Germany: Interior Ministry Warns of Radicalization of Muslims


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* How many times did we see Western dhimmi governments commission expensive studies on the Muhammedan problem only to to come up with the same results we have seen years before? Once again we are told hat only 6 % of Germany’s 3 million Muslims are supposedly radicals who would use violence. And of course this is entirely our own fault because we somehow ‘failed to integrate or assimilate them.’ The predictable result of this bullshit study like all the others before it will be that Muslim immigration continues unhindered and the government will throw more money at the problem, but integration will not happen. On the contrary: it is them who will assimilate us.


Germany has around 3 million Muslims, if 6% have “violent tendencies,” then there are 180,000 jihadis drooling at the thought of killing us kufr. On the plus side, if everyone one of them is killed, that would be 12,960,000 virgins Allah would have to serve up. Isn’t math fun!…


A new study released by Germany’s Interior Ministry has added new fuel to the debate about integration of Muslims in Germany, with the report warning about the danger of radicalization of Muslims.
According to the study, which was published Tuesday, around 40 percent of Muslims surveyed had a “fundamentalist orientation,” which the authors defined as a strongly religious worldview and moral values.


UPDATE: 180.000 radical Muslims in Germany ! 


* Tiny ‘minority’ alert,  Sugiero does the math:

In concluding that 6 percent of Muslims in Germany have violent tendencies, the study appears to contradict to some extent the findings of Germany’s domestic intelligence agency, the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, which monitors Islamist activity in the country. According to its 2006 report, there are currently around 32,000 Islamists in Germany who pose a potential security threat. That figure represents slightly more than 1 percent of the around 3 million Muslims who live in the country.

Tiny minority?

So instead of “only” 32.000 radical muslims, 180.000 is more accurate.


However, the authors concluded that the vast majority of Muslims in Germany reject religiously motivated terrorism and violence: Some 92 percent of respondents agreed with the statement that terrorist acts in the name of Islam were a serious sin and an insult to Allah.

* They lie whenever they open their mouth’s: the Muslims know very well how to conceal and obfuscate their ideology, its called kitman & taqiyya.

But the authors saw a potential threat in a small minority with Islamist leanings: Around 6 percent of those surveyed were classified as having “violent tendencies,” while 14 percent of respondents had “anti-democratic” tendencies.

Around 12 percent of the Muslims in Germany identified with a religious-moral critique of the West and supported corporal punishment and the death penalty. The report also concluded that religious beliefs are becoming increasingly important for young people.

The study, which was carried out by Katrin Brettfeld and Peter Wetzels from the Institute for Criminology at the University of Hamburg, was commissioned by the Interior Ministry in an attempt to finding out the extent to which the Muslim community in Germany provides a breeding ground for extremist groups and potential terrorists. The authors interviewed 1,750 Muslims living in Germany for the study. Of that number, around 40 percent had German citizenship.

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Milan imam convicted for promoting jihad

Thanks to JW

* Yet another imam misunderstands the peaceful teachings of Islam, while the most prominent peaceful Muslims direct their efforts not at making sure that Muslims do not misunderstand Islam in this way, but at making sure that non-Muslims don’t notice that so many Muslims are misunderstanding it. “Milan imam convicted for promoting jihad,” from Reuters

MILAN, Dec 20 (Reuters) – A Muslim cleric who preaches at a Milan mosque and 10 other people were convicted on Thursday of being part of a group that promotes jihad.

The Milan court sentencedAbu Imad to three years and eight months in prison under anti-terrorism statutes drafted before Sept. 11 that are weaker than those currently in place.

The group was accused of promoting jihad and recruiting potential suicide bombers.

A source at the Milan’s prosecutors’ office said however investigators did not believe Imad was still a threat and was allowed to remain free pending an appeal.

Sentences for the other accused ranged from two to 10 years in prison.

Abu Imad preaches at the Viale Jenner mosque in Milan, which the United States once accused of being a European logistics base for al Qaeda.

It was the same mosque where Muslim cleric Hassan Mustafa Osama Nasr, also known as Abu Omar, preached before Italian prosecutors believe he was kidnapped in 2003 by a CIA-led team as part of the secret U.S. rendition programme.

Abu Omar, who says he was flown to Egypt and tortured under interrogation, is accused of terrorist activity in Italy. (Writing by Phil Stewart; Editing by Ibon Villelabeitia)

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  1. What a picture-not a single happy face in the bunch.

    My policy on radicals if I run a country: assume they’re all radicals. Better safe than sorry.

  2. great, on those figures there are only 90,000,000 islamists worldwide… however, as we are talking about Germany i would suppose the numbers in islamic countries are higher.!

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