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Berlin: Lebanese Rapist bitch-slaps Judge

From Tagesspiegel/in German

* A Muslim-Lebanese rapist was evicted from the courtroom for bad behavior and for calling the judge a ‘Nazi and a racist’. We all know that Germans are all Nazi’s and racists anyhow, even the lizards on LGF know that, so nobody should get upset.

* Rape of infidel women is the natural right of the Muhammedan. Because infidel women are war-booty. And anyhow, they are all whores because they don’t cover up: as a devoted follower of the prophet Muhammad this rapist just can’t understand why it should be wrong doing the ‘right thing’-

* The name of the good man was not made public. Muhammedan rapists do have a right to privacy…

* The poor fellow got 10 years in the can, after a court-case that dragged on over three and a half years. Whacking the judge may have had something to do with the less than lenient judgment.


Cologne: Muslim Father Beats Up Kindergarten Principal

* Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger Dezember 2007

When the catholic kindergarten in St. Remigius accepted a five-year old son of a Muslim family, the staff believed it was understood that it was an institution of faith where Christian values are taught. All the brochures and the homepage of St. Remigius make that unmistakably clear. However, when the father came to pick up his filius, he heard a Christian prayer, which sent him in rage. He attacked the teacher, threw her against the door frame whereby she received some head injuries which lasted for days. She merely tried to explain to him that in a Catholic school it is part of the curriculum that the kids be taught how to pray.

The police was called and arrived little later.

The father, who has a record of bad behavior, received a restraining order and was barred from going to this kindergarten.

‘We are further investigating for assault and intimidation’ – said Jörg Leinen, press-speaker for the police in Rhein-Erft-.

* Since misunderstandings like this one seem to be increasing recently, parliamentarian for the Greens, Abgeordnete Marieluise Beck, stated: “Das müssen wir aushalten.” (We have to bear it)

* Since nobody asked why, it seems the Germans are bearing it….

* Monika Haas, the kindergarten teacher, says ‘we can’t blame the children for the behavior of their parents’- the boy is allowed to continue coming to this school.


Cologne Suitcase Bombers Get ‘Long’ Sentences 

A  court in Beirut has sentenced one of the two Lebanese men who planted suitcase bombs on German trains last year to 12 years in jail. The other one was sentenced in absentia to life in prison. The crudely-made bombs didn’t go off but prosecutors argued they could have killed many people. 


Youssef el-Hajdib, 23, went on trial in a German court on Tuesday. A Beirut court on Tuesday sentenced him to life imprisonment in absentia.


Two Lebanese men who tried but failed to detonate bombs on two trains in Germany in 2006 have been sentenced to 12 years and life in jail respectively.
The men made the bombs from tanks filled with propane gas and crude detonators, hid them in suitcases and placed them on two German regional trains in Cologne station in July 2006. The triggers went off but failed to detonate the canisters. German authorities said they could have caused many deaths if they had.

A court in Beirut sentenced Jihad Hamad, 22, to 12 years in prison on Tuesday. It also sentenced his accomplice Youssef Mohammed el-Hajdib, 23, to life in prison, even though el-Hajdib is in custody in Germany, where he went on trial on Tuesday in a court in Düsseldorf. Lebanon’s judicial system allows courts to try Lebanese citizens suspected of committing a crime abroad.
Hamad said the plot was intended as revenge for cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad (more…) that were first published in a Danish newspaper in 2005 and sparked protests across the Muslim world. European publications including a German newspaper reprinted the cartoons as an affirmation of the right to free speech.


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  1. Oh, so now they want to end Christian values in a Christian school? WTF??? So should we all send our Catholic children to a mosque and then complain about their preaching??? This is utterly ridiculous!! Throw these people out of western civilization!!! Maybe the woman has a HUGE German husband that can whip the sh*it out of this spedtard.

  2. UberInfidel67 Says:

    “Oh, and ban this kid and any other Muslim kid from attending this school!”

    Hey, wouldn’t it be a better idea to have MORE muslim kids in Christian schools? (As long as the Christian schools stay ‘Christian) Maybe they could become good influences on their muslim families….

  3. Sorry John, But I believe you’re wrong… Daddy will just “honor kill” them for acting un-Mohammedan, like one recently did in Canada. Deportation followed by Quarantining seems to be the most humane answer to the Mohammedan plague.

  4. Germany’s punishment for the Holocaust is this plague of Islamania. What else can explain such madness there? Eventually, it’ll be the Germans who’ll be on the receiving end, courtesy of the Koranists.

  5. This was just a blatant attempt to start sh*t. “Oh my child is going to a Catholic school where they are reciting Christian prayers!!, How dare they!!! Do they not realize I am a Muslim and they must kiss my victimized ass????” Of all the damn nerve. Someone just start picking these people off because i have had it!

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