UK: “Its individuals that cause terrorism, not mosques…”

Race chief cautious on mosque rules

By Paul Pickett/thanks to Mullah

* From the ‘don’t look, don’t tell’ department

* It is almost comical how the soldiers of Allah are trying to pull the wool over infidel eyes and ears, but slowly, gradually the coin drops: there was the ‘Undercover Mosques’ series, where we saw the hatepreachers up close, in their own environment, inciting jihad, sedition and the takeover of the infidel nation state. From Somalia to Australia, from US-mosques to Saudi Arabia, from Germany to the Philippines, we know that mosques are breeding terrorism because jihad terror is fundamental to Islam. But don’t let that deter the ‘good Muslims’ from telling us kuffars that we’ve got it all wrong:

THE head of a race relations watchdog has warned against labelling mosques as potential breeding grounds for terrorism.

Zafar Ali, chairman of Slough Race Equality Council, spoke out as British Muslim leaders announced new guidelines for mosques.

The guidelines are a response to the Government asking Muslim leaders to find ways of curbing extremism and allowing more young people and women into them.

Mr Ali welcomed the involvement of the Muslim community in drawing up the new guidelines.

But he said: “I am always suspicious when people start interfering in the running of religious institutions. I am pleased that these guidelines have come from the Muslim community and this is not Government led.

“It is also worth stressing that it is individuals that cause terrorism, not mosques. People should not be pointing the finger at them. It is only some individuals who frequent them who go on to commit acts of terrorism.”

But critics say that mosques fail to serve communities. Ministers believe mosques could be important in providing a location for extremists to recruit young Muslims.

* Ain’t that the truth, minister!

Mr Ali said he welcomed the democratisation of mosques with more women and young people having a say. He said: “I think this is a positive thing, as long as people get involved because they want to serve the community and not because of politics.”

* If BS had legs…

Muslims say they want mosques to sign up to a community watchdog, the Mosques and Imams National Advisory Board (Minab) which has powers to carry out spot checks.

* Fox in charge of the chicken coop, who guessed it!

The first mosque in the borough was in 1969 when the Slough Islamic Trust bought land off Montem Lane. The town now has two other mosques in Diamond Road and Stokes Poges Lane.


* Too funny, that. When they blow us up they tell us its only a tiny, tiny minority of extremists, misunderstanders of Islam’-, who somehow got their religion wrong, but if you draw a cartoon of Muhammad the combined ummah of 1.3 gazillion Muslims goes apes#*t they will tell you the mosques have ‘nothing to do with it- nothing at all. My foot.


* Curiously, we have this essay here from an ex -Muslim, who sees it quite differently:


What is a mosque? A simple place of worship?

No. There is ample evidence that mosques are monuments of Islamic conquest. Mosques are symbols of Arab Imperialism and supremacy. Mosques, as we can see around the world, are centers for plotting and subversion, they are used as bunkers and places for weapons storage. Mosques are fortresses in the Dar al Harb, bastions in the land of the infidels which is yet to be conquered for Islam. Mosques are indoctrination centers and will encourage the soldiers of Allah to wage violent jihad against infidels and Jews.


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  1. Funny thing about mosques- every time something irks the cult of death people pour out of those places on Friday and scream “death to _____”, like in Sudan last week. You don’t see this with churches, synagogues or temples-just mosques. And they are indeed symbolic of “Islamania is totally in your face”-some of these Walmarts for jihad tower above every other building. Just wait til they build that super mosque in London-it’ll dwarf anything in that city.

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