Iran: “Live free or die”, “No war, no fascism” –

…and “Women must decide their fate, not the state.”


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* Keep in mind, they are doing this where they can easily be beaten to death or hanged in the public square over this. While leftarded, aging hippy-chicks in the US get naked and hate Bush these people are risking their lives. This is not a demonstration against ‘Abu Ghraib’ or a cartoon riot, this is the real thing against one of the most paranoid, perverted and murderous regimes in the world. That’s where its at, that’s where you should be, folks from Berkely, supporters of liberty, egalite’, fraternite’…


* Professors at the university have joined students in criticising President Ahmadinejad for clamping down on dissent


Students defied a clampdown on protests in Iran yesterday by tearing down the gates of Tehran university.

They chanted slogans against President Ahmadinejad and carried placards saying “Live free or die”, “No war, no fascism” and “Women must decide their fate, not the state.”

They wrecked the iron-barred gates and threw stones at police, according to Iranian state radio, which said the protest ended peacefully.

Tehran University is the largest and one of the oldest universities in Iran.

Student protests have been rare in recent years. Western rights groups have accused Iran of banning dissent.

But there was a demonstration in Tehran last month against the detention of three students who were picked up during a protest at another Iranian university a week earlier.

Some of the placards yesterday named the arrested students.

Professors have joined them in criticising Ahmadinejad for clamping down on dissent on campuses.

The president and his government say they “support free speech and welcome constructive opposition”.


The ‘Right to Lie’ in Islam 

 * In Shia Islam you can lie when advancing the cause of Islam as better explained by a Muslim scholar

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  1. Good. Maybe we’re seeing the first stirrings against the mad mule-ahs running Iran into the ground. It may take 10 or more years before this dismal regime is finally toppled but you have to start somewhere.

  2. It isn’t only shiites that lie – it is the rest of them too. The koran says it is ok due to mohammed doing it. ‘war is deception’ so said the big mo.

  3. Live Free or Die. No war, no fascism, and women must decide their fate, not the state. Correction women must decide their fate, not Islam, the religion of the sick, perverted, evil madman Muhammed.

    No war, no fascism, no Islam, and women must decide their fate, not Islam. Therefore Islam must be abolished.

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