American diplomats refuse to serve in Iraq


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American diplomats refuse to serve in Iraq:

Hundreds of US diplomats are refusing to work in Iraq, claiming it is too dangerous. They say Iraq is a “war zone” and working there is a “death sentence”. But we did not hear these voices complaining when their country attacked Iraq and created the war zone. They are not trying to stop their country sending low-paid working-class American soldiers to work, fight and die in Iraq. US diplomats, who are wealthy, well-paid, pampered members of American society, would be working in the secure “Green Zone”, by far the safest place in Iraq. Within the “Green Zone”, the largest and most heavily protected fortress in the history of human civilization, the biggest danger facing American “diplomats” is eating too much at the restaurants, drinking too much at the bars and cafes, or sustaining a sports injury in the leisure facilities. ***

Iraq Assignments Upset Some Diplomats

WASHINGTON (AP) – Several hundred U.S. diplomats vented anger and frustration Wednesday about the State Department’s decision to force foreign service officers to take jobs in Iraq, with some likening it to a “potential death sentence.”

In a contentious hourlong town-hall meeting, they peppered officials responsible for the order with often hostile complaints about the largest diplomatic call-up since Vietnam. Announced last week, it will require some diplomats – under threat of dismissal – to serve at the embassy in Baghdad and in reconstruction teams in outlying provinces.

Many expressed serious concern about the ethics of sending diplomats against their will to work in a war zone – where the embassy staff is largely confined to the protected “Green Zone” – as the department reviews use of private security guards to protect its staff.

``Incoming is coming in every day, rockets are hitting the Green Zone,” said Jack Croddy, a senior foreign service officer who once worked as a political adviser with NATO forces.

* Perhaps putting them up against a wall would get them motivated?

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Mutineering US Diplomats Join Gitmo Protestors

* One would hope they don’t, but how are we to know who these hooded loons are?


* Amnesia Intentional, this Islamofascist ‘human rights’ front for ummah-agit props like Irene Khan, instigated this march of demented fukcwits to get Gitmo closed down. Shouldnt they all be locked up there?




*    ‘There are no homosexuals in Iran’ update


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Tehran, 11 Jan. (AKI) – In the past year, the incidence of AIDS has doubled in the holy Shia city of Qom, second only to the Iraqi city of Najaf in religious significance.

“The great share of the newly infected have contracted the HIV virus, not through using infected syringes, but through unprotected sexual relations,” said Amir, Akbari, director of the city’s health centre.

In the past year the number of those affected by AIDS in Qom has risen from 177 to 324.

Forty per cent of those infected are students from the theological colleges in Qom. In Iran, according to official estimates, there are more than 16,000 infected with AIDS in the country, while non-government organisations put the total number above 100,000.

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3 thoughts on “American diplomats refuse to serve in Iraq”

  1. Technically I don’t blame them. We should send nobody to the ummah in an ideal world because it is the enemy. But since we always feel compelled to save these cretins from themselves we must send over diplomats.

  2. But… But… If we send over these agents of Foggy Bottom, who will be left to undermine western civilization with P.C. idiocy or worship at the altar of the Cult of Multiculturalism? Who will expedite the hundreds of thousands of Mohammedan operatives through the Homeland security background checks? Some one needs to make sure the Stalinist sappers finish their glorious treason against the west on time. Just look at how well they got that chimp Bush to do their bidding and undermine Israel!!! A Mohammedan might accidentally kill them, It’s not fair I tell you, they want to help the Mohammedan establish their government but in America not Iraq!!!

    On the subject of the protests

    {More than 1,200 parliamentarians from countries including the UK, Japan, Israel, Bahrain and Germany, also joined Amnesty in its call for an end to all illegal detentions and either to charge detainees and bring them to trial in civilian courts, or release them.

    “It is time for Guantanamo Bay to close,” said Amnesty’s UK director, Kate Allen.

    “After six long years these totally illegal detentions must come to an end.”}

    They are absolutely right on this, the Geneva Convention should be followed (like any country fighting the USA ever followed it)
    Now.. what did the Gebeva Convention say about armed combatants out of uniform?… Hmm… something about being spies. Now spies get to be shot on the battle field accoarding to the Geneva Convention. So… lets go ahead and follow it… shot the lot of them and close the camp… watch what you wish for! (roflmao)

  3. Senor, can you imagine if we even uttered the word – they should be shot as spies – the donkeys would be beating their breasts and wailing like you have never heard them do so before! (the likes of Kerry and Fonda might start worrying too if we start dealing with traitors as we should)

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