“Nothing To Do With Islam”-Watch: challenge those whose message leads to rage and madness

“The deadly face of Muslim extremism”

in the National Post, Tarek Fatah and Farzana Hassan, the courageous Canadian Muslim reformers about whom Robert Spencer  wrote here, call for the searching self-examination that Muslim leaders are so far evading in the wake of the murder of Aqsa Parvez:


The imams and clergy of Canada’s mosques, who constantly berate young women for not wearing the hijab or snub them for “violating Islam,” they need to reflect on the consequences of their sermons.

Consider, as an example, the Montreal mosque that recently posted on its Web site a warning to the effect that if young girls took off their hijab, they could end up getting raped and having “illegitimate children.” Other proffered risks included “Stresses, insecurity and suspicion in the minds of husbands” and “instigating young people to deviate towards the path of lust.”

As if the threat of rape and the fear of illegitimate children were not enough, these pre-teen girls were told that if they took off their hijab, they would cease to be Muslims: “By removing your hijab, you have destroyed your faith. Islam means submission to Allah in all our actions.” Little wonder then, that Canadian girls walk away from sports tournaments rather than remove their hijabs.

Muslims need to stand up to this sort of emotional and religious blackmail by imams who spread the competing agendas of Saudi Arabia and Iran into Canada. Young Aqsa Pervez’s death cannot be reversed. But in her memory, we can at least challenge those whose message leads to rage and madness.

 *  …If convicted, Aqsa’s father and brother must be handed the strictest penalty available under the law.

* Hugh comments…


Imam Alnadvi offers a sly, sleazy justification for a murder:


“This girl she refused to stay at home. There were feelings that she is going in some wrong direction … going with some other boy or some other thing.”

“Muslim clerics denounce girl’s death, but reiterate hijab’s importance,” 

Craig Offman for National Post  

* “Whatever it takes to whack them into submission” 


Sheikh Alaa Elsayed says that one of the keys to getting daughters to wear the hijab is teaching them about religion at a young age. The other, he says, is “a proper spouse.”


MISSISSAUGA, Ont. – Muslim leaders on Thursday denounced as un-Islamic the slaying of a Toronto-area teenager who had clashed with her family, but said some parents would view themselves as having failed in their duty if their daughter chose not to wear the hijab.
The comments came at a tense news conference at the Islamic Society of North America Canada headquarters in Mississauga, held three days after the alleged strangling death of 16-year-old Aqsa Parvez. Her father, Mohammad Parvez, is accused of killing her and friends say the family had argued over the girl’s refusal to wear the hijab, or traditional Muslim head-scarf.

While stressing the sanctity of human life, denouncing the crime and describing it as a case of domestic abuse, religious leaders insisted on the hijab’s importance to parents – even if a daughter rejects it.

“They were believing that part of their culture was hijab, and it is their duty to convince their kids that this is part of their culture,” said Mohammad Alnadvi, who sits on the Canadian Council of Imams. “So if the daughter makes the decision, then they have failed.”

Still, Imam Alnadvi said that judging from the information he received, hijab was only one of the issues.

“This girl she refused to stay at home,” he said. “There were feelings that she is going in some wrong direction … going with some other boy or some other thing.”

After he made those comments, two females in hijabs interrupted him and started to disagree, before abruptly leaving the gym where the conference was held.*

*   Why didn’t they stick around and challenge him?

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  1. Every time an atrocity is denounced by the Koranists it’s always qualified. Why can’t they ever deliver a blast without softening the blow? The part that gets me is how Western media always lets them off the hook for this sort of thing. If some Nazi apologist would say that the Holocaust was terrible but the Jews had something coming for exploiting Germany the media would go crazy. Why not the same reaction for the Islamaniacs?

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