Cultural capitulation: Swedish Judge Proposes Approving Bill Permitting Polygamy

* At last: have you never thought about trading your wife in for 2 younger ones? Don’t deny it! It will be possible soon; in Sweden of all places, because Sweden is very tolerant. And then there is that Muhammedan divorce, whereby a man sez “talaq, talaq, talaq” (I divorce you) three times, and she is out on the street. Forget about messy divorce courts and maintenance, Islam is the answer to all of life’s uncertainties.


This Swedish judge has seen the light:

“Swedish Judge Proposes Approving Bill Permitting Polygamy”:

A leading Swedish judge, Prof. Stefan Lindskog, has submitted a draft bill permitting polygamy in Sweden, explaining that “the law should not interfere in religious matters or in matters pertaining to each individual.”
The draft bill which expresses an essential change in the outlook of Sweden’s religious establishment, is expected to spark extensive debate.



* Hugh Fitzgerald comments:

“the law should not interfere in religious matters or in matters pertaining to each individual.”
— from the article above, quoting Swedish judge Prof. Stefan Lindskog

Here it the problem. Swedish judge Prof. Stefan Lindskog thinks that Islam is merely a “religion” like any other. But it is not. It is a politics, an economics, a system for organizing society, all regulated by the holy law of Islam, or Shari’a. When he complacently insists that the “law should not interfere in religious matters” this means, when applied to Islam, that “the law should not interfere with the Total System of Islam.”

And Islam is not, as Judge Professor Stefan Lindskog may dreamily believe, a faith that is, like modern Western democratic states, solicitous of the individual. The individual in Islam does not matter. He has no right to his individual conscience. He may not leave Islam, and if he tries to do so, it is on pain of death. He may not criticize or mock any aspect of Islam; that constitutes blasphemy and is punishable by death. He is the member of the Umma, the Community of Believers, and not an individual. He is to acquire the habit of mental submission, not ever to question the rules set down by Allah, as codified in the Shari’ah, any more than a Muslim girl can question the authority of male relatives over her, in every regard.

When Judge Professor Stefan Lindskog writes what he writes, ignorant of Islam, he is endorsing the prison of Islam, consigning all those who happen to have been born into Islam, and who now live in Sweden, to be subject to the rules of Sharia, subject to what is commanded or prohibited. If Muslim women want the right not to be subject to polygamy, and they do, they have to rely on non-Muslims to outlaw it, to prevent it from being imposed on them. Wafa Sultan, Nonie Darwish, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Azam Kamguian, and a thousand other articulate apostates or secularized Muslims could explain this to him. But I suspect he, Judge Professor Stefan Lindskog, doesn’t wish to know.

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  1. Geee.. If someone has a religion that requires the sacrifice of over-paid brain dead elitist academic scum would he say the same thing?

    I smell the death of Multiculturalism and Political Correctness with all of these Dhimmis pushing their idiocy on the rest of us.

  2. I checked out that link Sir Henry Morgan

    Sounds like the One World Government Bueracrats are turning more and more fascist/communist every day and are using the Islamofascist as a tool. Both as a device of fear of terrorism and a reason for submission to multicultural mutation of our society.

  3. Soon the islamists and multiculturalists will also be making slavery a pinnacle of our society. What do you do with those people that Islam kidnaps and cant get a ransom for?

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