'Alienate' them!


Dutch to ban burqas in schools and government offices:

Protestors demonstrate against the ban on Muslim women wearing the burqa in public in The Hague, November 30, 2006. The Dutch government is set to impose a ban on the Muslim burqa in schools and government offices, media reported on Wednesday, in a retreat from the previous cabinet’s plan for a general ban.

* Al Reuters smears Wilders again:

Right-wing lawmaker Geert Wilders — who has angered Muslims with his fierce criticism of Islam — sent a bill to parliament last July proposing a ban on the burqa in public.

* ‘Right wing’- and ‘he has angered Muslims’- it doesn’t seem to occur to these turds that it could be the other way around…

He called the government’s reported retreat “very disappointing and cowardly,” according to ANP.

* Which it is…

Philip van Praag, political science professor at Amsterdam University, said the partial ban would be welcomed by many: “It does not seem extreme. In the eyes of lots of Dutch people, they do not like the burqa at all,” he said.



Watch out for the mental acrobatics in this report:

Study: Danes most fearful of Islam

* Why ‘fearful?’ Why not resentful, or ‘opposing?’

A new report warns against a lack of dialogue and a widening gap between Islam and the West

* There never was a ‘dialogue’ and the gap is 1400 years old. Muhammedans are slaves who want to make us like them, but we are free peoples who will fight against enslavement…

Danes are among the most critical of Islam, according to a report by the World Economic Forum (WEF).

79 % see Islam as threat

Some 79 percent of Danes responded in a poll that they considered more interaction with the Muslim world as a threat.

* What ‘interaction?’ There is no ‘interaction’- but an invasion of Islamic parasitic rabble that sucks the welfare coffers dry.

The WEF had conducted surveys in 21 countries (half of which were Muslim) throughout 2007. And the general picture was one of distrust.

The Danes’ and other Europeans’ views on interaction with the Islamic world as a threat was, according to the report, due to a ‘growing fear’ of the ‘Islamic threat’ against their European identities.

This assumption was based on ‘increased immigration from predominantly Muslim regions’ the report said.

* Reverse the Islamic invasion, NOW!