina Malik, a shop assistant who styled herself as “the lyrical terrorist”, wrote poetry in praise of beheadings and joined extremist internet forums.

Dr Bari told The Times: “Many young people download objectionable material from the internet, but it seems that if you are a Muslim then this could lead to terrorist charges, even if you have absolutely no intention to do harm to anyone else. Samina’s so-called poetry was certainly very offensive but I don’t believe that this case should really have been a criminal matter. Young people may well have some silly thoughts. That should not be criminalised. It is their actions that we should be concerned about.” He said that if police were concerned about Malik they should have placed her under surveillance and detained her if she was involved in “actual terror-related activity”.

Dr Bari added: “Instead, she was prosecuted for what can only be termed really as a thought crime. This should not be of concern just to Muslims, but to all in our society who care about natural justice. Her conviction raises a lot of deeply worrying questions about Section 58 of the Terrorism Act and just how incredibly broad its scope is.”

* Indeed. The scope is broader than your horizon, Dr. Bari. Muslims are by nature ‘innocent’ are they not? Because the Koran commands them to engage in terrorism and to strike terror in the hearts of the infidels they are only following their ‘religion’- and what could be wrong with following the religion of the pedophile, mass murdering warlord Muhammad?

He contrasted the stance taken by the police in cases like Malik’s with Gordon Brown’s antiradicalisation initiatives in schools, mosques and youth groups. The Prime Minister spoke in his security statement last month about mentoring programmes, roadshows and other methods to “isolate extremists”.

Dr Bari said that Malik’s conviction and other cases could prove counter-productive. He added: “It is certainly sensible for the Government to work with Muslim groups to counter extremist propaganda. This is, we have been told often, part of a ‘hearts and minds’ campaign directed at young British Muslims, but it is difficult to see how Samina’s conviction can do anything other than impair this effort.”


* Don’t miss Shiva’s excellent expose’ on ‘doctor’ Abdul Bari here:


Al Bebeeceera Watch 

The BBC is a pigsty. The BBC has to be cleaned out, totally. Read this: 

BBC Knew of Terrorist Activity, Didn’t Tell Cops

Yes, the BBC can still cause our jaws to drop; the Times reports that the Beeb paid for a paintballing excursion as part of a program to make Muslims look cuddly and friendly called “Don’t Panic, I’m Islamic.”

Small problem. Three of the friendly Muslims who went on this trip turned out to be terrorists, involved in the failed bombings of July 21, 2005. Oops.

And when the BBC learned about this connection, they did not report it to the police: BBC ‘took terrorist trainers paintballing’.

The BBC funded a paintballing trip for men later accused of Islamic terrorism and failed to pass on information about the 21/7 bombers to police, a court was told yesterday.

Mohammed Hamid, who is charged with overseeing a two-year radicalisation programme to prepare London-based Muslim youths for jihad, was described as a “cockney comic” by a BBC producer.

The BBC paid for Mr Hamid and fellow defendants Muhammad al-Figari and Mousa Brown to go on a paintballing trip at the Delta Force centre in Tonbridge, Kent, in February 2005. The men, accused of terrorism training, were filmed for a BBC programme called Don’t Panic, I’m Islamic, screened in June 2005. The BBC paid Mr Hamid, an Islamic preacher who denies recruiting and grooming the men behind the failed July 2005 attack, a £300 fee to take part in the programme, Woolwich Crown Court was told.

* More 


Fitzgerald: Clean out the BBC 

The BBC needs to be cleaned out, top to bottom, and this requires a Parliamentary investigation. It needs to have John Simpson (see here for more) discharged as head of the World Service. It needs to be asked why it is refusing to reveal the contents of an investigation into bias in its coverage of the “Middle East conflict” (which means the Lesser Jihad against Israel).

In a few — just a few — cases, the outcry was too strong, and the outrageousness of the coverage too egregious, to be ignored, so a few transfers were made. For example, there was Orla Guerin, married to a “Palestinian” and a determined propagandist herself for The Cause. The steady drip-drip-drip in her outrageous coverage did so much to poison the minds of so many listeners, steadily over so many years, about Israel. She’s now been sent to South Africa, where she will continue to do what she can — for example, she’ll never cover the growing Muslim threat in Capetown, because for her, with her view, there is no Muslim threat.

There is Barbara Plett, who on air wept after Arafat — that great man — died, and who, only because of that on-air sobbing, revealing her bias, had to be transferred. In other words, her years of viciously one-sided reporting from Israel (along with Orla Guerin) could have continued forever, had she not wept for Arafat those real, not crocodile, tears. She’s now in Afghanistan — or is it Pakistan?

And then there is Lys Doucet, of the unusually hard and nasty voice, who was a cross between Guerin and Plett. Quite a trio. She’s been transferred, for her outrages, to Pakistan — or is it Afghanistan?

The BBC is the source from which many obtain their news and therefore their worldview. Like the U.N., it has been infiltrated and captured by Muslims ably abetted by non-Muslims who are — not all, but many — subject to those two mental pathologies that has done such damage in Western Europe, anti-Americanism and antisemitism. There have been recently cases of people quitting the BBC, people who did not share either the anti-Americanism or the antisemitism, and who are disgusted by what may be called the “culture” (as that word is now used) of the BBC. They too should testify. The few decent papers should make a stink, raise holy hell. And in this country, people should raise holy hell about the BBC being transmitted by NPR — and supported, therefore, by American taxpayers, either as donors, or as those who subsidize NPR because it has charitable status. 


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  1. The BBC probably cozies up to this ilk in order to develop sources. “Be nice to us and we’ll give you some juicy info, like how peaceful we really are”. Pandering pigs run the BBC-it might be time to simply junk it.

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