Canada bans truth-telling, goes after Mark Steyn

The Blood Runs Cold

Melanie Philips

* The inquisition is alive and well in Canuckistan: 


The lights are going out on liberal society – and it is the most liberal societies with their fingers on the ‘off’ switch. The thesis of Mark Steyn’s book America Alone, that Europe was succumbing to an Islamist takeover, has been proved spectacularly correct — in Canada, and with himself as the designated victim. The New York Post reports that both Steyn and Macleans magazine, which reprinted a chapter of his book, are to be hauled before two Canadian judicial panels to answer the charge that they have spread ‘hatred and contempt’ for Muslims. And what was the heinous view Steyn vouchsafed to occasion such a charge?

…the notion that Islamic culture is incompatible with Canada’s liberalized, Western civilization.

Well excuse me, but some of us were under the impression that a global war was currently being waged by a section of the Islamic world in order to write the truth of that assertion in blood.

The irony, of course, is that by this action Canada is thus demonstrating that if any culture is incompatible with liberalised western civilisation, it is clearly Canada’s. The idea that certain arguments must not be made, and that to do so is to find oneself arraigned before a judicial tribunal, is the very antithesis of a liberal society. It is a symptom of totalitarianism. It is also doubly ironic that it is the Islamic world, through the Canadian Islamic Congress, that is bringing this action — since in seeking to suppress the view that the Islamic world is incompatible with liberalism, it is demonstrating with the starkest possible clarity the truth of that proposition.

It is no accident that it is uber-‘liberal’ Canada, which worships at the shrine of human rights law, where this medieval inquisition is taking place. The fact that the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal and the Canadian Human Rights Commission are to conduct this oppressive hearing is grotesque but not in the least surprising. The belief fundamental to human wrongs law, that minorities are sacrosanct and that to criticise them is proof of rampant prejudice, is part of the mindset which has turned truth, morality and freedom inside out. If a writer who tells the truth about Islamists spreading hatred and contempt for the west is himself hauled before a court charged with spreading hatred and contempt by telling such a truth, then the Orwellian nightmare has well and truly arrived.

As I have said many times before, the real threat to civilisation comes not from acts of terror, appalling though these are; it comes from the fact that Islamists are progressively making slaves out of us in our own countries.

* Dhimmi Watch has more:

Two separate panels, the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal and the Canadian Human Rights Commission, have agreed to hear the case. These bodies are empowered to hear and rule on cases of purported “hate speech.”

Of course, a ban on opinions – even disagreeable ones – is the very antithesis of the Western tradition of free speech and freedom of the press.

2 thoughts on “Canada bans truth-telling, goes after Mark Steyn”

  1. Unless we have a counter cultural revolution in the world to turn back over 40 years of leftist created PC madness we will all be finished. PC allowed Islamania to invade the West via crazy immigration laws and its anti-Western mentality in all aspects of life (education, the media, politics, etc.) has given Islamania a perfect environment to take root and flourish.

  2. time for christians and jews to leave cnada and come to ustralia where it is illegal to criticise islam, just recall the two preachers who told the truth about what the koranicrap teaches and were jailed for it
    fk this is insanity- the west is destroying the liberties many fought for and died from, better off going back to pre french revolution era eh, they banned islamic immigration at that time didnt they? what the hell is wrong with the left winders, the traitors, he self haters…this is the free west, democracy liberty egalit…where the fricken hell are the womens libbers femonistsas to ban hijab, expose the treatement of women in islam
    ffs this is the most absurd orwellian crap I heard from yet….time to get really revolutionary, support mark and other sliek him, time to start fundraising seriously to fight the morons in parliament and congress…run for election on ban islam and expose islamic shyte as independents….more kuffars need to be running islam seminars on what islam actually teache…start counter revolutionary truth groups on islam, found it ….publicise it…start lobbying…ffs someone do something please to stop the muzzies from this garbage

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