Australia: Muslim Rep Plays Victim Card, Seeks Censorship of Critics

* Because Home Secretary Jacqui Smith in the UK might is dumb enough to consider it, will the Rudd government gobble it up too?


Aziza Abdel-Halim

MUSLIM leaders have urged Kevin Rudd to revive an Islamic taskforce to advise his fledgling regime on Islam and community-related problems.

Richard Kerbaj/The Australian /hat tip Mullah

Aziza Abdel-Halim yesterday stressed the importance of forming another government-backed Islamic body to shield Australia’s almost 350,000 Muslims from being racially and religiously targeted by opponents of Islam.

The former senior member of Mr Howard’s Muslim advisory board said an Islamic taskforce should also be representative at a state level.

“We’re always targeted, we’re always painted with a black brush and that does not help our young people to really adjust and integrate,” she told The Australian.

* Right: Give us money, mosques, madrassah’s, community centers, welfare, weapons, training: give us a state!

* And may Allah curse the dirty kuffar who oppose our never ending demands!

* Aziza doesn’t like Talk-back radio

* Aziza feels betrayed because “Australia has commited itself to fighting Muslims in Iraq & Afghanistan”

* Aziza doesn’t like to be beaten according to Koranic teachings…


Another Muhammedan bullshit peddler does the same song & dance in the UK: 


‘Empower local communities’ says MP

Dewsbury MP Shahid Malik has said terrorism cannot be defeated by security measures alone and announced a new volunteering scheme to be launched by his Department.

Mr Malik who is the British Minister for International Development was speaking at the Annual Forum of the Alliance of Civilisations in Madrid.

He said: “Extremists take the ideas and beliefs of a peaceful religion and manipulate them to justify appalling acts of violence”.

* Spit. Where did we hear this before?



Jacqui Smith Update:


British interior minister feels unsafe in London after dark

* Serious fuckwit in charge but not responsible:

LONDON, Jan 20, 2008 (AFP) – Britain’s interior minister Jacqui Smith admitted she would be afraid of walking the streets of London late at night, in an interview in The Sunday Times newspaper.

The home secretary said she would feel unsafe walking around plush districts like Kensington and Chelsea as well as deprived areas like Hackney.

Asked if she would feel safe walking alone after midnight in Hackney, Smith replied: ‘Well, no, but I don’t think I’d ever have done. You know, I would never have done that, at any point in my life.’

Asked why not, she answered: ‘Well, I just don’t think that’s a thing that people do, is it really?’

Smith was then asked whether she would feel unsafe walking around an area like Kensington and Chelsea. She replied: ‘Well, I wouldn’t walk around at midnight and I’m fortunate that I don’t have to do that.’

Following the interview, a worried aide called The Sunday Times to clarify her remarks, saying the wording had not come out as she had intended.

The aide stressed that Smith had recently ‘bought a kebab in Peckham’, one of the British capital’s more deprived areas.

Any woman would feel safe doing so being accompanied by the body guards assigned to the home secretary, The Sunday Times said in its editorial.


‘Home secretaries are supposed to strike fear into the hearts of criminals, not cower behind net curtains,’ the weekly broadsheet said.

The home secretary should not just admit that our streets are not safe — she should do something about it.’

A survey by pollsters YouGov in August found that 46 percent of Londoners did not feel safe in their neighbourhoods at night.

A spate of teenage murders in the capital last year led to fears of a knife and gun culture among urban youths.

10 thoughts on “Australia: Muslim Rep Plays Victim Card, Seeks Censorship of Critics”

  1. * Smith had recently ‘bought a kebab in Peckham’

    Halal, by any chance?

  2. The aide STESSED that Smith had recently ‘bought a kebab in Peckham’?

    A classic case of Islamophobia-phobia.

  3. I am willing to bet Rudd will fall for this.
    How many other ethnic groups will get the same privilege? Zip!

  4. Gramfan, I hope you’re wrong, but I’ll have $10 on it too.

    With the Liberal Party examining ways of putting passion back into politics, according to
    Chris Pyne on radio today, now might be a time to put Islam (& not just “extremism”) on
    their agenda, in the hope they will respond sanely and make a stand.

    Back in 2005, Brendan Nelson told muslims to accept Australian values or clear off.
    I wonder how many cleared off? How many accepted & taught Australian values?

  5. “Aziza Abdel-Halim yesterday stressed the importance of forming another government-backed Islamic body to shield Australia’s almost 350,000 Muslims from being racially and religiously targeted by opponents of Islam.”

    Stand by for anti-vilification laws #2……trust me.

  6. Trust me, too.

    Me-too KRudd cannot be trusted. Me-too KRudd is a follower not an innovator. Me-too KRudd is a glorified Pencil Pusher. Me-too KRudd jumps onto the populist bandwagon. Me-too KRudd will appease Mohammedans because they howl and whine and whinge the loudest and longest.

    Trust me!

  7. I have to say we are going to have a hard time with Rudd now that he has no one to follow. Anything that goes wrong he will blame the last govt. He already is.

    Mullah,,we could make a lot of money on this by betting more,lol!

  8. It must be clear to the dimmest Muslim that they are not wanted in the West. Most people who had any sense of honour or shame, would leave for their home country if they were so detested. Chinese, Hindus, Sikhs and any other group would do so, as they have a sense of honour and shame, even though they have just one country to go back to.

    So why is it that Muslims still stay here, even though they have a choice of over 50 Muslim countries? The answer is that they are not here to integrate but to Islamise/conquer Britain, with increased immigration and a high birth rate. They do not care about honour or shame, as they are a people of no honour when in the cause of a depraved man.

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