Austria's Muhammedan's are seething: "It was a mistake for you to take on … Allah's warriors"

Death threat against FPÖ politician justifies her attack on Islam

* While socialists & conservatives are shitting themselves and run for cover, the FPÖ comes out fighting:

FPÖ General Secretary Harald Vilimsky said Wednesday that the Islamic death threat against Graz FPÖ politician Susanne Winter had justified her Sunday attack on Islam.


Dr. Susanne Winter


Winter had claimed at the FPÖ’s New Year’s meeting in Graz six days before the municipal election there that the prophet Mohammed had been “a child molester” and written the Koran during “epileptic fits.”

A death threat against Winter claiming to be from European Al-Qaeda appeared on the internet on Monday. The head of her party’s list in the January 20 municipal election, she has subsequently received protection from members of the elite Cobra security force.

Vilimsky added that the FPÖ was awaiting “a clear response” to the death threat from Austrian President Heinz Fischer and SPÖ Chancellor Alfred Gusenbauer.


Harald Vilimsky


Vilimsky claimed that it was “especially piquant” that a “phalanx” of representatives of other political parties and Austrian religious groups had distanced themselves from Winter but had had no response to death threats against her. Vilimsky called Fischer’s failure to respond “shameful.”

The FPÖ official added that the FPÖ had received more than 30 threats after Winter’s speech and demanded that ÖVP Interior Minister Günther Platter “dismantle” all Islamic “cells” in Austria.

Vilimsky thanked Winter for having initiated discussion of Islam in a “pointed and worthy” manner. He charged that the public prosecutor’s investigation of Winter for possible violation of the law on hate crimes had been undertaken by “completely politicised authorities dependent on commands from above.”

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* The Sons of Apes & Pigs have an excellent article with lots of background here , must read!

Leaders of the country’s Islamic groups said they could not rule out “violent protests”.

Translation: You hope we are ‘moderate’ Islamic groups, but “we can’t guaranty there won’t be violent protest for the usual flag and car burnings, destructions and eventually killings. You know by now that our youth are so emotional”.

A video containing an unspecified threat to Austria was posted on the video-sharing Web site YouTube on Tuesday following anti-Islamic remarks by an Austrian politician.

The video, lasting four minutes and 48 seconds, contained coverage of a speech Winter made at the traditional New Year’s congress of the far-right FPOe party on Sunday.

The video then showed pictures of the destruction of the World Trade Center in New York on September 11, 2001, and warned: “Look, Susanne, something like this could happen to your country and you are responsible.”

“It was a mistake for you to take on … Allah’s warriors,”
the video said in German.

“We, the Muslims, are those warriors with whom you now have a problem.”

* Right. But we better take them on now. Because if this continues, we cannot take them on anymore…

And it continued: “This video is not only for Susanne Winter but for all infidels who have no respect for Allah and for Islam. The day will come when you will be punished.”

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